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March 15, 2006

Boring shit

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I have a 3 day weekend coming up….only because I have to work next Saturday, so I had to pick a day off during the week prior, of course I picked Monday, tee hee. It will be my last free weekend for 2 weeks, so I’m gonna try to ENJOY my 3 day weekend, even though I’ll have Ian with me the whole time, I want to enjoy it as much as possible!

So, here’s my to-do list for the week to try to get done before Saturday… maybe use 1 day this 3 day weekend since I don’t have but a few hours each evening which includes dinner and Ian bath time and bed time routine.

  • Do laundry, fold and put away (I have a bad habit of folding it and leaving it on the bed or washer, haha)
  • Clean/clear Ian’s room to make room for the drum set and a possible small desk for Ian’s room for the computer…if I can get the CD-Rom drive to work! ugh!
  • Clean bathroom with particular attention to the bathtub, I plan to take a nice hot bath one of the 3 days off while Ian is asleep or napping!
  • Clean out the fishtank, Ian’s fish is dead and I dumped the water, but I haven’t cleaned it yet, ewww, lol, gonna clean and sanitize it to prepare it for new fishies,w hich Ian wants for his birthday.
  • Order new checks, I only have 3 left! oops!
  • Go get stinkin money orders or pay in person what bills I can.
  • Clean dining room table, take off the halloween table cloth, hahaha, yep, THAT’S how often we use the thing, its not even a real dining room table, how ghetto is THAT, its a folding table, lol.
  • Clean Ian’s picnic table off, he spilled something sticky on it!
  • Wash and put back on the couch slip cover
  • Dust
  • Shred my papers to be shred, have a huge stack growing, trash day is tomorrow, so better start this tonight!
  • Go through the boxes that I still have yet to go through and DOWNSIZE/declutter!
  • Reorganize the pantry, I bought so much crap that I’ve been over-buying, need to find out what the hell I have!
  • Dishes, dishes, dishes!
  • Make some real food this weekend, no fast food shit, lol.
  • Organize/clean scrap desk and do some SCRAPPIN!!!! There are some dares I want to get started on this weekend!
  • Clean the living room/dust/vacuum.
  • Clean/organize my desk in my bedroom.
  • Try to come up with some sort of schedule to have better use of what little free time I have!!!

Thats all I can think of so far. I’m in a decluttering mood again, want to get rid of some shit. My apartment isn’t dirty, just cluttered and unorganized, and it seems that since I started this 2 job shit, my apartment has gone to HELL because I don’t have enough time to get everything done!

I also need to get some sort of schedule going. Do any of you have a sort of “schedule” to maintain your house in some sort of order? I need help, lol, I’m drowning in clutter, I need “Clean Sweep” hahaha! (pretty much!)


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  1. hey diana!! i miss you girlie!! i am sorry for not posting much lately. i am trying to get myself on some sort of schedule these days too. i’ve been in a decluttering mood too, but danny is such a packrat and doesn’t want to get rid of anything..ugh!!
    hey, it’s over 2 months away still, but i wanted to ask you if you might want to come to my birthday party? there will be yummy mixed drinks, food, music, and good times..hehee. 🙂 you can bring a date too if you wanna??

    Comment by Donna Walk — March 15, 2006 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

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