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October 20, 2005

100 things about me.

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So, I’ve been checking out a lot of blogs lately, and I’ve noticed a lot of people have a separate blog just with “100 things about me.” Now, while I have 2 different blogs running, actually 3 now, I dont feel like making a separate one just about 100 things about me, so I’m putting it here instead. 🙂 Enjoy…

1. I was born in Okinawa, Japan on an Army base. My mom is from Japan, my dad was in the Marines.

2. I had dual citizenship (Japanese and American) until I was age 18, at which point I was to have to live in Japan for 3 years in order to KEEP my dual citizenship. I didn’t learn about this until after that period of time was over. But, I’m proud to be an American either way, and I’m also proud of my Japanese heritage. I have more to learn about my Cherokee Indian and Irish heritages. (I’m just a big ole melting pot!)

3. My mom wanted to name my sister and I Japanese middle names, my name was going to be “Ai” which means love, and my sister was going to be named “Yume” which is dream. So, now every time I see the Japanese symbol for love, I usually buy that thing, and if my mom sees it she buys it for me, lol.

4. Up until I was pregnant, I never ate tomatoes on sandwiches, but during pregnancy I liked them and now I still do.

5. I never wanted kids. I loved kids, was a nursery school supervisor at my church, taught pop warner cheerleaders and high school and junior high kids dance and colorguard (flag corps to some people), I loved kids, I just never wanted any of my own, until I became pregnant.

6. Now I want a second child, and the chances of that are getting very slim, between me not wanting to have kids after the age of 35 (I’ll be 32 on Halloween), and all the guys I’ve dated lately either don’t want more kids or can’t have kids…makes for slim chances.

7. I used to be on dance team and colorguard in high school and college, and then taught colorguard and dance team AFTER literally up until my son was born in April 2001, that was my last season teaching. I miss it terribly and would do it again if I could.

8. I hate clutter, but my home is full of clutter piles, and I feel overwhelmed on where to begin to clean.

9. I always said I’d never get married and never have kids because I feared being a single parent… I’m now a single, divorced parent.

10. I only speak English fluently, but I know many words and phrases in various languages: I know some phrases/words in Hawaiian, Japanese and Spanish.

11. I’ve never been to a concert in my life…unless you count the L.A. County Fair or a live band’s gig at a small night club.

12. I’ve always had a weakness for a man who could play an instrument, especially guitar or drums.

13. I’ve only broken up with 2 guys in my life time, usually the guys broke up with me.

14. I have more online friends than in person lately.

15. I usually have male friends. I’ve always had more male friends than female friends, except for a couple of years in high school when I was on dance team, but mostly male friends. I find it easier to confide in a male than female, and men don’t tend to gossip like most females I’ve known.

16. I’ve never had a lot of friends…not true friends. I have a handful of TRUE friends, the kind of friends you can count on when you need them. I have lots of people I know that I can have fun with and hang out with, but only a handful of people who I consider my true friends.

17. I’m a homebody, I have always been that way, I like to party and stuff, but I prefer smaller groups, not big crowds or clubs…though for a few years I loved to go dancing at the club with my friends, I didn’t go every weekend like most of them, I preferred to stay home instead.

18. I’m a romantic, I think a woman has just as much responsibility to show her man romance as a man does.

19. I’ve never had a man who was romantic with me other than on the “regular” occasions like Valentine’s day or my birthday or anniversary. I’ve never had a man be romantic just because, well one guy I dated for a few weeks did give me roses, but we’ve since become friends, lol

20. I like sushi, but I only eat the very few varieties that do not have fish in it. I loathe sashimi.

21. I do not eat any fish except tuna.

22. I like my feet, they aren’t perfect, but I like them, I like to have my feet pampered, pedicure and sandals or flip flops.

23. I don’t like to wear a bra. Thank goodness I have a job working at home, I go to work every day without a bra on. The only time I put on a bra is when I’m going out in public, or if I’m dressing sexy for my man, I have some bra/panty sets…but it doesn’t stay on for long, lol.

24. I had a chance to live in Japan for a couple of years, teach English, live with a family member, room and board taken care of, and I’d also make money from teaching…but I turned it down because I became engaged…2 months later the engagement was broken off and I was too depressed so still didn’t go. Now I wish I would’ve gone.

