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February 19, 2006

Catching up…

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Trying to get my scrappin mojo back, its been since late August or early September 2005 since I last did some scrapbook pages, and I lost my mojo, so I turned to the old Effer dares that I had stopped doing due to my printer dying. Now I finally have my printer/scanner up and running and figured out the best settings for photos, and I did my first scrapbook page today. It so isn’t much, but that tends to be my style. I’ve been going over my pics and just not feeling any inspiration, so I figured the effer dare/all about me album would be somewhere to start. So, here’s what I’ve done this morning, just one LO, but its a start, lol.

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Anyway, things have been busy, of course, still having issues with my browser staying connected long enough to actually type something. I don’t have much time online, so I’ll start to blog, hit the “publish” button, and then my browser decides to take a shit and dump my entry along with it, and I just don’t have time to keep re-logging on and re-typing all that crap, so that’s why the lack of blogs lately.

I’m still liking my new job, so that’s good. I’m tired more often with the new schedule, and with Ian going to start his sports (soccer and T-ball) in the Spring, its just going to get busier.

I’m not sad over Country Boy anymore, and I think it was more a sadness where it was just suddenly dawning on me that I’m single again. I mean, we hadn’t really spent much time together in the last month before the breakup because he was gone so often, and I was contemplating telling him I just wasn’t sure I could deal with it, I was honestly gonna see how the month of January goes and see if he got busier or not, so its not truly like I’m completely devastated. Missing him still? Of course, I miss him like crazy. He had become someone I confided in and told things to, news in my life, I called him first, then suddenly he’s gone completely where I can’t even talk to him, and of course that hurt, plus our morning visits, I looked forward to seeing him in the morning, but the last 3-4 weeks before the breakup, both things were slowly disappearing anyway as he got busier and busier. I know I wasn’t in love with him, but ya know, the whole feeling lonely thing, but I do know I have some feelings for him and I do care about him. Now I only miss him sometimes first thing in the morning when he used to drop by, and at sometimes night when I used to call him, especially if I have news to tell someone….I miss him then….but otherwise I’m doing good so far. I’ve been talking to other guys, lol, for whatever that’s worth. Not sure I’m ready to move on completely as far as getting into another relationship yet, but just talking doesn’t hurt.

My ex called me again during the week last and claims he’s still trying to find a job and get back on his feet, didn’t mention if he did his taxes yet or how much he’s getting back, so no idea if he’ll actually send something like he said he would towards child support. Mind you, he owes back taxes from December 2003, so he’s a little behind…ugh. Not holding my breath on that one, either. I made sure to tell him he can’t claim Ian on the taxes, and he was all “I know, I don’t have him, you do, I have no right to claim that.” But, like logic is always his strong point, right? LOL, I laugh at how he talks to me sometimes like “Do you think I’m stupid?” or like “what kind of person do you think I am?” Hmmmm, I wonder….lol.

I’ve been talking to 2 guys lately to meet, both of whom I’ve been talking to for months and have wanted to meet, but I met Country Boy first and went with him…lol…didn’t want to do the dating around thing, and both the other guys had wanted to still talk as friends, which has been fine with me. One is Donny, who’s photo is on my home page under “friends” (link on the sidebar), he’s smart, works for a battered women’s shelter and takes care of his grandma and is legal guardian of his brother. My friend Jim (who’s photo is also on that page) said he knew Donny about 5 years ago through a mutual friend, and he said he “approves” of my liking Donny, lol, and said he’s a good guy and is smart, and so far I agree. I think I’ve pissed him off, though, lol, as I tend to be EXTREMELY sure that the guys I meet know that they aren’t gonna “tap that ass” as one guy put it, on the first or even second date. Hell, Country Boy had to wait 2 months before he got to play with anything, lol. So, apparently I’ve said it so many times to Donny that he thinks I assume he’s gonna try to bust a move right off the bat, and he said it bothers him how that is how I think of him. I tried to apologize, but we’ll see what happens now. The problem with Donny is he lives 2 hours away…and he isn’t a fan of long distance relationships, thinks its hard to fall in love with someone you only see once or twice a week. I know its hard, but maybe I’m just too “romantic” and think that its possible. Anyway, he still wants to meet, but doesn’t want to try for a relationship, and so that makes me wonder. **UPDATE: Last night we talked online for about 2 hours, about a lot of things, so we’re cool now, lol. Are we gonna meet? Maybe someday, but with my busy schedule and us living 2 hours away….I’m starting to wonder if it would be worth the trouble myself, lol. He doesn’t seem to think its worth a relationship, but he wants to meet at least just the same. We’ll see. **

The other guy, we’ll call Trucker Dude. He lives about 20 minutes from me, but he has a busy life style, too, and just not sure I want to get into that again. Plus, he has this terrible habit of NOT calling a girl. When we talk on the phone, I call him, and we talk for a couple of hours each time and its great conversation and he asks to call me again and even says he’ll call me, but still wants me to call him…BUT if I don’t call, I don’t hear from him at all….so that is a big fat negative right there. I don’t want to be “chasing” or pursuing someone who just isn’t all that interested, and if he never calls back or returns calls, to me that shows just not that interested, even though he tells me over and over on the phone that he IS interested and he DOES want to meet me, and he has for several months, but I met Country Boy first and he didn’t want to meet me while I was still seeing Country Boy, but now that he claims he really does want to meet me now and says “we just have to get our schedules together”….yet doesn’t make an effort to even get in touch with me at all….well, ya know, just shows no real interest to me, so I’m not too excited with that prospect, either. But, at least he and I are friends right now and so that isn’t such a big issue. Besides, its not like I’m in a hurry to get into another relationship. I would like to meet someone to hang out with, though, lol. I just don’t seem to have much in common with the few people I’ve met here in town, and everyone is happily married or extreme church-goers….so I don’t quite fit in with those crowds. They are nice people, just not MY people, lol, so it would be nice to meet someone to just hang out with, even if I don’t get into a relationship with someone. In the meantime, Donny and I, and Trucker Dude and I are friends for the moment. Oh yeah, some background on Trucker Dude, he, obviously, is a trucker, but he does jobs where he’s home every night as he has custody of his kids, who range in age from 17 to 9 or 10 I believe….no wonder he’s busy, right? lol….that right there intimidates me, too, lol. 4 kids?He almost has a sports team, lol.

But, then again, I’m just getting back into the game again, so ya know, there (hopefully) will be others, lol.

OK, now I was going to catch up on WBW and SPF! I’m so far behind on things, lol…but I’ll have to do it during the week, lol. I gotta get stuff done! Bye all…behave…..(yeah RIGHT!)



  1. oh i love “dating around”..it’s fun…and since they know about each other it’s even better…i dated around and they didn’t know it…lol i’m a ho…hahah j/k anyway meet them girl who knows it could be love at first sight with one of them ya just never know….


    Comment by Greta — February 20, 2006 @ 2:15 pm | Reply

  2. Yu’re right! Theyre’ll be plenty others Diana, don’t fret none.

    Comment by Mike — February 23, 2006 @ 9:02 pm | Reply

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