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March 10, 2006

out of the blue update/ex-husband drama

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Well, the ex-fiance out-of-the-blue e-mail….curiosity got the best of me, damn it, and I replied to the e-mail. He just wants to catch up I assume. He lives in Germany now, has been married for 10 years “to a wonderful woman”, has 2 daughters 8 and 5, and he’s in the Army. (previously was in the Marines when I was with him). He said he saw some show and a girl on it reminded him of me, and so he thought he’d see if he could look me up, he googled me, I’ve been googled. Anyway, he told me what he’s been up to in a nutshell the last 12 years, that he had 2 Iraq tours and on the last one was injured with his right arm nearly severed and fractured leg, he has had to have 6 surgeries on the arm, but that they were able to save it, and 2 surgeries on his leg with pins and metal plates in both, this accident happened over a year ago and he was in the hospital recently for something related to that.

So, maybe he’s just been realizing he could’ve died there and felt bad for people he’s hurt in the past…..or maybe he was just bored as fuck and decided to look me up, lmao.

****ETA I just decided to Google him since he googled me, and everything he told me is true, here’s the story and a pic of him now, he wasn’t that beefy when I knew him, but that’s definitely him…..Sgt. Rodriguez

Anyway, catching up on other stuff, Ian starts soccer today, oh joy. I have to drive my youngest sis and her mom (my step-mom) to the airport on Saturday, they are going to Hawaii, yeah, rub in in chics! lol. I’m taking my son to see my ex while I’m town after dropping off my family at the airport, my son said he misses his dad and so I thought I’d be the nice girl and offer that since I was in town, I’d drop Ian off at his aunt’s house for the weekend and my ex could go there and spend time with him, my ex sis-in-law was cool with it, and that way I know where Ian is. Of course, ex doesn’t see that as me going out of my way to help, he sees that I was calling him and buggin him about if he got permission or not, if Ian will be staying overnight or not, he sees these things as nagging, not the fact that I’m taking Ian TO him and picking him up since loser ex doesn’t have a vehicle at all, and he got irritated cause I called on THURSDAY to find out details, I didn’t wait till FRIDAY night….well hell I was HOPING to make some plans of my own cause this will be the first completely free-of-child night I’ve had since my birthday on Halloween, do you know how hard that makes trying to date someone? Sheesh! He’s such an ass, only thinks about himself.

I e-mailed my ex-sis-in-law to see if he had called her like he said, and she said he hasn’t called back since that first call to ask about spending the night. He blabbered about something like if he can’t stay the night at her house then he’ll definitely find another place to stay with Ian, but the whole reason I suggested her is because I know and trust her and would know where Ian is.

She told me that he hasn’t called her back and said that he seems to be acting a little strange and elusive and that I should definitely meet ex at HER house and lay down some ground rules for him in front of her so that he can’t say I didn’t say such-and-such,a nd said that if I leave Ian’s overnight bag at her place, then he’ll have to at some point meet me at her place to get it when I pick Ian up, so that way I’ll know if he stayed the night or not. She’s got my back on this, lol. She said that if he doesn’t follow the rules this time, then for me to tell him that he can’t have Ian overnight unless he is living on his own, and he goes to this place in his town called “the bottom” where, lets just say some not-so-good people hang out. There are some poor, older people that live there that have to deal with these not-so-good people. Lets just say that place is trying to be cleaned up by more security and police patrols, but they still find their way to sell their goods and there are almost always arrests there, and ex likes to hang out there, so she said I should make sure he knows he isn’t to take Ian to that place cause she’s heard through the grapevine about him hanging out there some times.

Ugh, I think I won’t be making plans this weekend, in case I need to make an emergency trip to where ex is…….


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  1. sometimes it takes something tramatic to bring people to their sense’s…i can attest to that as we survived katrina and now all of our family is back close together and on speaking terms again.

    Comment by Greta — March 10, 2006 @ 7:12 pm | Reply

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