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October 13, 2005

"What did you…" survey

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What did you…

1. do this hour, 24 hours ago? Well, its 7:40 p.m., and this time yesterday I was making dinner.

2. do this day last week? Last week on Thursday I got up for work, usual morning visit and snuggling from country boy, got Ian off to school, then in the evening Ian had soccer, then we had dinner together, then I put Ian to bed, I worked a bit, talked to Willie on the phone and went to bed.

3. Eat for breakfast today? I had my low fat version of a sausage McMuffin w/o egg…whole wheat english muffin, sausage, fat free cheese.

4. wear to bed last night? Nothing…like usual, hehe.

5. say on the phone last, besides bye? I talked to my ex, he is taking his son this weekend and I told him I’d have Ian packed and ready to go.

6. do on your last “free time” or “unwind” time? My last free time was about 2 weekends ago, I worked, I watched some TV, I talked on the phone with Willie and country boy, I played with the dog, and I gave myself a sorta pedicure (its sooooo much better to get a pedicure by someone else…soooo relaxing, I need one again soon, stress relief), I fiddled on the computer.

7. eat for dinner last? Last night I made Teriyaki Rice for dinner.

8. last purchase that wasn’t a food or necessity item? I last purchased some scrapbook supplies almost 2 months ago. Everything since then was a food or necessity.

9. last dream about? The last dream I remember had Willie in it, he was mean to me and called me a “crazy bitch”, I told him about it and wouldn’t let him be about it for the next day or two, lol.

10. last cry about? I last cried about my stressing over bills and work.

11. last laugh about? I last laughed about Ian’s soccer practice, Ian and his friend Noah decided they were gonna hit me with the soccer balls, so I tackled them and we all goofed off…but now my arm hurts from trying to carry both of them at the same time in one arm…ouch.

12. last feel proud that you did? Gosh, umm…. its been a long time since I was proud of something I did…. I don’t even remember. is that sad or what?

13. last feel bad about doing? this one is too personal for me to mention.

14. last drink? Chocolate milk with fat free milk…if I crave chocolate, this has been my savior lately to keep me from devouring halloween candy!

15. last watch on TV? I watched Gilmore Girls yesterday, a rerun on ABC Family.

16. last watch in the movie theater? Ummm, Robots (that cartoon) I believe.

17. do the last time you got real dressed up (the function you were at and what you did)? I last got real dressed up for a wedding I guess, last summer. Wow, it would be nice to get all dressed up nice again for another event, seems I spend too much time in lazy clothes, lol.

18. say to the last person who was rude to you? The last person who was rude to me was not in earshot from me, she was in a car and I was in my car, and she was giving me dirty looks because she didn’t see me in her blind spot because she was too busy on her cell phone in one hand, coffee in the other, and she didn’t see me…but it was apparently my fault in her eyes, so I said a few choice words to her that shall not be repeated…hehehe…hey, she couldn’t hear me anyway, and as far as anyone knows, I’m too nice to talk like that! Shit, riiiiight, lol.

19. Last say or do that was just plain stupid? I had contacts on and I reached up to my face to push my glasses up…my glasses that weren’t on my face….cause I had on contacts, so I played it off by running my hand through my hair, lol.

20. last wish you could have or do? I last wished I could take a vacation…I need one, I need an escape.

21. last say that you regretted? I told someone I’d still be his friend, and he turned it into a mind game and tried to make me feel bad, this same person also went kinda stalker-ish on me one night when I had a male friend over, just a friend who happened to be male. I have a lot of male friends, and he knew this, and this person got mad as if he and I were in a relationship and I was cheating on him, then he proceeded to harrass me via phone taunts for the next 4 hours. He finally stopped and I thankfully haven’t heard from him again. I should’ve just stopped talking to him when we stopped seeing each other, but I wanted to be his friend…that was hard to go through.

22. last snail mail to someone that wasn’t a bill? I last mailed a wedding card to my friend Jennifer who got married this past weekend.

23. do an hour ago? An hour ago I was making dinner.

24. sing last to a music? I last sang with a song when I was folding laundry this afternoon, it was on my computer, it was “Love Song” by 311 (remake of The Cure).

25. think of this survey? I guess I liked it, lol.



  1. #17…girl….you go get dressed up to the “nines”..even if you go out w/Country Boy, hehehe…youll be out and feeling great!!!

    Comment by {c} — October 14, 2005 @ 2:55 am | Reply

  2. LOL, yeah C, but if I did that, I should at least have an event to go to, lol. Country boy and I usually just chill at home, he’s so busy that he just wants to relax at his house, which is fine by me, but ya know, once in a while a girl likes to get all purdied up…lol. I might just have to wait until Nov 10th when I’m going to a semiformal event, so not too far away. I’ll post pics, lol. Ian has a little suite and everything!

    Comment by Diana — October 14, 2005 @ 12:11 pm | Reply

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