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November 29, 2005

Link to the Ian video

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3 people have said they can hear the video, but cannot see it. When I’m not logged into Blogger I can see it, and I put it on my myspace.com site and I can see it there, too, but haven’t heard feedback from that video. So, just because I think this video is funny as all heck, I’m putting the link to it here. If you can’t see the video still from this link, it probably means you don’t have the macroflash media it requires to play the video. Aside from that, I don’t know jack about computers, lol.

Batman Dancing

Aside from that, remember I had a pile of laundry waiting to be washed that was in nice organized sorted piles on the floor, but had to make room for silly batman to dance in my bedroom (which is pitifully small).

Please let me know if you can see the video through this link and what ya think, lol. I tried so hard while recording him to NOT laugh out loud. He was watching himself as he was being recorded, that’s why he kept getting close to the camera because he could see himself, lol.

Got to see Country Boy again. I guess now that his work schedule is back (they made them take a week off without pay because they needed to cut costs, but then they called him in at wierd hours for work, plus sent him to other plants to do work there…figure that financial issue out, and the whole week BEFORE they had him working double shifts every other day, so why is it cheaper to make them have the whole week off without pay, but then pay for overtime for the week before that, plus have him work that week? These geniouses and their financial rationale amaze me. Anyway, so I got to see him 2 days in a row, woohoo, lol.

Oh yeah, and last night Ian begged the CRAP out of me to put up the Christmas stuff. I told him he had to clean all his toys and put things away, and sure enough, he actually did! Nothing like bribery to get things done, lol. So, because he did good, he even wanted to sweep the dining room floor, I let him, haha. So, I pulled out the Christmas stuff and the tree is up and the other few Christmas items I have are up….except the Christmas lights. I have 2 strands that go on 1 tree, and one of the strands has a color out. I want an all white Christmas tree lights, but do not have enough strands for the tree. (I used to have a 4 foot tree, then ex took it when we seperated, now I have a 6 ft tree and not enough ornaments or lights). Anyway, so the tree is up, the few ornaments are up on it, and a few other misc. things, and my yummy candles are out. I love candles. I love to turn off the lights at night, turn on the christmas lights and light my candles and relax with some hot cocoa with a dash of Peppermint Schnapps…oh yeah baby, nothing like hot cocoa with a kick, especially on the nights Ian’s at his dad’s house.

OMGOSH! Speaking of Ian’s dad…he’s MIA! His sister e-mailed me to find out what size clothes Ian is in (for Christmas shopping). First she told me that ex got a land-line phone (before the only way o get hold of him was via his girlfriend’s cell, which has been out for 2 weeks now) and it was in his name. Well, I’m not sure how long he had this number because he never gave it to me, and never called me from this number so its not on my caller ID. She said she’d look for it on her caller ID and give it to me. Then she said it might not do any good because she woke up Sunday morning to find my ex sleeping on her couch…apparently her son let him in overnight. He was there with a trashbag full of clothes. His GF kicked him out, he claims over $5, but obviously that’s not true. He told his family I kicked him out over a stupid fight about the dog, which also wasn’t true. And I’ve talked to his GF many times, she called me one time asking me all kinds of questions about why we separated and stuff, and she told me things he had been doing, so I know its not over $5, but that’s ex for ya. His sis said that she told him he had to find another place to stay. Now, before anyone says “wow, what a bitch to send her own brother out like that with no where to go…” let me do a little bit of history for you….a little over 3 years ago when I left ex, he had a job that was closer to where his family is (an hour away from me and Ian), so he stayed with his family there…he has 5 brothers/sisters who live in that area, plus his dad. He stayed with most of them, quit his job, slept on their couches, ate their food, used their laundry facilities, watched their cable, used their phones sometimes long distance (they said the only time they didn’t care was when he was calling Ian) for a couple of months, and from what ALL of them said, not once ever offered to help cook something, help clean up, help pay for anything (because ya know he quit his job AT THE TOYOTA PLANT THAT STARTS OUT AT AROUND $11 AN HOUR and people try hard as hell to get a job there and he got it, but quit, never helped offer to pay for anything or bring home some groceries just because or clean or ANYTHING. So, eventually they got tired of his freeloading and sent him out. Well, here it is a bit over 3 years later and he got kicked out again, and my sister-in-law…ex-sister-in-law? my ex’s sister…to me she’s still my sister-in-law, I’m still kinda close with her…she said it was a very very hard decision she had to make to kick him out when he has no where else to go (he’s pissed off the family about something and no one’s talking, so I don’t push), but she said he has to “grow up and be a man and be responsible.”

Mind you, this is the man who has not helped out one penny for his son the whole time since he left, hell since we were married the only thing he paid for was health insurance through his work, the rest of the money he blew on…anyway.

