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October 7, 2005

onedolla – onedolla – onedolla…

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Hahaha, my title comes from an Asian guy who used to be at the open air Flea Market (I think it was called the Colton Flea Market??) where my family used to go about 1 saturday a month, lol, and there was this Asian man whose booth sold everything for a dollar, and he would stand out there and just yell all day long “onedolla onedolla onedolla…” lol.

Today we had a yard sale. My step-mom’s neighbor has a yard sale about once a year. She has a nice sized front yard and a 2 car garage, so she calls some of her friends to come also put stuff out for a yard sale. Its their thing, lol. So, of course I have tons of stuff Ian grew out of and some stuff my ex gave me that needed to get out of my home, lol, and so I put stuff in.

UGH, preparing for a yard sale is a pain in the ARSE! Going through everything to see what I wanted to get rid of, cleaning everything, figuring out prices for everything, packing it all up, unpacking it at the sale, packing up what didn’t sell…ugh.

I spent all week preparing for it. I should’ve done Ian’s room first, but his room has so many small toys it was a bit over whelming, so I procrastinated…and what I did manage to get out of his room, when he got home from his dad’s on Sunday he slowly started going through the boxes and reclaimed some of the stuff. He did really well, though, and didn’t reclaim too much, even went to his room and volunteered some stuff, lol. His big thing was he wanted to write the number for the price tags, and tag the items, lol. A lot of them I had to redo, lol, but he did pretty good for the most part, he’s getting his numbers pretty good.

Overall I made out pretty well considering 85% of what I brought was clothes. Of course, kids clothes (in good shape) go quickly, so that was cool. I parted with the last of Ian’s baby stuff…a stroller. Last year I parted with his playpen, high chair, umbrella stroller, and the hardest thing to part with…his crib.

Why was the crib so hard to get rid of? Because I think Ian will be my only child. I want another one, like I’ve mentioned before, but it would have to be in the right cirumstances, I’m not going to go through this again…and of course the man in my future would have to be able to have kids. If not, that’s fine…but for me giving up the crib was especially hard because it was admitting to myself that I may not have another child, and I feel like most of Ian’s infancy was a blur of sadness because his crappy dad would do something that would overshadow some very special moment, from pregnancy up until I left him, I was sad for about 2 years straight, so I feel like I didn’t get to enjoy my pregnancy and Ian’s infancy as much as I would have otherwise…and that’s sad in and of itself. Maybe someday I’ll be blessed, this time with both a loving and caring and THE man for me, as well as a child with the man who will be in my future (hoping I’ll have a man in my future, lol, a good one), but if I never have another child, I do admit, I have been very blessed with Ian, he’s a great child.

Anyway, so yard sale is over, 2 big trash bags full of clothes going to the Salvation Army over the weekend, and only a few boxes of stuff keeping (baby stuff that didn’t sell) that I may give to someone who needs it, or there is a place in town that takes donations of items of clothing and necessities for familes who can’t afford stuff, so that will make its way there when they take donations again. Its in a small building, so they can’t accept donations too often,a nd being the only place in town that takes those kinds of donations, they are blessed to always have a full room of stuff to give to needy families.

I found out I won’t have my son for Halloween, which happens to be my birthday. I’m bummed, and was very pissed at my ex about, but I’m a bigger person than he is (no pun intended) and will just celebrate with my son early. Don’t be surprised if on Halloween day I write some sad message on here, lol…



  1. Im so sorry about to having your son for Halloween, and what a kick in the ass it being your bday as well….errgghhh…hate that part of being the single mom..it doesnt always work out for us…
    Great job on the yardsale though..maybe now you can STOP working for at least a half hour:)
    Hang in there……..:)

    Comment by {c} — October 7, 2005 @ 3:13 am | Reply

  2. I remember that guy.

    damn I forgot my blog password… Yeah, Its me.. Willie the Goob

    Comment by Anonymous — October 7, 2005 @ 5:29 am | Reply

  3. I am sorry you don’t get to have Ian on Halloween. That sucks! I am glad your yard sale went well though. 🙂

    Comment by Donna Walk — October 8, 2005 @ 1:32 am | Reply

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