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January 9, 2006

Shane’s site

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My godmother, Shane’s mother, has put a thing out on a website for updates for Shane, for those of you who offered prayers, if you want to read more about Shane, you can check out his site and leave prayers/messages for him and his family. She hasn’t updated more than to tell what Shane told them what happened that day of his stroke. I’ve added the site to my sidebar under some of the sites I check out, and I’m also placing it here. She was bombarded with e-mail requests from friends and family, and so she thought instead of writing to each person individually she would create this page, with the help of her niece, for updates. She hasn’t added photos or anything, but if you click on the words “my story” in the top bar, it will talk about what Shane told them of what happened on the day of his stroke. It also has an important note for those of you with a cell phone who use your cell phone as your only phone line, no land line. It took them 2-1/2 hours to find Shane after he called 911, he had only a cell phone, but the GPS in cell phones are only traceable within a certain distance to the caller, not detailed. Finally they were able to find him. If you are one of the people who use your cell phone strictly for your main phone, please provide your cell phone company with your home address.

So, here’s the site.



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