25. It took me nearly 5 years to get over my first love enough to have a real boyfriend again.

26. All through high school I didn’t want a serious boyfriend because I was still hung up on my first love from Junior High…and so I’d keep myself at a distance, never got too close to any boy, they got bored and moved on.

27. I refuse to ever buy a minivan or station wagon….ewww.

28. I admire my mom and step-dad’s relationship, they still hug and kiss and cuddle every single day they are together, you can see how much in love they are. They do little romantic things for each other. They spend time together and they try new things together. They openly communicate when something isn’t going good. They are my role models for a relationship. So far none of my relationships have even come remotely close to this.

29. I have low self esteem when it comes to my body, but not about my abilities as a person.

30. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in West Virginia, but I can’t leave without a good reason. I stay for my son’s sake.

31. I was engaged before the age of 21 to a guy who I only knew for 4 months, 2 months later I found out he cheated on me and then I broke off the engagement.

32. A year later I met my now ex-husband and moved in with him in less than a month. We were together 6-1/2 years before I finally got tired of it and left…4 years living together and then got married.

33. I love Mt. Dew and Vanilla Coke.

34. I miss my mom’s cooking.

35. I miss my friends in California and the days of hanging out and not having to worry about kids and sitters and schedule conflicts.

36. Only one person in the world could convince me to seriously consider moving back to California.

37. I have a problem with nostalgia, haha. I watch old home videos and old dance team/colorguard performances often, look at old pictures often, cruise by “the old neighborhood” often when I visit California.

38. I never want to be rich because I’ve seen how money can change people. I just want to make enough where I don’t have a lot of bills, can go take a few days off and drive somewhere for a mini-break and not have to worry about the bills, have enough money put aside to have a comfortable nest egg. I want to have a small house, not a big one, because hell I have to clean the damn thing, I’d rather have a small house with a big yard (but not acres and acres if I have to mow it, lol) and have a decent car, nothing fancy or flashy. I’d rather have those small things and get to travel and visit friends and family instead of having all those things or big bills and never have the money or time to travel or get away once in a while.

39. I love to watch my son discover new things, I love to sit back and watch him concentrate on something, his little brow furrows in concentration and he squints his eyes a little, and his cute plump lips pucker out a little…and when he gets excited about his discover, I love how the first thing he does is turn and look at me with an excited smile and yell “Mommy, look!” That warms my heart every time.

40. When I’m at other people’s house’s, I’m a neat freak, but at home I tend to be a lot more lax. My apartment isn’t dirty, its just not organized. I don’t have a dirty place as far as dust everywhere and crumbs all over the floor and moldy dishes in the sink or mold covered food in the fridge…nope, I have none of that…just clutter on the desk, clutter on the dining table, clutter on my scrapbooking desk, clutter on the end table, clutter on the book shelf…its clutter, but its all up high, lol.

41. I love this time of year, October through January…October because so many family members birthdays are in this month, and the air gets a little crisper, especially here in West Virginia, the leaves start changing to beautiful colors. November I like because everyone seems to be in the giving spirit, and same with December, sometimes snow here in WV, but definitely everyone is in the family/friends sharing and giving spirit. Even though for most it is just this time of year they are like that, but it still makes me hopeful there are more decent people in the world than most seem to think.

42. My favorite book is Stephen King’s “The Eye of the Dragon.” Its a book not like any of his others, I really like it.

43. When I was growing up, my sister and I had a book on tape called “The Mists of Avalon” and we used to listen to it over and over and over…we both loved it. They did a made for TV movie about it, it was OK, the book/audio book was better. I’d like to actually sit and read the real book someday. Better yet, I’d love to get the book on tape again. I can still hear it in my head when the end of one tape came and it was time to switch to the next tape…”The Mists of Avalon continues on the next cassette…beep”.

44. I miss the beach and haven’t been there in over 10 years. I miss the sound of the waves, the first thing in the morning no one else out on the beach and leaving my footprints in the sand, trying to catch the little sand crabs, feet in the sand as the water rushes out over them and your feet sink a little in the sand when the water goes back.

45. I love Chococat, I’m going to be 32 years old and I still love Sanrio products.

46. I miss my mom. We had this thing we used to do on Fridays when I moved back to California for 4 years. I had Friday and Saturdays off, worked Sunday through Thursday. So, friday morning she and I would go have breakfast together, and then go “junking” which is what we called going to yard sales. 85% of the time we never bought anything, it was just our thing to do together. It was a fun thing we liked to do to waste our morning together. This was before all the crap from my ex.

