Diana Banana Pancakes

November 18, 2005

Its chilly outside, go put on your Sorting Hat!

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I found this on the blog A Dose of Xtessa and thought, in honor of the new Harry Potter movie coming out, I’d try it, hehe. Except, its hard to explain to Ian why we can’t go see this one, but he’s seen the first 2. My excuse is I want to read all the books, and I never had time to get past the first two. (maybe if I start reading books instead of blogging….)

<img SRC=”http://sorting-hat.com/linklogo/sorthatr.gif&#8221;
WIDTH=”88″ HEIGHT=”130″ ALT=”Want to Get Sorted?”>

a Ravenclaw!

The weather today…I woke up to 17 degrees! 17 degrees! Less than a week ago the high was 70…wtf? The weather here in WV is playing tricks on this Cali girl! I cannot absolutely CANNOT get used to this weather. And, I have to get a new winter coat, the one I had from a few years back no longer fits over “the twins” ugh. Either that or my nipples will protest, I don’t wanna poke anyone’s eyes out, of course not many people are my height, so maybe they’ll just get a stab in the upper abdomen or something. OK, I’ve typed myself into a corner, hahaha! This is the weather where its good to have someone to snuggle up with at night, or in front of a fire place. You know, I’ve never ever in my life snuggled up with someone in front of a fire. I’ll have to call Country Boy and see if I can find something to light…I only have candles, lol.


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