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December 13, 2005

Big Pimpin….

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OK, I’m gonna PIMP my bitch WILLIE for a bit, hahaha.

He’s in his own band, not sure exactly what he’s gonna do next with that, still waiting to see what happens with his label I suppose, I’ll explain that down below. However, he’s gonna play this weekend with friends of his in a band called Time Spent Burning. Its kinda rock/grungy Christian type of music, I liked the songs on their Myspace here at Time Spent Burning. Willie will be playing base for their gig this coming weekend.

I’m also gonna pimp his DJ show on Krush Radio, an online radio site. Willie’s show is on Sunday’s, 9 to 11 a.m. Pacific (12-2 p.m. Eastern), its called The Willie Black show. He said he wants to do more music, less talk, Rock/Metal stuff. So, if you’re into that, check him out, let him know what you think of his show, what you want to hear, that kind of stuff, he wants to know what people want to hear.

And finally, I’ve always loved the song The Little Drummer boy, but now I will never listen to it the same again, hehe. It will forever be in my mind like the way Willie and Larry did it, via The World Black. Willie does guitar and vocals, Larry is the drummer. They have other songs on their myspace for the band, but one song is from a group YEARS ago in another band called Ritual, which was way before I got reacquainted with Willie, I know nothing about that band except a few of Willie’s stories. There are I think 2 other songs on the myspace for The World Black, those songs are on a CD currently released, BUT, if any future CDs are released via The World Black name (label name PsychoAcoustix Records), then it will NOT sound the same as Vic is no longer with The World Black, and those songs are more Vic’s style than Willie’s I suppose, from what I understand from Willie. If I’m wrong, Willie, let me know. However, Willie and his friend/drummer Larry (who was also in Ritual) both worked together to remake The Little Drummer Boy, which you can download for free from The World Black’s myspace site, in memory of their label owner’s recent passing. So, go check out the song, even if you’re not a metal fan, its fun, and you can here Willie in action. Here’s what Willie wrote when he put his song for free download:

For this Christmas Season The Little drummer boy is available for download.

In Memory of Carl Crandell
11-26-58 to 12-06-05

Shadows of Christmas was going to be released this year to help in the aid and benefit for those devestated by Hurricane Katrina.
Unfortnately, Carl hadto put the Compilation on hold.

The Little Drummer boy was going to be a part of that compilation. I have decided to put it up for download
in Memory of Carl.

I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas and
unregretful New Year.

So, go check it out, since I’m shamelessly plugging my good friend Willie. Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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