47. I’ve only had 2 relationships in my life that lasted more than a year. One was with my now dear friend Sal, we dated for 14 months, haha. The other was my ex-husband we were together total of 6-1/2 years. My ex-fiance was 6 months from the first day I met him till the day we broke off the engagement. Other than that, they average about 3 months, give or take a few weeks.

48. I have a fear of needles, so much so that if I know I have to get a shot, my body starts shaking and I can’t breathe good. When I was in labor, I got an epidural, and my body started shaking and I was crying uncontrollably. The damn IV in the hand hurt more than the epidural, lol.

49. I love Broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini. They are the only veggies I can eat raw or cooked.

50. I actually like a lot of veggies, I just hate cooking so I hardly eat them.

51. I only know how to cook about 7 meals, maybe 8, without recipie cards. I have no original recipies of my own, lol.

52. Most of my life my hair has been long. Once every so many years I get an itch to cut it short, but then let it grow out again after cutting it short that once because I get sick of it being short.

53. I haven’t cut my hair since before my 30th birthday. I’ll be 32 the end of October. Why? Because I never had the money. Yep, refer to number 54.

54. I’m ghetto poor, and I hate myself for it.

55. I’m very very shy in person, but online I’m very outgoing. Once someone gets to know me better, I talk to them more openly and outgoing like I do online. The shyness makes it hard to make new friends. Some people actually think I’m conceited or not interested or rude, but its really because I’m so shy.

56. I’ve lived here in West Virginia for 3 years and I only have made 5 new friends here, all of whom I rarely see, basically talk online or on the phone, and all but 1 I met online. My friends here (including my Country Boy) are Al, Jim, Bill, Donna and Judy. Al, Jim and Bill I dated at one point or another (I’m still seeing Al – Country Boy.) Donna I met back in July, we met through scrapbooking, our hobby of choice. Judy I met in dance class, she was the only other adult closer to my age in the class (she’s actually in her mid 40s). I have not hung out with any of them, just talk on the phone or e-mails, in a long time, except Al of course. My reason for not having a lot of friends is actually several things, (1) I’m shy, (2) I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else, so its hard to make new friends here, (3) I work at home, so I dont meet people through work (4) I’m a single mom with no sitter, so I don’t get out much.

57. I love to look at makeup in the makeup section of stores, but hardly wear any. Once in a while I go all out though its been quite a while. Funny, cause I used to be one of those girls who never left the house without even a little makeup on.

58. I am constantly checking my head for gray hair now. I’ve found a total of 7, 3 of which I plucked out and the other 4 came in…aaaahhhhh!

59. I love cappuccino, but hate the taste of regular coffee.

60. I love ocha – Japanese green tea, but only hot. I even like green tea ice cream.

61. I’m a lazy dressed person, I like jeans and an oversized T-shirt or sweats…but once in a while I like to dress up nice, too.

62. I worry too much.

63. I’m a list maker, I make lists for everything, what I need to do that day, that week, that month, my budget, grocery lists, lists of things I want to accomplish, lists of pros/cons, lists lists lists.

64. I always make a grocery list, but rarely remember to bring it with me, and if I do, 9 out of 10 times I buy most things that aren’t on the list and still don’t pick up all the stuff from the list.

65. I’m addicted to reading blogs.

66. I check my e-mail constantly all day, I even set my main e-mail account to alert me when I get a new e-mail.

67. I have 4 e-mail accounts.

68. I love to take photos, but I suck at taking them. I’m starting to learn better techniques and have seen an improvement lately. Thank goodness for photo editing software.

69. I love pets and have had pets all my life, even in apartments when we weren’t supposed to have pets as kids my mom would get one, hehe. The longest I went without a pet was 8 months when I first lived on my own, and I hated it so much I considered buying a fish.

