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April 14, 2006

Good Friday

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Its a good Friday, and it IS Good Friday.

Hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been up and down lately, lots going on. Here’s the updates:

1. I had lunch with that guy I mentioned in the previous post, the one I chatted with online. He knows where I work, and he mentioned being in town that afternoon and said maybe he’ll drop by, I thought he was joking, but when I went to lunch with the girls at work, there he was, with a snicker like “ha, you didn’t believe me” so I got my lunch and we ate lunch together and joked and had a good lunch, went by too fast. He’s more smart-ass in person, but in a good way. He’s loud when he speaks, and is not shy at all about yelling hey to someone he knows, lol. I’m the quiet type in that aspect, haha.

Anyway, so we talked a few times since then. He’s definitely a country boy, the boots and owns a couple of cowboy hats, big ass silver buckle on his belt, haha, my dad would like him, lol. But, anyway, he’s nice. Not sure we have much in common but we are just talking anyway.

2. I still miss my Country Boy, but I haven’t heard from him since the day he told me he misses me and that he’s miserable and his quality of life is just bad. Well, I did run into him once when he was at home as I drove by, I pulled up and we chatted about 10 minutes, but he looked fine then, just busy, that was about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

3. Ian has been getting in trouble at school, I’m assuming its between the stress of this big change of me being gone at work now, and 2 sports and some things he is picking up in daycare, because the changes didn’t happen until after his 1st full week of daycare. (He was in daycare on Mondays all day and after preschool the rest of the week for 2 weeks, and since then only on Mondays). He’s said and done some very inappropriate things apparently and its gotten to the point where the school called me at work and want to meet with me, both teachers and me….what they said he said just blows my mind because I don’t know where between my house and his grannie’s he would’ve heard that, so I assume he picked it up in daycare, which freaks me out. I stress over it, but the thing is, at home and at Grannie’s he still acts the same, but in soccer practice, his T-ball coach (the eye candy guy, haha) told me he’s noticed that this season he hasn’t been paying attention as well as he did first season, but the coach at first thought it was because there are 4 new teammates, and they had a few months break, so just getting back into the swing of things. Lets pray that’s the case…

4. I finally did my state taxes, haha, nothing like waiting till the last minute. Usually because of my ghetto poor income, I get money from Federal, and the company who I work for at home doesn’t take out state taxes for at-home employees, so I usually owe state. I’m ashamed to admit this, but last year I didn’t make enough for me to owe state taxes….bleh. But, its a good thing in that the money I set aside I can put into savings now….but it still makes me feel ill that my financial situation was THAT bad! In 3 months at my new job, I’ve already made 1/2 of what I made LAST YEAR!!!! That’s bad for last year, but great for this year. 🙂

5. Its a beautiful day out, and Ian and I are going to do some last minute Easter shopping for my parents (I took care of Ian’s stuff last night while my parents watched him), and I’m gonna put my flip flops on and enjoy the warm weather, breeze and sunshine!

This weekend’s schedule is busy….

Friday – Shopping, T-ball practice at 5 (they will finally get their uniforms!)
Clean apartment

Saturday – First t-ball game at noon
Finish Easter stuff
Wrap b-day present for my step-mom
Clean apartment

Sunday – Easter Sunday stuff
Lunch with step-mom for her birthday
Easter family dinner

That’s the basic anyway, then work as usual on Monday!

I’m heading out, everyone have a great holiday weekend and God bless!


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