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February 24, 2006

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Well, I really miss my blogging, lol, talk about an outlet for me!

OK, first off, I wanted to say thanks for those of you who’ve actually commented lately, lol, especially with input/advice about Country Boy and dating again.

Greta, girl you rock, thanks for your e-mails. 🙂

Mike – I hope you’re right!

Anyway….so I’ve been keeping up with Shane’s progress, you remember him? My family friend who had a stroke on Christmas eve? The one who is 33? Well, he’s doing really good from what the reports say. He gets frustrated once in a while, who can blame him. He worries now about how long he will live, which is a crazy thing to think about at 33….but given his situation, apparently its something that’s been on his mind, if he’ll live to be an old man at all. He’s now living with his parents, which I’m sure is another frustration, he’s a very independent guy by nature, always has been. He loves them, but I’m sure most of his frustration is that he’s not sure of his future and what will happen to him. He hopes to go back to work soon for his parents, they own a company and he used to do their computer systems and stuff, then moved to whereever he was living (he didn’t stay in one place too long, so I can’t keep track) and now he’ll be back as soon as he is ready to return. They have him typing on the computer to work on his hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. He’s walking and talking and stuff, he will walk without a cane with a limp, but compared to not being able to walk at all when it happened…he’s come so far and so I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers and ask them to continue for him, to help him get through this.

Ian is sick, but while he is still running around and playing and not crabby or anything….once in a while he will cough so much and so hard that he throws up, poor guy, and then he cries because who the hell likes to throw up, right? He’s only done it two times so far, so hoping he will get better when he has the weekend to recoop.

hmmm, what else…..I’ve been chatting online with a few more guys. One we had a great online chat for about an hour, he was fun to chat with, but haven’t chatted since, lol. He would be someone I’d hang out with as friends probably. The other guy was someone I had started talking to a little over a year ago, when I was first in the dating world again (I have only been back in the dating scene for almost 2 years). He was torn between meeting me and getting back with his ex-girlfriend. He ended up going back with the ex-girlfriend and said he made the wrong choice. But, that was back when I was first dating and didn’t know what the hell I was doing, so he might’ve made the wrong choice with me, too, lol. I chatted with one who basically just wants sex, so he’s out, lol. Another one is 20 yrs old and lives around here, and he is probably having this MILF fantasy, lol.

Damn, thinking back, in the 1-1/2 yrs (August will be 2 yrs) since I started dating again, I’ve technically met a surprising amount of guys in person, maybe not a lot to others, but to me its a lot…however, only ONE took me on a real date….I mean TOOK ME OUT on a real date….and that was Jim, the first guy I met after I left my ex. Jim was a GREAT date, we had fun, laughed a lot, shared some wine and fun, laid back conversation, he took me to a sushi bar, he did his homework on me to plan our date, and it was great. I would’ve loved to done that again, lol, but then we just turned into friends, damn it, lol. He is the only one who did that, who took the time to plan the evening, to figure out what I like and don’t like and to plan it out, not just “meet and greet”, but a real date, one of maybe 4 I’ve had total in my entire dating life. Everyone else we literally just “met” somewhere, or it was “so, where do ya wanna go?” my response usually being “I dont know” because I usually drove the distance to their towns/cities since where I live has NOTHING for a date. I’m thinking back…how many guys did I actually meet in the last 1-1/2 years…I just did the figuring, lol, it was 8 guys int he last 1-1/2 years that I met IN PERSON at least once. There was Jim, Psycho boy, Dick, Bill, Weekend Warrior, UA, Mullet man and Country Boy. Out of them, only 4 went on to a second meeting (I can’t even say second date), and out of THOSE, only 2 were longer than a second meeting/date….one was Bill (were seeing each other for a whopping 5 weeks, lol, and now we are friends), and the other was Country Boy, who I’d been seeing for 6+ months.

Hehe, ya like the nicknames? That’s how I refer to them to my sister because the names alone confuse her, so I give her the nicknames and she can determine who I’m talking about, lol.

JIM – well, he’s a name, but he’s the first name, so that’s easy. For a while I called him grandpa because, well, he’s a grandpa, at 42 he has a 4 year-old granddaughter, lol. Yeah…..lol.

PSYCHO BOY – He was a bad seed that I made the mistake of getting involved with, big time issues. Jim warned me about him, but I “thought he was nice to me”,w hich he was, but found out he was a loser with major MAJOR issues. Extremely jealous, even though he and I were just friends because I wouldn’t date him as he had no job and lived with his parents (which I found out after we met because he told ME he had a place at the beach in North Carolina and had a job, both of which were 1/2 truths). Then found out he had some wierd fetishes that I couldn’t deal with and eventually I just ended our friendship all together because he was just so insanely jealous that he practically stalked me one night, AND WE WEREN’T EVEN DATING! I wrote about it in my blog, look back to around May or June 2005 if you wanna read it.