70. My step-dad and I used to breed Cockatiels (birds). He also bred finches, but I only helped with the cockatiels. I had purchased my first cockatiel at a flea market, the Orange something flea market in San Bernardino I believe, a female, and my step-dad had a male cockatiel already. We didn’t intend to do it, the birds started it on their own, and my momma bird must’ve loved it, or she was a horny little thing, because she was the best breeder, constantly producing babies. Eventually we ended that and gave her to a local bird farm (Bracken Bird Farm) when I moved out of state. Bracken Bird Farm bought the babies we hand-tamed, they were constantly a hit as they were already tamed and made great pets. My momma bird (her name was Pepper) continued to make babies as long as she could, and they said she was one of their best breeders. Not bad for a bird I paid $10 for at a flea market.

71. I can show you how to tell the sex of a bird, at least for cockatiels, and I can hand tame birds. That is why our birds sold so well, we hand fed them as chicks so they got used to human contact, and hand tamed them. I can clip their wings so they won’t fly too far, teach you how to hand tame them, and tell you what sex your cockatiel is…but…its a “hands on” job to tell the sex….hahaha.

72. I never owned a “pure bred” dog until my current dog, Carlito, who is a siberian husky. None of my other dogs were ever purebred, always mutts. This is the first pet I owned that I paid money for, well, more than $20 for anyway. Every pet I’ve owned has been given free.

73. In my life time so far, including family pets, I’ve owned: 7 dogs, 4 cats, 25 fish, 6 birds and 3 hamsters. I personally (as in they were MY pets, not family pets) had 3 dogs, 1 cat, 4 fish, 2 birds, 3 hamsters. Currently I have 1 dog and 1 fish (actually the fish is Ian’s).

74. I love to talk on the phone, I can talk for hours, but I hate silence, it makes me feel awkward like I’m boring someone. I can handle quiet with only 2, maybe 3 people that I talk to, the first one being my sister Bobbi, the second my dear friend Willie, and sometimes my sister Amanda. Everyone else I can’t stand the silence with.

75. I’m addicted to home improvement shows, especially clean-up/declutter/organize shows like Clean Sweep and Clean House. The “why are you hanging onto this crap?” shows. Maybe because I need to do a clean sweep myself, lol.

76. I still watch “A Baby Story” on TLC. I started watching that when I found out I was pregnant, and still watch it when I can catch it. Maybe someday I’ll be able to have that second baby.

77. I can type decently speed wise, I average 70-75 wpm. But, if someone is watching me type, it rapidly drops down to about 45 wpm, I get too self conscious.

78. I love web cams and talking online with them. Not for the pervy stuff, just showing your face, seeing your world around you.

79. I love to take candid pics of people, when they are interacting with other people or reading or studying, doing what they normally do, especially if they don’t know I’m taking their picture. I need a good camera with a zoom lens so I can do this more often of Ian, to catch his face as he’s concentrating. I can’t do that now with my current camera because I have to get in close, no zoom.

80. I don’t have a regular bed. I sleep on a daybed. My ex got the bed when we separated, and I had this daybed already, so I used it. My reason for not buying a real bed?….”what if I move and it doesn’t fit in my new place.” My current bedroom is packed wall to wall with stuff between my work desk, my dresser, my file cabinet, my nightstand and my bed…so if I move somewhere else it might not have the room, lol. Yep, its a twin size bed.

81. I can flirt and be pervy like most guys can online…but in truth, I’m shy with guys and very self-conscious about my body (weight, stretch marks). But, once we get hot and heavy….muahahaha. My ex helped make me feel that way, we never had sex with the lights on after the first 2 years. Now 3 years after I left my ex, and I expect the lights off so no one sees my goodies…surprisingly some don’t care and like me the way I am.

82. My favorite flowers are Gerbera Daisies, sunflowers, lilies and daisies.

83. I don’t like to wear shoes. I grew up in more sunny and some tropical areas as a very very young kid…Okinawa, Japan, Hawaii, California, Florida… In Hawaii, they used to have it where you can go to school in flip flops or no shoes at all. I believe they changed that since I was a kid. So, flip flops were the shoes of choice, or bare feet. I still love to this day to wear either just flip flops or go barefoot. I dont like to wear shoes that are confining, I feel like my feet suffocate in them and I can’t stand to wear shoes. Dressing up in Hawaii means the black flip flops, lol.

84. Up until 5th grade, my sister and I lived 6 months with my mother, and 6 months with my father. At 5th grade my parents decided I was old enough to decide who I wanted to live with. It was hard for me to pick one over the other and I always felt guilty. My sister stayed where I went. I chose my mom because my dad’s work (computer consulting and all that other hoohaw) had him traveling state to state.

