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December 29, 2005

Visiting Ian’s dad’s family….

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Ex called yesterday before I left, asking when I’d be in town and where, I told him. He did call on Christmas day to say Merry Christmas to Ian, but got my voicemail as I forgot to turn the cell phone ringer back on. Anyway, so was not really looking forward to seeing him, bleh.

So, we head there, and who do we see walking on our drive to Ian’s aunt’s house? Yep, the ex…who practically jumped in my car…I wasn’t happy about that. He stank like alcohol, but SWORE it was his Listerine breath spray…umm, no dude, you stink like alcohol. So of course, I ask “you been drinking?” and he says “yeah, last night, but that’s my breath spray”. Well, if that is breath spray, you sooo need to buy a new kind! He stank to me, not just of alcohol, but just stink like he needs to shower stink, he’s been smelling like that for the past 2 years though, gross. We get to his sister’s house, which thankfully was about 3 blocks from where he jumped in my car (note to self, lock doors from now on damn it!). We got there, gave our hugs, his sis and I rolled our eyes at each other over the ex, haha. We exchanged gifts and then waited for sis-in-law to get ready as we were going to go pick up her son from daycare and head to the other sister’s house. So, sis-in-law goes to get ready, and then I finally decide to ask ex where he’s been. He swears it hasn’t been that long since he called last, and I said the exact day, and its been 1-1/2 months. He claimed he’s been in Maryland for 2 weeks working, though he told his other sister one week, so its hard to tell. He starts telling me “you have no idea the shit I’ve been through in the last month, our divorce wasn’t even as close to bad as what she’s been putting me through” as I’m standing there thinking “well yeah, dumbass, because I’m too damn nice and let you slide on shit”. Then he proceeds to bitch about his ex and that she kicked him out, she now has a new boyfriend and said she tried to get a restraining order against him and they went to court for that, claims it got thrown out of court, then bitches about how she tried to “steal” everything from the apartment, like their TV (even though they had 2 TVs, and its one they got while together) and this and that in the apartment that she tried to steal, ummm, they’d been living together for 2 years, I’d hardly call that stealing anything, but I don’t know, he talks a lot of shit. He says his ex-gf’s brother sicked their dog on him, but now the dog lives with my ex in the apartment while his ex-gf lives in the apartment below with her brother. blah blah blah…then he said the thing that made me ready to kick his sack….”She’s ungreatful and greedy, she got a school grant and spent it already, she got a computer and some things…” (for the record, it wasn’t a big grant, and she’s allowed to get those things she bought.) Then he proceeds to say the stupidest thing he could ever say to ME of all people… “I paid for her school books, I paid for her to go to school and back, I paid for all of that and she is ungreatful” and I’m here thinking to myself…ok, you paid for all this shit for her, but you won’t help take care of your own son, you won’t even pay for child support or even a portion of the child support that you owe from all the way back through DECEMBER 2003…but you’re having the balls to complain about her to ME? that guy has some effen nerve!

In the beginning he told his sister that his ex kicked him out over $5….so its hard to tell what is the truth with him, and his sisters and I even agreed that its best not to believe anything that comes out of his mouth because it keeps you from getting too pissed…but that “poor me” comment about how he’s paid for all this shit for her, and he won’t even pay to help take care of his own flesh and blood…he was telling me this story like I’m supposed to feel sorry for his ass, and all it did was make me pissed at him, but like the “too nice” person that I am, I just looked away and nodded my head and let him blab away. I was seething inside, but I vowed a long time ago to never let him see if he gets to me, so that he won’t know what buttons to push anymore to get any kind of reaction from me. Man, I could’ve used a Kahlua or Margarita right about then.