DICK – Well, this guy was, well, a Dick. His name is Rick, aka Richard, so yeah, DICK seemed to fit well. He was all swearing up and down he didn’t do the sex on the first date thing, but he would not stop groping on me and trying to get some, I felt very uncomfortable and really upset after that meeting.

WEEKEND WARRIOR – This was a guy I had talked to for a LONG time between online and on the phone….9 months before we finally met in person. He was, yes, an Army reserve guy, had gone to Iraq, seemed like a good guy….but after one meeting (after exchanging multiple photos so its not like he didn’t know what I looked like, fat body and all) he just wasn’t interested, which was fine because I didn’t feel a chemistry there, either, but after 9 months I figured we had developed a friendship at least. He said to call him, and I’d call, but suddenly he didn’t feel like talking anymore, then one day he said “could you call me tomorrow, I don’t feel good today I’m going to bed.” and that was the last time he took my calls. It bugged me for months because I thought he was nicer than that. If he didn’t want me to call, he could’ve said so, and I told him from the beginning I’d rather hear the truth up front than to be left hanging…and he did exactly what I hate.

BILL – I blogged about him a while, too. He was a nice guy, truly nice, from the time we met online to in person, he was so nice to me and we had some fun together, but issues came up that were beyond my control, he was moving to Atlanta….and we became friends. We are still friends. He’s the first guy who got me flowers “just because” he liked me. 🙂 He made guitars on the side, electric guitars…made them by hand. There is nothing more sexy to me than a man who MAKES things, who is creative….using those hands….hehehe. If you’re into any old metal at all, he made guitars for a guitarist in the band Overkill who is also in the band Speed Kill Hate, a guitarist my sister drools over for some unknown reason, lol. He also made guitars for a newer metal band called Opeth. Sexy sexy stuff to me, lol. Oh yeah, and he played guitar too, of course. He doesn’t make them anymore, stopped before he moved to Atlanta.

UA – Hehehe, this guy is nice, we’ve become friends. I don’t think he reads my blog, I hope not, so just in case, I can’t say what his nickname really is.

MULLET MAN – He said he just had long hair, and I even joked about a mullet and he said “I don’t have a mullet.” We met in person (after 3 times of cancelling on me!) and first thing I saw…HE HAD A MULLET. I told him, dude, you have a mullet (lol, I couldn’t help it) and he said “no, it was short and growing out”. I said, dude, that’s a mullet, whether it was intended or not. A few days later he cut it REAL short, lol. He’s become a friend, sorta.

COUNTRY BOY – You all know about Country Boy, called such because he is, he has his country manners, and owns a farm, lol. Nuff said.

So, I know I’ll keep plugging away and hope that someday that “one” will find his way towards me.

Speaking of Jim, I’m gonna go visit him this weekend. Sunday its gonna be me, Ian, Jim and his son Tony, hanging out, catching up. I hadn’t physically seen Jim in over a year as he lives a couple of hours away and since we weren’t dating, it wasn’t “priority” to make it out there or vice versa, lol. Anyway, so we made plans to hang out and visit on Sunday, and then I told Donny about it, and if he’s in town, he wants to meet, lol…but I have Ian with me, so not sure about that. I don’t meet guys for the first time with my son….but Donny and I had become friends in the last 8 months, and he knows Jim personally, well, they were once friends through a mutual friend, and Jim said he’s a good guy, so we’ll see.

I gotta run, get ready for my second job (ugh). This schedule is wearing me out, and it will only get worse in a few months when Ian’s soccer and T-ball start, but hey, ya do what ya gotta do.



  1. ok hold up i think i missed something…what second job i thought you just have 1 job?? oh i am so confused….I think that is good that you are meeting and talking with guys..you need to and I agree I wouldn’t bring the men infront of my child either…


    Comment by Greta — February 24, 2006 @ 3:16 pm | Reply

  2. Greta, I added more to my blog, lol.

    Yeah, I have my at home job as just part time now, 10 hrs a week, PLUS my new full time job at the hospital. 🙂

    Yeah, Ian has only met 3 guys, and 2 of them he only met after we were already friends. Country Boy is the only one he met and knew as my boyfriend, and just when he started getting attached to him, we had to end things.ugh. That is what scares me the most.

    Comment by Diana — February 24, 2006 @ 3:31 pm | Reply

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