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April 11, 2005

What I need to do this week…

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This is going to be a long week, its the end of the pay period, so I have a lot of work to do. Also, Sande (step-mom) is coming in with her dad either Tuesday or Wednesday, so that will be busy, they will be helping make him comfortable, and then getting him acquainted with Ian and myself. I hope they have a safe trip here from Hawaii. I want to go work out, I haven’t been going like I should. Amanda (sister) owes me 1 baby-sitting session as I didn’t work out the other day and she got paid for baby-sitting Ian. But, aside from asking Ananda to sit Ian for me, I have no other sitters for working out, dad and Sande will be WAY too busy. I was gonna skip line-dance class on Tuesday, but if I do, not sure if Sande will be going the next week with her dad there and all…busy times, busy times. Also, Sande’s birthday is on Saturday the 16th, not sure what we’re going to do. I’m hoping to see RW (my date from this past weekend) again soon, but he’ll be busy with work and isn’t sure when he’ll be free, so hopefully soon. He did offer to help me put Ian’s bed together, though, and he said he’s pretty sure he can help get it done before Ian’s birthday, so here’s crossing fingers! I got Ian a “big boy bed” for his 4th birthday. He is still in his toddler bed, and so with my tax refund I bought him a new bed, its a twin with storage shelves underneath and a bookcase headboard. Its been sitting in boxes in my living room since I got it almost a month ago. Ian’s birthday is on the 21st and I really wanted to have it done by then, but it has been hard to find someone to help me put it together, and the two “guys” who I’ve had dates with since I got it both offered to help, but I now no longer speak to either of them (some men, grrrr!), so we still wait. But, hopefully RW will come through, if not, then I have another friend, JL, coming on the 23rd to possibly help out if it doesn’t get done in time. He offered to help a while back, but it was a matter of finding time, and we’re both busy this coming weekend, so if RW can’t help, hopefully JL will and Ian will be able to sleep in his new big boy bed before the end of the month. So, here is a list of things I need to get done this week….

  1. Work my okole (butt in Hawaiian) off at work.
  2. Clean my apartment – Spring Cleaning time! this entails a lot
  • Clean Ian’s room of toys, try to organize them and vacuum the entire room; try to get all the toys and stuff out of the way so there is room for putting together Ian’s bed, and keep it clean until whoever can come help put it together makes it over here!
  • Clean the LR, I cleaned it of toys, put things away and dusted, now I need to go through the videos and organize them, send the ones that can be recorded over to dad for future recordings of Gilmore Girls, Charmed, etc., haha; organize what I have, get Ian’s books ready to be moved to his bedroom once his big boy bed is put together, VACUUM.
  • Clean the DR area, I need to mop the DR and kitchen, need to clean Ian’s picnic table off, it has already been done, but by day 2 now that he’s back home with me it will need to be done again; I need to organize my scrapbook/craft desk. Its clean, it just needs to be organized now, especially the hutch area; I also need to clear off my dining table so we can eat at the table again.
  • I need to clean the back door window from where Carlito jumped on it with muddy feet, you can’t hardly see out the window; also need to clean Carlito’s area, sweep off the concrete patio and give Carlito a much needed bath (instead of the pretty black and white Siberian husky, from all the rain he’s a brown-and-black husky, haha).
  • I need to organize my room and vacuum it, my desk needs rearranging and organizing, sheets changed, dusted; closet needs to be revamped, full of boxes that wouldn’t fit into the utility room. I held on to a lot of boxes that were going to a yard sale that we were going to have, Sande and I, with her neighbor, and Sande talked about having one even if her neighbor doesn’t, but that was all before plans for her dad to stay all summer, so not sure if that’s going to happen now. But, I do need to go through the boxes in my room closet to get it cleared out; also need to clean the fish tank.
  • I need to do clean the bathroom again, I hate it, haha, but I’m thinking I’ll give the dog a bath first, and then clean it……I’m thinking that anyway, hahaha.

That is my to do list for this week, a TON of stuff, but for now the most important is the living room, dining room, giving the dog a bath and cleaning his area, and doing Ian’s room so it will be ready for RW to help put it together with me, he said he should have a couple of days off before Ian’s birthday to do that. I also need to get the stuff together for Sande’s birthday present, not sure what to do for her yet, and need to get the rest of the stuff to make Ian’s birthday cake.

Very busy next couple of weeks. I can’t believe my baby is going to be 4 in about 1-1/2 weeks! Where did the time go?



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