Diana Banana Pancakes

November 16, 2005

Country boy

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So Country Boy came over this morning as is our usual morning routine. (yep, we have a routine now as far as that goes, lol).

He asked me if it was OK that he got something for Ian for Christmas. Here is my big ole country boy asking if it was ok for him to get something, while he’s been stressed and worried over his own son and custody issues! What a sweetie. He said he got the same thing for his son, and figured Ian would love it, so he got one, too. I told him of course its ok.

That made me smile. This guy’s big heart just gets me, its what attracted me to him in the first place. I’ve been blessed to know and date several guys with a big heart like this, they’ve all become just friends, haha. Actually, the guys with that big heart are still good friends and in my life as friends. πŸ™‚ These are the type of friends who would do anything to help someone, TRUE friends. I’m proud to call them my true friends.

Figures, though, that the two guys I tried to commit myself to both turned out to NOT be like my true friends, haha, just an act they put on, then their true colors showed. Yep, twice I tried to truly commit, once I was engaged, another time I was married, both now ended. Hoping I’ll keep a guy with a big heart like this around for more than just friends down the road someday.

For now, I’m seeing country boy, he makes me laugh a lot, what can I say.

We joked last night because I mentioned the smoke detector needed batteries and I’m too short to reach it and dont have a step-ladder so I’ll need to find someone who has one, and he said he’ll see to it. He does that with a lot of things I need to have fixed or looked at, lol. So, I said “look, I’ve been seeing you about 4 months and I’ve already got a honey-do list for ya” and he said “well damn, girl, its a good thing I get a great return on my work, darlin.” Hehehe, big stupid grin on my face. πŸ™‚

I found this video online, lol, I was searching for a new video for my blog and saw the title of this song, “Country Boys”. I’ve never heard it before, and the woman says “ax” instead of “ask” which is beyond annoying to me, lol, but the title caught my eye and made me laugh. It doesn’t really apply the way I hoped by the title, lol, but anyway, this is for Country Boy.


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