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March 17, 2006

Brats, men and SPF

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DAAAAAYUUUUMMMM….who knew one little sick nearly 5-year-old could be so EXHAUSTING!

He was a pain in my…..patootie! Haha, he went from clingy where mommy can’t get out of his site to whiney to bitchy to quiet and starting all over again. He was pretty good all morning, a little clingy, but definitely not a pain in the butt yet. I had called and got an appointment for his doctor’s office for 11 am, so we get ready to go, drive over there, and sign in….and wait…..and wait…..and wait some more…..by 12:15 we FINALLY get put into an examining room, the nurse checks his BP and his temp and takes the history down….and we wait…and by this time the kid is ornery as HELL because there are no toys to play with in the exam room, only in the waiting room. They have a stack of magazines, so I dig through those for him to look at, not one single kid’s magazine. So, I try to keep him occupied, but he’s grumpy by now….by the time the physician’s assistant comes in, he’s suddenly on good behavior again (don’t you LOOOOOVE how you can complain about your kids, but when they are around others they are perfect angels and make liars out of you?). Exam is done, get his prescription and he gets his sucker, leaving there around 1 pm. We head across the street to the RiteAid to fill the prescription. 45 minute wait! Lets just say that all that waiting around wasn’t good for either of us. I won’t get into details, but I will say that this kid has some serious testing-my-limits issues the past couple of days, but yesterday he straight PUNCHED me in the stomach at the RiteAid because I wouldn’t buy him a toy! When we got home I sent him to his room and he threw a fit because he didn’t want to go, straighed pulled some serious kick moves on me, so I picked him up under the arms and walked to his room with him kicking the whole time, then he pulled the “I hate you card” and I said “fine, if you hate me, then don’t talk to me.” I didn’t talk to him for 2 hours, didn’t acknowledge his questions, made him eat lunch in his room and he was not allowed to get off his bed to play with the toys, he was only allowed to play with what was on his bookshelf/headboard which was 2 books and 2 power rangers….for 2 hrs….I left his bedroom door open to where he I could see him down the hall from the living room. After that I checked on him in his room, and he was quietly playing, when he caught sight of me he apologized for hitting me and said he didn’t hate me and I told him if he says that to me again he can go stay with his daddy, and I also told him if he punches or kicks me again, he will get punched or kicked back, and I told him I’m a lot bigger so it will be a lot harder than his punch or kick.

By this time, I’m sure I’m being nominated for the “bad mom of the year” award with mind games on my kid, but at the point of his kicking, when I put him on the bed, he kicked me hard in the stomach, so I swatted his butt, he kicked me again, I swatted him again, he did it a third time and then covered his butt with his hands, so I spanked his hands. HE went in for a fourth kick, but changed his mind, and that’s when he pulled out the “I hate you” card.

OK, now after that day, I really could’ve used a drink, but I didn’t. Luckily the kid was a great boy the rest of the day after his 2 hrs alone in his room. I gave him his bath, we read a couple of books and made dinner together. He made a picture frame for me covered in floam, haha, and we snuggled on the couch and watched TV till we were tired enough for bed. I talked to him later that night about how he hurt my feelings by hitting and kicking and saying he hates me. I asked him if he hates me and he said no, and I asked why he said that, and he said because he was mad. I told him if he’s mad just tell me “you made me mad” but don’t say “I hate you” and he said OK, lol, not that it will really happen, but at least he knows that I will talk calmly with him about it and still give him a hug and kiss and tuck him in at night.

Country Boy called a couple of times yesterday. He is in town again, he’s on the committee for the union contract re-negotiations blah blah blah. It was nice talking to him again. He called first in the afternoon. I called his cell phone to let him know if he was in town that I was home because of Ian being sick, because he was talking about stopping by to see us. He called back on his lunch break and said he’s in town and he gets off at 3:30 but has a union meeting at 4, so if it doesn’t take too long he could stop by. He said he’d call me when he gets off work. He did and we chatted a little bit. He said we could just try for Monday because he’s not sure when the meeting gets out, its the employees talking about what they want to the union people I think? anyway, he said sometimes it lasts an hour, sometimes all night, so he can’t guarantee when he’d be out. I said fine, I was off work Monday so whenever is fine. Then when I was getting ready to get Ian into the bath, he called, I told him about the starting up Ian’s bath, usually Ian bathes on his own now, I just wash his hair, so he said he’d call me back, which he did. We talked a little bit and he was working on some stuff on the computer for the contract stuff and checking e-mail, then I Had to get Ian out of bath and ready for bed, so I said I’d better go, and said he’d call me back in about 10 minutes if that was okay, and I said sure. So, got Ian into bed and Country Boy called me back, he was looking up something online so he wasn’t really talking so I just sat quietly and listened to him, then he said “sorry darlin, I’m distracted and not talking” and I said “well do you need me to let you go?” and he said “no, I wanted to talk to you, I’ll be going to bed soon and then who knows wtih the weekend.” So we were talking a little, he said if the meeting would’ve let out earlier he was wanting to surprise Ian with some dinner, Ian’ s addicted to chicken and fries, whatever kids meal he gets, its 9 out of 10 times chicken and fries, but he didn’t get home till after 8 from the meeting. Anyway, so he said he’d definitely be in town on Monday because their next meeting was on Monday, so is it okay to see me then, I said sure, that I don’t work Monday because I work that following Saturday, and Ian doesn’t have school. He said “I’m not sure what’s going on for this weekend I didn’t see if they had me scheduled for this weekend or not, but maybe then, but can’t guarantee anything.” I said “and besides you’ll have your son” and he said “well, maybe.” He said his ex has been pulling the “no show” again with his kid. But, he said this time they have a set custody order, so he’s just buying his time till he can hit her with the law on it.