So, we’re sitting there waiting for my ex-sis-in-law to finish getting ready, its not quite 2 p.m. yet, and ex stands up and mentions he has to go see his lawyer at 3, meet him at Wendy’s??? Just for the record, the local Wendy’s is about 5 blocks from where we were sitting at that moment…so I said “Its not even 2 yet” and he just mentioned some BS about not being able to sit still for long because he’ll fall asleep…now mind you, at this point he’s been in the same room with his son for a max of about 30 minutes, and half of that time he’s bitching about his ex-gf. The ex-sis-in-law asks me something about deer meat, I don’t care for it, and so we were talking and I mentioned the guy I’m seeing, who owns a farm that has a slaughter house, it was once a cattle farm at one point a long time before he ever owned it, though its not a running farm like that anymore. So, ex he gets up and leaves blabbing something about going to meet his lawyer. Then he leaves and then ex-sis-in-law and I start talking in code so Ian doesn’t know what we’re talking about, and she said “I like how the man tries to make you feel sorry for what he’s going through, and why the hell wasnt that money spent on his little man?” I’m nodding my head in agreement.

We go get Ian’s cousin, grab something to eat as none of us has had lunch yet, and go back to ex-sis-in-law’s house and eat, the kids play and she and I talk about my ex….ugh, we both think “the nerve of him not taking care of his kid, but bitching about paying for stuff for his ex.” Now, mind you, not 6 months before they split up, he quit his job for no reason and wasn’t working for about 3 months when she called me and started asking questions about how and why he and I split up because she was getting sick of his crap…so forget the 3 months that she worked to support HIM, no that doesn’t matter, it only matters that he paid for her school books and for her to get to and from school and stuff. Then, when he did finally get a job, she complained to me that it was an under-the-table, not steady job, and he spends tons of money on his drugs and alcohol, even if they have barely enough money for food, he still spends that money, she complained about a time when they didn’t have much money for food, and he spent more on beer and weed than he did on groceries. But, you know, none of that matters…its always about the ex, no matter what he’s done, what someone else has done to HIM is worse. He claims his ex-gf took him to court 5 times this month…I’m having a hard time believing they were in court 5 times in 1 month unless it was related to his apartment, which his ex-gf’s uncle owns. He claims he’s going to be out by the 1st, he told his other sister he’s supposed to be out by the 1st, so I ask if he’s supposed to be out, or if he wants to be out, and he mumbled something inaudible, so who knows, he probably got evicted because he didn’t pay the bills.

So, 2 or 3 hours later, he calls from his other sister’s house, we were supposed to go to that other sister’s house, but she wasn’t off work yet, so we hung out so the kids could play with the toys. The other sister’s son was there and let my ex in and then they two showed up with the other sister about an hour later, so we never did make it to her house, but there he goes again, spewing his sob story about how she did him wrong….by the way, the sisters both told me he did that crap when I kicked him out of my place, saying I screwed him over and I did this and that…ugh.

Ian was sick, poor guy, and coughing a lot, so much that his eyes would water up pretty bad and sometimes he choked, so he got a bit clingy to me, and at one point he coughed on my boob while sitting in my lap, and so he got drool all over my boob from where he coughed so hard he couldn’t swallow his own spit until the coughing subsided, no it wasn’t mucous, he has a dry barking cough. haha. Anyway, so there I was with drool on my boob in front of ex, ex-sis-in-laws and one of the sis-in-law’s son, and so I joked as I held the yucky drool spot off my boob, “yeah, this is how I attract the men.” Ex looked at me wierd, oh well who cares. Then I mentioned something about the guy I’m seeing in a story to my ex-sis-in-law…then the other ex-sis-in-law and her son left, they had been there about an hour, and ex decided he was going to leave too, gave no reason, just left, at that point he had seen his son a total of 1-1/2 hrs, maybe 2 hrs tops…and Ian and I had been there at that point about 4 hours. Figures. Ian and I left around 8 p.m., it is an hour drive home and I needed to get Ian to bed so I could go to sleep to wake up at 5 am and work this morning.

