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December 26, 2005

Emotional weekend…long

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Ok, so many things happened in the last 48 hours!

First off, we had our usual family Christmas Eve party with my dad’s side of the family. I spent Saturday morning fixing the food we were going to bring (one dessert and one side dish). Had all the gifts wrapped (well, at least for the people at the family party.) My dad’s side of the family is large, he has 8 brothers/sisters who all have teenage or adult kids, and all the adult kids except 1 is married and/or has kids…so its a pretty large, loud bunch of people. But, its lots of fun and I love it, especially the tradition I mentioned below in the WBW for this past week. Anyway, because of the large family, we do name drawing to exchange gifts for the adults, I had my Aunt Lynn, and we all pretty much get gifts for the kids (my cousins’ kids) who range between 4-1/2 to 11 yrs in age, and we all pretty much get something for my grandparents. So, I had all those gifts packed, the food packed, and we left with no hassell that morning. Oh, and Ian and I did something goofy, hehe. We were shopping one day a couple of weeks back, and went to the dollar store to get wrapping paper, and there was a bin of Christmas socks. Now I’m thrifty as possible because of my tighter-than-hell budget, lol, but at the same time I don’t like things that “look” cheap, so I’m picky, too. Anyway, they had these cute Christmas socks in a bin, kids and adult sizes, 5 different styles. So I get Ian a pair because he liked them and wanted one. As I rummaged through this bin, I found they had Men’s socks, the same design that Ian wanted in the kids size. So, I showed it to Ian and told him they were for Men, he said “I can get those for Papaw and we can match.” So then I said “well, they also have socks for ladies, too, maybe we can all match, Ian, Papaw, Grannie, Auntie Amanda and mommy.” Well, of course he loved that, so it was decided and I proceeded to go through every pair of socks to find matching pairs of socks for all 5 of us, lol. Ian and I went to dad’s house and told them all what Ian and I wanted to do, and the nerdy family that we are, we all wore our Christmas socks to the party. They are surprisingly comfortable, hehe. I thought for sure my sister Amanda wasn’t going be down for that, she’s not into nerdy things like that, lol, but she wore them. My dad caught a pic of most of us in our socks, I should’ve done that with all of us, but I didn’t think about it. I did get Ian and I that evening….

Anyway, so visited with family and had a blast as always. The kids MADE OUT with gifts as usual, and my grandparents actually liked what I made for them. They are so hard to buy for, and making for is even harder. They have so much stuff that they sometimes give gifts away to others because they have too many of things or no use or space for things. Last year I made magnets for their fridge with pics of the great-grandkids which my grandma liked. The year before that I decorated a candle with a pic of the great-grandkids, grandpa liked that one so much that he showed it off to everyone. I haven’t seen the candle since then in visits, but the magnets are on their fridge holding up pics. This year I made them coasters with photos of the as many of the family as I could find, its in the link in the blog entry below. They both liked those and they’re STRICT about using coasters, so I know they will get plenty of use, also. Very satsifying feeling to make something people actually love and will use. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then Santa came after the food and of COURSE the kids loved it, my dad and step-mom put something in for me to sit on Santa’s lap, my sister amanda was up there, too, and I was after her, and Ian said “mommy goes on Santa’s lap? But she’s soooo big!” uhhhh, thanks. So, I was red-faced and embarrassed as he said it loud enough everyone heard and laughed. Thank goodness I was in a room full of fat people, or I’d really have been self-conscious after that, lol. Here are some pics from the party that night:

The kids rough-housing with my cousin Steve.

My appetizer was all gone, but my peanut butter pie was not touched. Apparently it was such a hit last year that it ran out, and there were 4 there last night, mine wasn’t touched, so I brought it home.