85. At parties in high school and college, and even later, I was 9 out of 10 times the designated driver. I like to have a drink or two, but I’m not the partying every weekend type of girl, so I was usually dragged along as the designated driver. But, I still had fun, watching all the wasted people act stupid or let their inhibitions go, and they always paid for me to get in and paid for my sodas, and gave me gas money, so I didn’t care, haha.

86. I never wanted to date anyone with kids, until I myself was a single parent dating. Now I feel like a hypocrite and like I was ignorant back then. But, then again, I was in my early 20s and not ready for that kind of committment back then.

87. I am a Medical Transcriptionist. I’ve been doing this for a little over 10 years now. Its NOT my career of choice, I stumbled into it on accident. I wanted to be a nurse. A neonatal nurse to be exact, but I’m afraid of needles and so when I found out I had to give shots, I gave up that fantasy quickly. I already took my medical terminology classes, and stumbled upon transcription by accident.

88. I still don’t know what I want to “be when I grow up”, but I would like to go back to school.

89. I used to want to be a Veterinarian up until junior high. For a while I lived by a veterinary office, and they found out I wanted to be a vet, and used to let me see certain things they did. They were great people. But, one day I found out not all animals survive and they have to put the animal bodies somewhere if the families don’t bury the animals themselves…I cried for a few days over that, and I changed my mind on being a vet.

90. Someday I want to go to a haunted place, see if I experience anything…then again, maybe I don’t, haha. Yes, I believe in ghosts.

91. I had a journal in college, and my step-dad and mom read it and found out some very personal things about me. At the time I was seeing my ex-fiance, before he asked me to marry him. They were reading about a time when I had been “late” and wondered if I might be pregnant. They didn’t read the dates too well because they thought it was with someone else, and they confronted me and caused all kinds of trouble because they talked to the other people first, before talking to me, and caused people to be involved that had nothing to do with it. If they would’ve kept reading more, they would’ve realized I started my period and realized I was talking about with my then boyfriend, not the guy I was seeing before him. But they jumped to conclusions and involved people behind my back and put me in an uncomfortable position. Things have never been the same between me and these people and I hated them for that for years. It was the first time I despised my parents. I had a hard time being really close to them since and don’t tell them my personal secrets because I found out through that they have a big mouth and tell other people…it was the first time I was disappointed in my parents, just as much as they were disappointed in me. I never suspected they invaded my privacy before that, but found out they had quite often. I was mad at them for years over that.

92. There is one secret I have that 3 people know about in my life, and none of those 3 people are family members.

93. I love jewelry, but hardly own any.

94. I love making homemade gifts and cards, and long to receive homemade gifts and cards, but it rarely happens.

95. I’ve never received a love note from a guy before, except in a card on valentine’s day or an anniversary.

96. One man in my life has ever said the sweetest, most romantic things to me, melted my heart and I felt so deeply for him. He was married. No we never cheated with each other, its been just a friendship.

97. I LOVE LOVE LOVE huge coffee mugs, big big ones, like they use on Gilmore Girls, hehehe.

98. My favorite breakfast to make is Eggs Benedict…and I’ve only known 3 people who have liked it enough for me to make it for them, me included as one of those 3 people.

99. One of my other favorite shows on TV is Ghost Hunters, where they try to “debunk” hauntings by proving them wrong scientifically or logically. Sometimes they have no explanation, that is the stuff I like.

100. I am a very loyal person, but if you lie to me, you have a hard time staying in my life, especially if its a big lie. Once you burn me, you are pretty much out of my life. I almost went back on that rule of mine once, over my ex-fiance who cheated on me, but I finally decided with him in the Military and being stationed some places I might not be allowed to go, I didn’t want to wonder if he was cheating then, too, so I figured I can’t go back on this one. I’m glad I didn’t. He got married less than 8 months after we broke things off. I think he just wanted to get married. I don’t know what I was thinking.



  1. Wow!! What a very good list!!

    I am right there with you with #100. One time and you’re out!

    Comment by Tammy — October 20, 2005 @ 2:25 pm | Reply

  2. That is an awesome list… I can’t even think of 10 things about me…hehehehe

    Comment by Greta — December 15, 2005 @ 4:05 pm | Reply

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