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November 8, 2005

What the hell is semiformal?

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My dad is in the Marine Corps League (mostly retired or former military, older men, volunteer to do things for the city/town they live in, especially if related to the Marine Corps) and the local group is having a Marine Corps Birthday Ball this Thursday, Nov. 8th. Dad invited Ian and myself, Ian’s my hot little date, haha. So, we’re going, and I asked dad what the attire was…this was several weeks ago. He said “just dress nice, the men have to wear a coat and tie” that’s all he said. So, I had a cute little number picked out, I was ready to go. Well, then my step-mom calls me yesterday, SUNDAY AFTERNOON and says “well, do you want to go shopping?” I said “I have to work today.” She said “well, today is the only day I can go shopping for the ball.” I said “I already have my stuff picked out” and she said “you have something semi formal to wear?” WHAT? yep, its semiformal according to the letter my step-mom got, my dad’s idea of “dressing nice” is jeans and a polo shirt, so now I’m going, shit, I don’t have anything semi-formal, I haven’t dressed semi-formal in years, since before my pregnancy..wait. what the hell IS semi-formal around here, anyway?

So, my step-mom says she doesn’t know, either. So, we head to the stores…on a very tight budget. UGH! I hate clothes shopping. I am fat and short, and its near impossible to find a dress for someone my height AND weight, within a small budget! So, I got very very frustrated. VERY frustrated. Id try some things I liked, if it fits the boobs, its way too baggy in the belly area and makes me look even fatter, if it fits in the belly area and gives me a decent figure that wise, it either squishes the boobs too much, or doesn’t even clothes over the boobs, if it fits up top, the length is so long I walk on the skirt and there is no time to get it hemmed up…its a pain in the ASS. Clothes shopping reminds me how fat I’ve gotten over the years. There was a point where I lost 24 pounds and was exercising at the gym…but I have no sitter and so I can’t go to the gym anymore (here in BFE there is no daycare at the only place to exercise that isn’t an hour drive away). Work out at home? Sure, let me find the time to get the living room completely clean and try to keep a 4-year-old from climbing on me and jumping on me a-la WWF while trying to do crunches… not to mention the few work out videos I have are on VHS, and my VCR has gone to VCR heaven. I’m so frustrated. I just got a handle and was doing GREAT with exercising. I gained back some, but not all, of the weight, and but I can still fit into somethings I bought after I lost the 24 pounds, my goal was a total of 50, I was almost 1/2 way there, then situations changed and I couldn’t go, and I got frustrated.

Trying on clothes, seeing myself in the mirror reminded me of how much I hate my body. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sexy sometimes, country boy really helps me feel sexy, too, hehe. But, I know I can be healthier and look better. I know I’m a good person inside and I know that I have confidence in my abilities, but I hate clothes shopping now.

My step-mom kept pulling out gaudy, ugly, old-people clothes to wear. Funny, it seems as though if you’re overweight, the clothes places don’t think you don’t like style. No, mind you, my style has disappeared over the years, but its because I CAN’T AFFORD THE EFFEN CLOTHES TO FIT THE FAT GIRL! I used to love style, I wasn’t the “gotta have it” fashionista, but I was never so out of style that I looked like I wasn’t even trying…like now. I try to find a few pieces here and there to show my style, but it seems to find clothes that are in style for my body size, I have to shop at the stores where my budget doesn’t allow more than 1 item of clothing a year it seems, lol. Yeah, being ghetto poor and overweight is HELL on your style, lol.

Anyway, so finally after 7 hours of walking/shopping with a 4-year-old and my step-mom, crowds, headaches, frustration and the desire to smash in every mirror that shows me below the bust…I came back home with only 2 pairs of shoes and a green shiny belt thing that my step-mom got me for an accessory, that doesn’t even match what I was planning to wear, lol. Ian got a new pair of dress shoes for his cute little suit he has, and he got a new winter coat. I got 2 pairs of shoes one plain pair of every day pumps to match everything, and one pair that is an actual HEEL, not a pump. While its not a skinny stilleto, it it felt so great, makes me feel pretty, hehe. Its open toe, not the pretty strappy kind that I usually like, but it was on sale and my step-mom paid for it, so I can’t complain, lol. But, heels! I haven’t worn anything higher than a pair of pumps since before I was pregnant, like a year before I was pregnant, so its been almost 5-1/2 years since I wore heels, I was nervous, but I put them on and started walking around, and at first I was feeling uneasy, but then I was like….oohhhhh yeahhhhhh, me likey. hehe.

So, at least I have some cute shoes to wear…now to give myself a pedi and a mani, and I plan to get my hair cut before Thursday…wonder how short I’ll go? I haven’t cut it in 2 years…so I’m kinda scared, but I want it somewhat long still, I’ve always loved my hair long, just not as long as it is now (if I put on pants I have to move my hair so it doesn’t get caught in the waist band if I’m wearing something on my waist, not all the hair, just the tips, but still! Time for a cut.

Anyway, I told Country Boy I’m gonna get a hair cut before Thursday, and he said “well how much do you plan on taking off?” he told me he really likes my long hair, haha. We’ll see what I do, I’ll post pics, that’s for sure.

So, anyone know what semiformal is? I might have to take some pics of what I have and see if I can’t come up with something, maybe you guys can help me out, lol. I have no idea what semiformal is anymore.



  1. Ah hell Diana, I don’t even know the difference in “pumps” and other shoes so “SEMI-FORMAL” is so way out of my scope of knowledge. In other words, I ain’t got a clue!

    Comment by Mike — November 8, 2005 @ 4:37 pm | Reply

  2. I think semi formal is a little dresser then your Sunday best

    Comment by leeann — November 9, 2005 @ 4:45 pm | Reply

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