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April 24, 2006

Exhausted, but good weekend

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It has been a busy weekend. I had today off, and I still sent Ian to daycare for 6 hrs (not a whole day) so I could try to relax and get some stuff done.

Friday was Ian’s birthday, he turned 5 and now tells everyone he sees, haha. I let him open my gifts and he opened the stuff from my mom in Hawaii, and she even sent me some yummies from Hawaii, mostly Japanese snacks and such that I can’t find here in BFE. (FYI, I’m 1/2 Japanese for anyone who didn’t already know that.) Loser-ex called Friday and said he was going to come down with his dad around 9 am to see Ian’s game and then the party. Well, apparently he didn’t communicate very well with anyone, just like usual, expects everyone to wait hand and foot on him. My ex-sis-in-law (who I’m still close with) called me Saturday morning around 10:15 am and said Russell, ex’s dad, called her to ask if she’d heard from him. He apparently told his dad (who was his ride) that he was gonna be there at 9 am. I said I hadn’t heard from him since 9:20 when he called and said he was leaving for his dad’s and then they’d be heading this way. Well, at 11:40 someone knocks on my door, I opened it and it was Russell, he came in and I asked where ex was, he said “I don’t know”….so I was stumped. He told me ex told him he’d be there at 9, he waited till 10:30 and then left. See, Saturday was Russell’s birthday, and he didn’t want to spend it sitting around waiting for his son who has no sense of time. He loves to drive, loves road trips, and is retired, and doesn’t want to sit around cause he does that enough on a daily basis. So he drove an hour to give Ian his b-day present, but wasn’t going to see the soccer game, just wanted to go driving and enjoy the nice sunny day. That kinda made me laugh, haha. So, then ex calls during Ian’s soccer game, well, right after, and said that his dad just left him there, he said he tried to call his dad to tell him he was late, but he never answered his phone. Well, loser also left HIS cell phone with his roommate or someone….some noneducated fool. I called loser’s cell to tell him his dad was looking for him, and this guy answers “hello” like its his phone, so I said “who is this?” and he said “who dis?” and I said “I’m looking for Puff” (loser’s nickname) and he said “he gone” and I said “who is this?” and he said “his friend, who dis?” and I said “his ex-wife” and he said “oh, his baby momma?” geeeeeez….there is nothing that bugs me more than people who do not speak properly. Anyway, so of course loser didn’t go to the game and didn’t go to Ian’s b-day party on Saturday.

Party was 5 at Pizza Hut, no one RSVPd and I was worried no one would show up. See, this is a small town, yes there are smaller ones around here, but apparently even though some people are very friendly, they are also very much into “their own” and since I’m not from around here, I didn’t grow up here, I have a hard time making friends here. People here are either preppy or the other extreme of completely hick or completely punk and/or goth. So, I’m kinda not one or the other, I’ve never been any of the above. Never been the nerd or the geek or the popular girl, I always had friends in all groups and here its just been hard for me to meet people I have things in common with. I don’t go to church every Sunday, so apparently that makes me a sinner, even though 1/2 the people around here tell rumors like crazy and do things very un-Christian-like, yet because I don’t go to services, THAT makes me worse than them, even if I don’t do the things they do. I treat everyone the way I would like to be treated, which is definitely more Christian-like than they seem to behave. Anyway, off topic, haha. So, one woman and her son showed up, one of Ian’s team-mates from T-ball. They had a good old time and Ian didn’t seem to care that it was just those 2 kids. The kid’s mom is also an “outsider.” She’s the girl with the tats and the black nail polish and doesn’t go by everyone’s rules. She said the same women who are in their cliques now as “adults” were running with the same group of people since high school. Blah blah blah, we were saying how yes, we’re all adults now, get over it. Anyway, she’s the only person, out of all these women who are supposedly “good Christian folk”, she’s the only person who was friendly to me from day one and always talks to me and things. Funny how people are. Actually, not funny…sad.

Anyway, so at Ian’s b-day party was Ian of course, his team mate River, River’s mom, my dad and step-mom, and then someone I had met recently showed up, which I was surprised he did. He chatted it up with everyone a little, then pretty much the party was over, lol. Then my parents had to go, River and his mom left, and then it was just me and Ian and this person. We headed out to the parking lot, he was a nice guy and helped me with the things from the party, and we chatted out in the parking lot a bit. Then, I did something I’ve never done, he was getting ready to leave and I asked him if he wanted to do something with us, anything, just hang out, talk some more. I don’t usually do that. He agreed, butIan wanted to go to the local playground and he agreed to go, he must’ve been bored out of his mind, lol, but there he went, and we all hung out there till dark. I swear he must’ve been bored, but was just being a gentleman and hanging out with this lonely girl. It was a nice evening.

Then Sunday my dad took Ian (and me) to the Columbus Zoo for part of Ian’s birthday present. Ian had no idea, we let him think we were just going on a road trip with no place in particular, just driving and enjoying the sunshine. He can read a few words, so when we pulled into the parking area, Ian said “zoo, that says zoo….are we at the Columbus zoo?” He was completely surprised and excited. We were there all day and got home around 9 pm.

Overall a great weekend. I’m still exhausted, but at least I got to rest a little bit!



  1. glad you had a great one…i was wondering how it went….

    Comment by Greta — April 25, 2006 @ 2:14 am | Reply

  2. so glad the party went well, was wondering about that as well…

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — April 26, 2006 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

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