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January 27, 2006


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Wow, changing schedules with a kid and 2 jobs is hard, lol! I’m so damn tired, but soon enough I’ll (hopefully) get used to this schedule and it won’t be so bad. I miss Ian, spending our time together after he gets home, but I needed to get this job!

Anyway, got another e-mail from my ex-sis-in-law about my ex, she said ex’s sisters took him to the Men’s shelter a couple of days ago and told him he needs to get a job and start taking care of himself. Apparently he showed up on one sister’s doorstep when it was raining constantly, soaked and stinking. She let him stay the night, the other sis let him stay a night, then they took him to the shelter. He’s been kicked out of his uncle’s house because he and his cousin were drinking and carrying on and his uncle kicked then out, this was over Christmas. When I saw ex with Ian when I took Ian to visit his dad’s side of the family after Christmas, ex stank like alcohol, not beer, but alcohol, and I asked him if he’d been drinking and he said “yesterday, but that smell you’re smelling is my Listerine mouth spray” which he pulled out that was on his keychain. Sorry folks, that was not listerine I smelled. I lived with him long enough to know it was alcohol. He tells so many lies that I swear he believes them himself! My ex-sis-in-law said his sisters and ex ran into someone who knew my ex, on their way to the shelter, and that guy told my ex “hey, its my drinking buddy” so apparently he’s been drinking a lot, which doesn’t surprise me.

Its a shame that he’s turned into this, but, at the same time, everyone who tried to help him get on his feet, he took advantage of their kindness and so now no one is willing to help him. He put himself there, and for a while I felt sorry for him, but now I’m like, after all the hurtful things you’ve done, after all the lies, the drugs, the using people, the hurtful things you’ve said….now Karma is coming around and its KICKING YOUR ASS! I feel no remorse for thinking this. Is it bad?

I’m definitely a believer in Karma, I’m definitely a do unto others person.

So, I’m gone for nearly a week from the blogging world, and my beloved Youtube.com has disappeared! What’s been going on? Server crash? Something? No more videos, I try to go to the site and I either get an “operation timed out” message or “500 server error”, so not sure what’s happened there. I hope it comes back up, I loved that place!

Anyway, so I like my new job. I’m still doing medical transcription so that’s not a big deal, its more of just learning to like the people I work with, and getting used to working around people after working at home for the last 6 years, and also learning a new software program for transcription, no biggie, I learn new ones every couple of years or so. So far I like the people I work with. I don’t like the drive on snowy days, or bad rainy days…hell I don’t like driving more than 1/2 an hour to a job, lol, but the benefits make it worth the drive, let alone the steady pay compared to my at-home job. I’m still working at home, too, part time for 10 hours a week, so not too bad. Just getting used to my schedule, which runs something like this:

4:30 am – wake up and shower and get dressed
5 -7 am – Work my at-home job, drink coffee and wake Ian up around 6:45 a.m. and go back to type last 15 minutes
7- 7:25 am – Get Ian and myself ready to go, not easy with a young tired one when you yourself are not a morning person! If its cold, must go out and warm up car, if its also snowing or freezing temperatures outside, must also de-ice or scrape the windows of the car.
7:25/7:30 am – Pack car with my lunch, purse, Ian’s backpack, myself and Ian, turn off lights and make sure I lock up, drive Ian to his Grannie’s house.
7:30 am – hit the road for work
8:25 am – arrive to work give or take, depending on the weather and traffic
8:30 am – 5 pm Work at my new job at the hospital
5:15 pm – usually have my desked cleaned and organized, papers filed and clock out for the treck to the employee parking lot which is too far away on a cold day, then start/warm up the car and by now am finally able to leave work.
6 pm – Arrive at my dad’s house, give or take with traffic, sometimes as late as 6:30 pm
7 pm – arrive to my apartment and unload everything, start dinner and eat with Ian
8 pm – Ian bath and I start packing for the next day, lunch, Ian’s backpack, try to tidy up the apartment a bit, check e-mail and try to catch up. Do dishes, feed the pets, get Ian out of bed, dressed in his PJs, turn off TV, brush teeth, read Ian’s bedtime story (usually a book a couple of times, or 2 small books) and tuck him in.
9 or 9:30 – finally ready to hit the sack myself.

So, Busy, but I still am able to get in a respectable 6 hours of sleep. And the best part, I don’t have to work most weekends! Only about once a month, and I get 2 days off during the week in exchange. This week I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted, I actually still have dishes in the sink but I’m too damn tired and wanted to catch up on the blog, so they’ll sit till tomorrow night, and Satuurday will be a lot of cleaning up.

Saturday will be VERY busy, cleaning/tidying apartment, catching up on e-mails and blogs, registering Ian for daycare, taking Ian to Toys-R-Us like I promised since CHRISTMAS because he got a gift card for there, and hopefully will be able to scrapbook a little bit, too! Oh yeah, and I have to pay some bills and get my oil changed, oh yeah, and also get new damn stamps, I TOTALLY forgot about the postage change, so I’ll probably be getting some bills back in the mail! DUMBASS! Sheesh!

I haven’t talked to Willie in forever it seems, lol. We used to talk every day on the phone at least 2 times a day, but that dwindled down between busy work schedules and such, I don’t even remember when the last time we talked was, a week? Two?

I heard from Country Boy on Tuesday. He called to say congrats on my new job, asked me the details about it and said he’s happy for me and hope it works out for me, and said his job is now saying they might divide his time between theplant in Ohio and the plant here in Ravenswood, but he said he can’t say for sure since they keep changing his mind. He still sounds exhausted, he got injured at work bad enough that they made him get IV medication from the hospital every other day between antibiotics and pain meds, and he said he finally was ble to get off that and the wound on his hand is finally healing enough to where its a closed wound now. He said the IV medication was so strong it was making him sick, but he had to do it. His work wasn’t letting him off, either! I think he definitely has something to get out of they way they are treating him, I just can’t imagine they can do that to someone and get away with it. But, I’m not sure of the whole situation, just the bits and pieces CB tells me in between days of no conversation, and yet again, his cell phone got cut off mid sentence. I hate that, I hate not being able to finish a conversation or put closure on something. I still miss him, but I can’t do shit about that.

SO, anyway, that’s what’s been going on in my life lately. I miss reading everyone’s blogs and will catch up this weekend!



  1. Sheesh girl all I can say is you the WOMAN…I couldn’t do a schedule like that especially being an awesome single mother that you are… YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!

    I was tired after reading your routine…now i have to go to bed after that..


    Comment by Greta — January 27, 2006 @ 5:57 am | Reply

  2. Dang girl….those are some long freakin’ hours!

    Comment by Mike — January 27, 2006 @ 10:07 pm | Reply

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