Diana Banana Pancakes

August 23, 2005

Diana is….

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So was doing my usual stalking, er…reading of blogs, lol, and came across this which seemed silly and fun, so I thought I’d do it here…hope some of you do it in your blogs! šŸ™‚ I got this off Jess’s

This is what you do: Just type “(your name) is” with the quotes (example: “Diana is”) into a Google search then cut and paste the first 10 responses that work.

1) Diana is a true care giver in all areas of her life. {yeah, that’s me. šŸ™‚ really!}

2) Diana is the most amazing young talent that I have had the pleasure to see perform and meet in person. {well now, I did used to dance, damn it! lol}

3) Diana is estranged from her parents, who disowned her for eloping. {um, no and no, definitely didn’t elope, lol.}

4) Diana is a much more complex figure than may be supposed. {I am damn it!}

5) Diana is 5′, 105 pounds. {close in height, I’m 5 ft 1, lol. pounds…not gonna go there.}

6) Diana is not one to hide what she’s feeling. {Sometimes I do, but rarely}

7) Diana is reassured by predictability. {lol, I sadly do, lol…the funny part is the next couple of lines, which I find to be true, darn it.} : When she commits herself, she wants to know exactly where she is bound and how. This may be a bit of an obstacle to her love life.

8) Diana is pleased with the attention she is getting in other Asian countries. {seeing as I’m 1/2 Japanese, I thought this was funny, lol.}

9) Diana is blossoming into a very large, attractive mare with a nice, inquisitive personality; she is still a bit weary of new people. {Hahaha, this was from a horse rescue web site, lol.}

10) Diana is originally from the Netherlands but has spent most of her life in Southern California. {This was too funny, since I did spend most of my life in So. Cali, but I have never been to the Netherlands, lol.}

OK, so that was fun, haha. Just thought I’d put it on my page…now let me read yours! hehehe…


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