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December 2, 2005

Transformers…more than meets the eyes….

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Hahaha, I was gonna tell you all about the incident with the power transformer at my apt., and thinking what to write in the title, and that popped into my head, haha. I don’t know what’s worse, that I used it, or that I remember most of that song, haha.

Anyway, so Wednesday night I was at home, just finished eating dinner with Ian, and had just popped back on my computer and planned to work till the end of the pay period. Well, I just logged on when suddenly I hear this wierd noise and it got loud, then sounded like those cartoon effects like where some cartoon character is slowly running out of fuel from a chase or something, and staaarrrttsss tooooo slloooowwwww dooowwwwwwnnn. You get the idea, right? Anyway, I could HEAR the electricity do that in my apartment, and before I had time to shut things down, the power went out, and not 1 second after that, I hear a loud BOOM outside and saw a big bright flash, like lightning had just hit or something.

Went outside (mind you, it was 25 degrees) and had Ian crying in the apartment because the loud noise and pitch blackness scared the crapola out of him. Yep, my part of the street had no power, everyone coming out of their homes to check it out. So, the manager called the electric company, they wont be able to GET OUT there to fix the power till 10 or 10:30 p.m., that was over 3 hours away! So, I called and called, my dad said come to his place where there was still power, so I packed Ian up, got his school clothes for the next day and PJs for that night, got my clothes for the next day, and my work computer, and headed to dad’s. I worked there the next day and then came home last night.

I replugged everything (I had unplugged the computers, TVs, etc so if the power came on it wouldn’t overload the now dead surge protector. Yep, my surge protector died, giving its life to save my computer…I think.

So last night I get everything hooked back up and turned on the computer…and it gives me a warning that my hard drive is working outside its capabilities and that I should back-up my hard drive immediately and replace it. Ugh! So, called dad (he’s the computer guy) and he said sounds like if it isn’t going to die today, it will soon, so go ahead and back everything up now. SHIT! Man! I have 3 years worth of digital pics of Ian on my computer, 2 of which are not backed up. So, I freak thinking I’m going to lose all those pics! Luckily I got them all backed up, plus I have a few of the really good ones on photo hosting in case the back-ups are messed up. (I’m going to take them to dad’s to double check, thats a lot of damn photos to go through) not to mention video and audio, and tax stuff, all kinds of stuff. But, got it all backed up. Only problem is my history on the computer is lost (the part where it tells you where you’ve been lately, web sites, blah blah blah) is all lost. So, I’m wondering if my computer dies, will all my bookmarks be lost, too? I assume so, I assume that’s saved on my computer, NOT on the server. Shit, do you know how many masses of bookmarks I’ve put lately that I haven’t sorted through? lol.

I need to go find some of the good ones and type them up and print them out for if my puter dies.

Maybe this is a good excuse to get a laptop? lol. I wish! Everything “technology” related I got from my dad, the King Computer Geek in my family. He’s a computer consultant, he knows lots. I’ve never bought a computer in my life, my dad has always bought it for me, this one included. This one was a Christmas gift 2 years ago. I need my computer, I have Christmas gifts with stuff I have to print from the puter, my printer is out of ink so I can’t do it right now, but I put them on a disk for later, hoping they will work on my parent’s puters because they don’t have all the same programs I have. Sheesh, lol.

Anyway, so if you don’t hear from me for more than a couple of days, then you know for sure my computer went to computer heaven, lol. Hoping it can be fixed.

Have a good weekend, if I don’t put any entries up after Monday, then you KNOW my computer died! I will be busy this weekend, though, with the last of my Christmas shopping and then making Christmas gifts for family/friends that need to have their gifts mailed, I want to finish them in the next week so I can mail them this time next week…hahaha, yeah right! But, its my goal.

Have a great weekend!


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