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March 28, 2006

How can I be bored when I’m too busy?

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Yep, I’m bored, its official. I’m so busy during the day between 2 jobs and Ian’s schedule….but at night, I put Ian to bed and I usually have about 30 minutes or so to myself before I get to bed….and I’m bored. Or lonely. Or both. That’s when I miss having a guy around the most, more specifically, when I miss country boy. That’s when we’d talk on the phone. If he wasn’t around, I’d talk to my friend Willie or Jim or a guy I had talked to off and on for a while and started having interest in after Country Boy and I split up 2 months ago….

But now I talk to no one. The guy I was interested in after Country Boy and I split up, well, he just never called back, so I stopped trying. I’m not chasing someone, or even making an effort if he shows no interest back. He would SAY he’s interested and wanted to meet, but never return calls or even call me just because. Sorry, in my book that isn’t showing any interest, lol. He even told me he’d drive me crazy because of it.

Jim – well, Jim has this busy work-out schedule. I used to talk to him in the evenings a little bit before he’d hit the sack, but since he started this busy work-out schedule in the mornings (about 8 or so months ago), he now goes to bed earlier because he gets up early to exercise….so we don’t talk in the evenings during the week, and on the weekends its hard to catch him anyway. And since he’s not the return a phone call or e-mail type, again, no contact.

Willie – with Willie its different. His wife is pregnant, due in July. Apparently she doesn’t like me, even though I’m in West Virginia and they are out in California, even though he loves her and is married to her, even though we are just friends….she is having issues with me he says. He says its over everyone because of her being pregnant he said she is an emotional mess, but, with me its been going on longer than that. He says she is just joking before the whole “hormones” thing, but I’m a woman, I know when another woman doesn’t like me, lol. For example, I made Christmas cards again last year, I addressed theirs to the whole family, NOT just to Willie, and she turns it around like I’m trying something. Willie said she’s just joking, but a woman wouldn’t repeatedly keep “joking” about a particular person like that if it didn’t really bother her. Fine, I understand that, she’s a woman who loves her man and doesn’t want to lose him. So Willie has backed off from talking to me to keep her happy, which is fine by me. I don’t want to start problems over a friendship. I miss talking with him, but I understand where she’s coming from.

Then I started thinking….shit. All my “friends” here in West Virginia are guys. Out of all my “friends” here, no one calls me except country boy, and that’s only about once every 2-3 weeks when he’s around. So, what kind of friends are these? I call, no return call. Hell, I hear more from the guy I dated for a little while and then just became friends with who moved to Georgia, I hear more from HIM than from anyone here, lol. Sheesh.

People tell me I’ve become a hermit and I don’t go out and do things….but hell, no one asks me to do things, I’m the one who has to initiate “hey, what are you doing this weekend?” and even then, its if I get in touch with THEM. People say I’m shutting myself out in my apartment, but hell, I don’t care to do things alone, so what else am I supposed to do? lol. Oh well. This kind of thing makes me miss my friends in Cali, but hell even when I lived there last time for a few years with my ex, it was still hard to get together with anyone. Being a grown up sucks sometimes, haha.

Anyway, started bitching and moaning again, haha.

Onto other things… Ian got a call from his T-ball coach Sunday night, his first practice is on Friday, so the extra busy schedule begins. I met the other coaches (there are 2 coaches on his T-ball) during his soccer practice last night, he was nice, introduced himself and all that. So, that will be fun for Ian.

I have to less than a month to figure out what to get Ian for his birthday, and what to DO for his birthday. He’ll be 5. He wants a party, but dad convinced him to do something like go to the zoo or something….then we got their soccer schedule and he has a game the weekend we were thinking of doing something, at noon, the games usually last about an hour. So, Columbus Zoo (in Ohio) is about a 3 hr drive from us, so after the game, get changed and go….it would bring us to Columbus about 4-5 pm….pretty much wasted the day. So, I’m thinking of maybe inviting Ian’s soccer team to a lunch-pizza party for Ian’s birthday. Its something at least.

I’m not sure.

Any other suggestions for a 5 year old’s b-day party? Mind you, we live in a small town that has practically NOTHING for kids to do, they usually go out of town for parties, and the nearest town is 40 minutes away….and I have a small Geo Metro, not a good car for hauling many kids in, lol.

How do I have time to be bored again?



  1. Well….take you a night out, by yourself, if your friends are busy Diana. Get out girl! Seriously, you should.

    You’ll meet “him” soon enough, you will.

    And oh yeah, no suggestions here. Unless they all have paintball guns 😉

    Comment by Mindless Dribbler — March 28, 2006 @ 1:18 pm | Reply

  2. you are a hermit and you need to mingle more…get out and go places with people at work…no sense in you not making friends now you have no excuse…do you hear me?

    Don’t be lonely take that time to knock out a scrap page…i would kill to be lonely….i would have all sorts of scrapbooks done..use your lonely time to your advantage…stop the pity party and lift your head up and concentrate on positive reinforcement…. ok i am climbing off the soap box…


    Comment by Greta — March 29, 2006 @ 2:43 am | Reply

  3. okay how about renting a jumpy thing-a-ma-jig and letting them go to town

    Comment by Greta — March 29, 2006 @ 2:44 am | Reply

  4. I’m with Greta, rent a bounce-house and let the kids have a blast. Just make sure you have liability insurance (usually is right in with your homeowners or tenants policy). It’s amazing how much people are sue happy these days.

    I am in the same situation. My life is so busy. My son will be 7 in May and it seems like the list of things to do never ends. But there is that time after you put them to bed and you are alone and it really flippin sucks! I bought myself a puzzle to put together to help with those times. I also bowl on a league which mingles me in with the rest of the folks. I also do scrap booking. I can do all sorts of things during that time at night, but I will still be lonely. I am seeing a guy now but don’t want him hanging around my son just yet, so here I am, busy, all sorts of stuff to do, a boyfriend, and I am still lonely at night. One day, I keep telling myself, one day my time will come. As for now I just keep putting those puzzles together and scrap booking. It is fun, and the scrapbooks are good for the future. I wish my mom had done this for me when I was little, but as it is all I have is a box full of old pictures that need to be sorted through. Okay, now I am rambling…grrrr.
    Sorry bout that. Have a good day, and if you ever wanna chat my email is loneprincess76@gmail.com.

    Comment by Bekah — March 29, 2006 @ 3:01 pm | Reply

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