Diana Banana Pancakes

April 16, 2006

Mind of Mencia

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First off, Happy Easter, and I’m sorry if this post offends anyone, not my intention. I’ve just had one of those days of smiling all day and being polite, and I just wanna relax. The bra is off, I’m gonna paint my toe nails and microwave some left-overs, and just CHILL. Its been a great weekend, beautiful weather for the most part, some sexy storms at night….and just a great, relaxing weekend. I truly had a great weekend and hope everyone else’s was just as relaxing and laid back as mine. Even with a 4-year-old mine was great, the kid was on pretty decent behavior, a few mishaps, but hey, he’s 4.

OK, now for some funnies….I remember watching this guy back in the day, hanging with my best friends and watching the comedy stuff on HBO, uncensored, funny shit. I remember this guy, Carlos Mencia…had this stint that made me laugh CONSTANTLY. He’s on Comedy Central now, in a more clean-cut, bleeped out version, not quite as funny as back in the day to me, but still makes me laugh. I don’t get to watch it regularly, cause I’m a responsible parent and shit now, lol. But, I found some Mind of Mencia exerpts on youtube, and my peeps, you KNOW I had to share some, haha.

This one….”What Women Want”, from the Mind of Mencia show on Comedy Central.

FYI – This girl isn’t after a guy for his money, but I’d like him to be able to at least SUPPORT HIMSELF and at least WORK. That doesn’t make me a gold digger, it makes me a women who doesn’t want to have another freeloader in her life. Also, this girl isn’t picky on the penis size, hahaha, you just have to know how to please your woman. As for shaved balls that one girl had as her number one thing in a guy…….as Carlos Mencia used to say in his show….”What the fuuuuuuuuuck?” haha…


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