So, we left the party around 11 p.m. and headed for our 2 hour drive home. Thank goodness for technology…dad’s Grand Caravan has the DVD player in it, watched Batman Begins on the way home. By the time we got the car packed up and drove home, it was 1:40 when Ian and I got in. He was knocked out asleep, so I tucked him in bed and closed the door…then had a lot of work ahead of me still. I had to finish wrapping my parent’s gifts, lol. I did that, then had to clean the living room of toys and gift-wrapping stuffs. I had to fill Ian’s stocking and then get out some gifts that were hiding from other people that were BIG and I didn’t wrap, and then also the Santa gift. I set it all up, and of course took the pic…my mom and step-dad got Ian his bike, and my Country Boy got Ian the bean bag chair. I got to see Country Boy for about 5 minutes on Friday at the MOST as he dropped off Ian’s gift in a HUGE garbage bag, and since Ian was there, his “cover” story was to ask me in front of Ian if I could wash his clothes since his washer just died and he has to go work, so of course Ian fell for that, haha. I hadn’t seen Country Boy in a week, and that was for 10 minutes, then nothing for a week, then 5 minutes, then he had to go to work. I probably won’t see him for at least another week or two as they are sending him to work in Ohio. His ex-wife also FINALLY let him have his son on Christmas, his first Christmas with his son in 5 years since he divorced his ex, and she actually showed up with him, and then his company made him go to Ohio for work over Christmas…but he told me he had a plan he was thinking about when they talked about they might send him…he has an Aunt who lives about 30 min. from where he’s supposed to work, and he called her up and told her the situation, and his cousin offered to let them stay with her, but Al said he’d rather get a room, and his cousin offered that while he worked she would come over and hang out with his son during the day. I don’t know how his weekend went so not sure if all worked out well as I haven’t heard from him and probably wont for 2 weeks. *hmph* Anyway, I finally got to bed around 4 a.m. after finishing everything the night before, and Ian woke me up at 9, a respectable time for a kid, haha. So, here are some pics from Christmas morning…

Ya diggin my Chococat slippers? hehehe…love em!

Ian was determined to play with his toys and watch a Power Rangers DVD my mom got him, so when he did that, the exhaustion hit me. Dad and my step-mom were expecting Ian and I for opening gifts and dinner, so I told him when his Power Ranger DVD was done (a little over an hour long), then to wake me up. He didn’t, and my dad called nearly 3 hours later (talk about tired!) and I got Ian and I ready to go to Dad’s house. We went there, opened gifts (Ian made out yet again, haha), and ate dinner, then watched some movies and went home. I got a scanner/printer and lots of ink cartridges….I have a printer, but no scanner, so this was cool with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Only problem is, I JUST bought ink for my printer for Christmas stuff, so its still pretty darn new, lol. I may just hook up this new one for the scanner use till the ink runs out of my other printer, which it averages almost a year, lol, we’ll see. I don’t know if I have room for both printers on my little desk, so we’ll see. I also got a “learn to knit” kit, which I’ve wanted to learn but no one I know can knit, lol. I got some cash money, which is always loved, a Japanese cookbook, a HUGE scrapbooking book, and some other small things. Everyone loved the stuff I made, or they pretended to, haha, so that was great. Ian got pretty much everything he wanted, lol, of course. Between 3 sets of grandparents and tons of aunts/uncles, he gets plenty.

Then, came the bad/sad news. My mom called from Hawaii. A very close family friend’s son, who is only 1-1/2 yrs older than me, had a stroke Christmas eve. She said she e-mailed me that night when she got the news, but I didnt hear. A stroke…I couldn’t believe it. He is only 33, he’ll be 34 in March…and he had a stroke….it is a bad one, too. He’s still in the hospital, it affected his right side of his body and his face, and he speaks very garbled. Still in a lot of shock over that…he’s always so move-move-move on the go, busy busy guy, not a work-a-holic type of busy, just busy in general between work and social life, he doesn’t like to sit down often. There was a time he got into some trouble with drugs, but that didn’t last long and he got out of it and has been doing great ever since…but a stroke? I didn’t know, but mom said he apparently has had high blood pressure for a while, but he doesn’t have insurance and stopped taking his medicine a while ago because of costs….so that explains the stroke…but still…he’s only 33, almost 34…I’m still in shock. His parents are my godparents. He’s like a brother to me. I’ve known his family since I was in 5th grade, the longest we’ve known people that ARE NOT family…while we weren’t CLOSE close in a while, he’s still like family to me, and I just cannot believe he had a stroke. I couldn’t call my godparents, I just didn’t know what to say, I never know what to say. I hope that didn’t come out as rude to them, I sent them an e-mail and said a prayer for him and his family…I hope he will recover completely, but if its that bad and he was still in ICU as of Christmas night….its hard to say. He has a long road ahead of him, and I’m so worried for him. Not only physically, but emotionally, and mentally, I’m sure he’s frustrated because no one can understand him, he has to communicate by writing (he’s a lefty), and I’m sure he’s scared thinking of his age and that this happened to him…that news left a damper on my Christmas, and also made me very greatful for my health. 33…a stroke!

So, if any of you feel like it, please send a prayer or good thoughts this way for my godparent’s son, Shane….



  1. Wow what a weekend. Ian is darling. Are you from Hawaii? I will say a prayer for your friend.

    Comment by Tutu — December 26, 2005 @ 3:30 pm | Reply

  2. I will definitly be saying a prayer for shane. I am glad Ian got lots of stuff and everybody like what you made them. I told you they would like the coasters.

    Comment by Greta — December 27, 2005 @ 12:02 am | Reply

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