So, now I’m left to wonder what to do. I talked to Country Boy about it, told him the situation and asked what I should do. See, I’m a softie to a fault. I’m tight on money, yes. Could I use child support for Ian, yes, at this point in my life I really could use the help as you all know kids aren’t cheap. BUT, I’m torn between the nice person in me who thinks “he has no place to go, not sure if he’s working as before this he had an under-the-table job (which is a whole other issue) so he might not have any money, and if he gets a tax refund then he might need it to live off of…OR the part of me that remembers that he argued tooth and nail about Halloween, bitching and moaning that I was being unfair about Halloween if I wanted him because it was my birthday, and that I wanted him to pick up my son after his LAST soccer game because that meant less time with Ian, even though it ended up being more because he had no way to bring Ian home and lied to me about that, the fact that he has only bought Ian a pack of socks in the last 3 years, and some toys, but aside from the socks, nothing he’s ever NEEDED, even when I told him Ian needs shoes, my mom ended up buying shoes for Ian for me and sent it when he started school because I had to buy clothes for school and didn’t have enough money for the shoes (damn kids shoes are freaking expensive anymore, lol) and when I mentioned Ian needs a new winter coat, it went unheard for 2 years of bringing it up, so that is what some of the money that could’ve been for shoes went to this year. Yeah, ashamed to admit I’m practically ghetto poor. BUT, I’m making do with what I have.

So, I’m torn between going through the child support enforcement beureau (sp??) and hoping they can get to his tax refund check if he worked enough at a real job last year to actually have to file taxes, or not doing that at all. The clock is ticking away and I’m torn between being a nice person, or going after the child support that Ian needs for clothes and such. Its not like he has to pay a lot, like I said before, but since he hasn’t paid a dime, he owes back child support from Dec. 2003, so almost 2 years now. Then I think of all the times he bitches and moans that I’m being unfair on certain issues when I wont drive 1/2 way or all the way to take Ian to him and all this stuff (because he got into yet another car accident and has no running vehicle…again. In the 10 years I’ve known him, he’s killed 5 cars…do the math folks). So, he claims I’m being unfair, and then tries to pull the whole “I don’t bring home a lot of money” and even had the nerve to say “You have it easy, you don’t have to pay child support.” and I never once threw in his face anything about child support. I did once mention when he bitched that I need to meet him 1/2 way, I told him if he paid child support I’d be more than happy to meet him 1/2 way. Of course, nothing ever happened.

So, what should I do? File with the child support enforcement beureau in the hopes of getting some tax refund money, or nothing at all. Country Boy said I should get the child support through the tax refund if he isn’t working because Ian needs it. Then I mentioned he isn’t at his home, so how will they find him? He said they will take his tax refund if he worked enough to have to file. Then I said well if he’s not working, then he might need it to live on. Then Country Boy said, he’s perfectly capable of working, he’s not handicapped at all, then proceeded to tell me about someone he knows with Cerebral Palsy who is working a 50 hour work week, if he can work then my ex can work.

But part of me still feels bad.

Then Country Boy mentioned well think about why ex never gave me the land-line phone number he has, I of course don’t know, and I asked him should I get the number from his sister like she said she’d give it to me, and he said that its my ex’s responsibility to make sure I have the number, not his family members unless he specifically asks them to give it to me in the case that he may not have long distance or something. He said, but, ex should’ve given me the number before his GFs cell phone was out if he had it then. He said he wouldn’t get it from her if it was him, besides the fact that he might not be there now that he’s been kicked out, but because if he wanted to make sure he had a way to talk to his son, he would’ve called and given me the number or asked one of his relatives to give it to me, not wait for me to contact him or one of his relatives. He said if his son is that important to him he’d make sure I had it one way or another.

So, any advice people? I’m torn between being the nice girl, and being the logical girl. Any advice or suggestions are definitely welcome.

Whew, that was a lot for an early morning, lol. :)thanks for listening to me bitch and moan. Oh yeah, dont forget to watch the Batman video, haha, it’ll make up for my bitching and moaning on here, I swear it will!



  1. I saw the video just fine…it was too cute for words!! I love the little kicks he threw in there!

    This is about that cute little boy not whether you want to be nice or not…GO get it enforced girl!! Believe me I have 2 kids, they get more expensive as they older, so get it if you can. This is HIS responsibility too.

    Just my 2 cents

    Comment by Mel — November 29, 2005 @ 11:25 pm | Reply

  2. Cute Video!!
    As a single mom as well, my advice is file just to be safe. He doesn’t sound very reliable and if you have to go thru the courts to try and get money in the long run, it will just cost you time and money in attorney costs. It is not like you want to go out and Par-tay…you need to money for little batboy and he deserves that.
    Just my 2 cents….one single mom and boy to another. 🙂

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — November 30, 2005 @ 12:37 am | Reply

  3. Just for reference…he has a an order to pay child support through the divorce hearing/custody hearing. So, it IS said and done, but there is a child support enforcement beaureau (sp?) in West Virginia that I can go through for help in collecting on the child support order. In case I wasn’t clear earlier, hehe. When I type and type, I don’t pay attention to those little details sometimes, lol. 🙂 I still feel like I’m being evil or sneaky though, argh. I need someone hard core to talk me into it, haha.

    Comment by Diana — November 30, 2005 @ 12:52 am | Reply

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