He said he is going to make the company wish they didn’t do him and however many other employees wrong by throwing them out at wierd/long hours in different states and seperating them from family and stuff when there was no need. He complained that they “ruined my personal life, my family life, people who depend on me for help I couldn’t be there to help” so he’s glad these meetings are finally getting started, he said these are just the preliminary ones, the ones that they decide what they want to negotiate on, before the “official” meetings I guess.

Oh, and for those who have been wondering….no I haven’t talked to Jim since that time 3 weeks ago, lol. Now see, I was perfectly happy thinking nothing of it, but 2 people put ideas in my head, and all that shit. I’ve called him, but he has no answering machine. I also e-mailed him, which he responded to 2, but nothing about hanging out again soon, one was in regards to the computer he gave Ian, the CD-ROM isn’t reading the CDs I put in, it opens and when I look at the control panel/settings shit, it says its enabled and working properly, but its not reading anything, but he said it was working fine before, so he’s not sure. The other was an e-mail about my ex and child support. Otherwise, any of the e-mails I had sent about hanging out again, he hasn’t responded to. ugh. I think I’m about to give up on men, too many issues to deal with when trying to date. I might have to just get a friend with benefits and leave it at that and not worry about dating again, lol. I hate dating. But I probably won’t, haha…..

My SPF!!!
Go to Kristine’s blog on Random and Odd for links from other SPF players and the rules and whatever else you want to check out, lol.

SPF – brought to you by the letter C

She wanted to see our couch, our coat(s) and our candles….so here we go….

OK, my Couch is on its last legs, so ashamed am I that I will simply post a picture already taken….the cushions are falling apart and stuffing coming out, its stained and obviously did NOT tolerate this kid of mine very well. Next big purchase will have to be a new couch.

Here it is in all its ugly glory, yes a hand-me-down cause I war ghetto poor, its ugly but I usually have a slip-cover on it….except this kid of mine knows how to take off that damn slip cover and pull off the cushions to make his forts and stuff.

This is my only Coat….and there’s a lovely romantic story behind this one…..NO WAY IN HELL, it involves my EX, so you know its not romantic at all. One Christmas when we were first living together, we didn’t have much money AT ALL, because, yep, you guessed it, I was working and he was NOT. (this was before I married him, what the hell was I thinking? I know what I was thinking, I was thinking I couldn’t get anyone “better” which still seems to be the case). Anyway, so our Christmas we had a budget, we agreed $20 max each to spend on each other, and we spent a little bit on others with gifts I made/put together. So, here is Christmas morning and he pulls out a box for me….and inside is this leather jacket (we lived in WV at this time, and I didn’t have a real winter coat), so I was all excited thinking, where did he get the money to get this for me? I asked him how he could afford this and he said “I got some help” so I assumed he asked his parents for help….the rest of the story continues after the photo….

A month later I got my Sears card bill….and there was a new charge on it….a leather jacket…$125….I was PISSED. But, I keep the jacket because its the only winter coat I have, even though the twins have gotten a tad bit bigger since then, lol (I can only wear the jacket if I smash the twins in them, lol), but since I paid for the damn thing, I kept it. See how wonderful my man was to me, yet I put myself in that situation, I saw the signs but not until my hindsight kicked in! Somehow I was able to ignore them, I fell in love with a loser. Ugh.

And finally, my Candles….well, I’m a candle lover and this winter I burned my candles A LOT, so there isn’t much to take a pic of, so instead I’ll post candles I decorated for the grandparents and great-grandparents a couple of Christmases ago…



  1. WHOA! you made that candle??? I’m impressed!!

    Comment by Random and Odd — March 18, 2006 @ 5:54 pm | Reply

  2. I hope Ian is in a better mood now and feeling better? ((hugs)) -donna

    Comment by Anonymous — March 18, 2006 @ 7:56 pm | Reply

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