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August 28, 2005

Still haven’t celebrated divorce!

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I’m gonna have to party by myself it seems! Sheesh, lol. Ian finally got to go to his dad’s (his dad hasn’t seen him in 3 weeks thanks to a car accident) and so I was excited, hoping for some celebrating, getting OUT and having some FUN! But, of course, the people I try to contact were either not available or didn’t get back to me. And, other people just wanted to go out if I wanted to “do something” in return. So, instead I stayed home last night. Friday night I did get to see Al (my country boy), which was nice, short, but nice. He had to work and then had his son the rest of the weekend, so I haven’t seen him since. I called him, but he was busy with family houseguests and his son last night…so didn’t even get to talk to him. While I like this guy a lot…it gets hard to really get to know someone and feel like they want to be with you when you barely get to talk to them or see them. I’m a needy girl, I need to know someone wants to be with me, wants to see me, wants ME. Maybe it comes from years of ex-boyfriends, ex-fiance and ex-husband who all stopped showing me the love right before they left me.

But, I know Al makes an effort to come see me in the morning before work, but 15 min. every other day doesn’t make it easy to get to know someone better, learn more about that person. And, granted, its only been 2-1/2 months, but, I asked him if he’s busy like this all the time, if something goes on all the time, and he said “pretty much, it dies down once in a while” so I wonder if that’s something I could put up with much longer. Who knows, we’ll see. He is a sweet guy to me, he’s very respectful, very sweet, and a cuddler (which I love to do myself), the whole 15 min. we get to spend in the mornings on his way to work, he’s wanting to cuddle, and I like it, great way to start the day. He compliments me a lot, which I can’t get used to bleh.

Anyway, so I’m gonna hang in there and see what happens. He is a nice guy. Seems the nice ones are always busy or live too far away and we end up as friends, hehe.

I miss Ian, can’t wait for him to come home tonight!

I got bored last night and started painting something. I have this trinket box type of thing, got it from Big Lots about a year ago, it was broken (the little wooden handle dowels were missing from 2 of the 6 drawers) and the cheap paper covering on the drawers was torn on some, so I got it for a discount. I finally pulled that bad boy out and decided I’d use it on my scrapbook/craft desk to hold some things. Its small, the drawers are probably only about 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches, but I can use it for something. I started taking off the paper from the front of the drawers a while back and sanding some, Ian even helped me with that, he’s cute, I have a pic of it somewhere in his “safety glasses” that Al gave him, hehe. so I finished the sanding and started sealing and then started painting. I hope I like it when its done, hehe. I’m in a creative mood, so I hd to do something. I wanted to do a scrapbook page, but the Effer dare is one I’m not too keen on…”What makes me sexy”…sheesh. I do not think I’m sexy in the least bit, so not sure what I’ll do on that dare, or if I’ll even do it at all, so I started this painting thing to get the creative restlessness out of me, hehe. I’ve also slowly started buying supplies to make Christmas gifts. Well, in truth, I bought 2 things, lol, more to make prototypes of christmas gift ideas floating through my head. We’ll see if I can get the ideas in my head to come out and be a nice gift, then I can slowly buy the rest of the stuff for everyone. I have to start thinking about cards, too. I have about 55 to make…so far.

Well, back to painting, then going to work a bit today. Have a great Sunday everyone!


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  1. sorry i peeked at your top 10 and just wanted to wish you happy divorce (hope that didn’t come out wrong0 but i do hope you can celebrate soon. best wishes…

    Comment by ti — August 30, 2005 @ 7:10 pm | Reply

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