Diana Banana Pancakes

November 15, 2005

country boys and tomatoes

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He’s much better today, I was worried about him, but he’s back to his old self today. He had a busy day yesterday, but he got a lot accomplished and has taken aggressive steps to get his son back, so I guess he’s motivated and feeling good about the moves he’s made, and that’s good.

He’s such a sweet and caring guy that its hard to imagine him so upset, but there he was yesterday. He’s a big ole teddy bear, sweet as can be, compassionate and caring and willing to help in any way he can, and he’s honest and up front, that’s what attracted me to this guy. But MAN, if you piss this bear off…wooohooo, look out boys! He can pack a whalop (sp? haha) as well!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…he is so NOT my type, haha. He’s not ugly, not at all. He’s just very country boy looking, a little scruffy around the edges, and that’s something that I usually don’t find attractive. I like a clean cut, clean shaven man, sometimes a little grungy, but clean. I’ve never been a fan of beards, either, moustaches I can handle, but beards I never cared for, maybe a goatee. Country boy has a beard, he’s a little scruffy around the edges with all the hard work the man does, hehe. I got to know him as a person, and the scruffy country boy look doesn’t matter. He’s a great guy and I’m glad I got to know him. His big heart, his open-ness, his hard-work ethic and his sweet demeanor all attracted me to this big ole bear.

So, anyway, I did get to see him today and he was back to his smart-arse, joke cracking, cuddlin self.

Subject change…I have started Christmas crafts…oh joy. The nerdy side of me coming out. I make some gifts for Christmas, and make my own Christmas cards. The hand-made gift giving has been somewhat of a tradition I started about 4 or 5 years back, and I’ve been blessed with some family who also have a crafty side and so appreciate these things. The card making thing I started about 10 years ago, that also has become expected of me by my family. There are a couple of my cousins who also make their own cards, so its nice to get something hand made as well, I appreciate the work and detail and love that goes into the item made personally for that person. (Told ya, nerdy girl here, hello, haven’t you seen my glasses? You haven’t?) So, I’ve started on that and have had a good start so far, feeling all Christmasy mood and stuff…for now, hehe. I’m trying not to let the fact that I have LITERALLY no budget (as in I will be lucky if I can spend $100 between stamps, supplies, shipping costs, gift wrap, and on Ian) for Christmas, and I mean I will TRULY be lucky if I can do that. So, my gift giving list has dwindled significantly, as you can imagine. The grandparents are easy, anything made by Ian or with a recent pic of him they will love, hehe. (oh yeah, baby, taking advantage of that grandparent soft spot, milking it for all its worth.) Ian is still at that age where he enjoys making things. I have a desk in a space right between the living room and dining area of our small apartment, an old desk I’ve had for years, and Ian has a picnic table in the dining room, so when I do my “craft stuff” or scrapbooking at my desk, Ian does his (and this is what he calls is) “crap stuff” at the same time, which is good mom-son time and we can be creative at the same time. I love that time together. 🙂 (I can’t believe I disclosed my lack of Christmas budget! I have no shame, y’all.)

My child is wierd, but he’s definitely mine. He’s got some wierd stuff running around in his head or in his dreams apparently. This morning he woke up for school, came into my room and climbed in my bed. I turned and looked at him (I work from home, and my desk is in my room) and he just said “tomato”. OK? my child is definitely bizarre. I said “what about tomatoes?” and he said “I don’t know, just tomato.”

So, on that note…


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