Anyway, after ex left, my ex-sis-in law came up to me after our kids started playing again, and she said “Just so you know, I’m thinking Puffy (ex’s nickname) is thinking now that he and his gf aren’t together anymore that he wants you back.” and I said “what? no way, you couldn’t pay me to get back together with him, ugh.” and she said “well, the two times you mentioned the guy you’re seeing, and that joke you made about attracting the men after Ian coughed on your boob, he looked at you like he was trying not to react to that news that you’re seeing someone or something.” I said “oh well for him, he had plenty of years of chances to make it work, his loss.” and we had a good laugh at that, haha. Anyway, so the kids played, the ex-sis-in-law and I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith and talked about what’s been going on, who’s been doing what, and she still swears ex didn’t like the news that I have been seeing someone, but oh well. I’ve never told him any of the news of who I’ve been seeing over the past year that I started dating again because, well, its just none of his business. He knew about one of the guys because he was at my apartment one time when ex showed up, but that was short lived dating and stuff, this is the longest I’ve been seeing someone since ex showed up, 6 months, for whatever that’s worth…

anyway, so that was my night last night…oh yeah, and when ex was leaving I had stood up to hug my nephew and ex-sis-in-law who were leaving at that time…and then HE hugged me…ugh, gross, I just patted him on the back and didn’t really hug him, and he stank, but what else was I supposed to do? I didn’t like that at all, bleh. Gross, I think I needed 2 showers after that, but I came home, got Ian into bed and took 1 shower at least. Bleh.

Speaking of “the guy I’m seeing”, still haven’t heard from him, its Thursday, the last time I talked to him on the phone was Friday last week when he said he was coming over to drop off Ian’s present, that was also the last day I saw him. I’m feeling more and more like he’s just not that interested. I could’ve used him being around or at least on the phone to talk to last night, when I do have stress and Country Boy is there, he’s good at listening and helping me figure out things, but he hasn’t been there in the last week when so much has gone on. Maybe I’ve just been too nice and forgiving to see, or maybe he really IS this busy at the moment, but either way, I just know I need someone I can go to with my problems, someone who can be there for me, someone I can talk to when I need to talk, get hugs from when I need a hug, someone I can rely on…and not hearing from the guy who calls himself my boyfriend for a week just isn’t cool with me. I’m just not sure what to do, lol.

I do know one thing, though, I’M DYING FOR A GIRLS NIGHT OUT or something, I need to get out of this small ass town of Ravenswood for more than visiting my family or shopping…I want to get out, have fun, grab a drink or a movie, do SOMETHING in public because I’m always here, at home, or at my parent’s house, or for a while at Country Boy’s house…always closed up in a house, I need to get out, I’m getting cabin fever or something, I feel antsy and feel the need to get away or just let loose and have some long-deserved, much-needed fun. I was hoping to do something fun for the New Year, but it seems I may be just by myself or just myself and Ian on NEw Year’s Eve. Ugh. Its OK with Ian, but he usually doesn’t make it to midnight, and its no fun celebrating the new year alone, lol. I really miss my loud group of friends back home in California, miss being able to go out with the girls, or hang with the guys, go grab lunch or grab dinner or go see a movie or go to the bar/club together…SOMETHING social.

OK, I’m done moaning and groaning for now, I’ll have to post something fun and upbeat in a bit, lol.

Ian’s sick, poor thing, I have to take him to the doctor today. He’s been coughing a lot more, and finally had a fever this morning, and yesterday and the day before he would cough so much that he would gag and threw up, ewwww gross, sorry, haha, but this morning he started off doing that while the last two days it was usually not until the end of the day or if he’d been running around a lot, so today because he woke up with a fever and the coughing and the throwing up, we’re heading to the doctor.

Bet Ex doesn’t care about THAT either, because his gf screwed him over, damn it. What an ASS!


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  1. YAY for spit up on the boob. If you didn’t kow , Men find that sexy >:). It’s a good freaking thing Ian has such a wonderful mother like you cause with a father like that he’s better off without one..my opinion anyway…May I ask what keeps you in Ravenswood instead of moving back to California?

    Comment by Greta — December 29, 2005 @ 7:20 pm | Reply

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