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May 4, 2006

Busy busy

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Hopefully I’ll have some time to chat with you all this weekend. I’m feeling a need to get out and do something, that doesn’t have to do with sitting in stands, lol. The remainder of this week is going down like this…

Thursday (today) – Ian has a T-ball game at 6 pm in Ravenswood, then I guess he and I will head home for the rest of the night.

Friday – so far he has no sports things, but I need to get to the grocery store and to Wally World to pick up a few necessities for the weekend (snacks for the T-ball team on Saturday, sunscreen for the weekend, blah blah blah). So, when I get home from work around 6 pm is when I get to town, then I have to get Ian and head out to the stores to get some stuff done. My step-mom is supposed to be going to Morgantown to get my sister moved out of her dorms, and moved into an apartment over the weekend. My sis is soooo excited to be in her first place, she has 2 roomies. I’ve never had roomies. Matter of fact, the only other person I’ve LIVED with besides family was my ex-husband. I only lived completely on my own (as in without Ian) for about 8 months, then I moved in with my now ex-husband. And after my husband, I have had Ian with me ever since. Oh gosh, went off topic, haha. So, Friday is errands day. Ian and I usually rent movies Friday. We rented movies yesterday instead, they are due back Sunday, so we’ll still have them for the weekend.

Saturday – Ian has his T-ball team pictures on Saturday, then his T-ball game at 10 am, and his soccer game at 11 am, so I either have to leave early from the T-ball game so he can go to the soccer game, or skip the soccer game. He wants to do both, but the T-ball games usually last longer than an hour, while the soccer games are usually about 40-45 minutes long. After that, the rest of the day is free. (maybe I can go DO something or at the least watch movies, lol.)

Sunday – Ian’s T-ball team is going to some thing in Charleston, WV, its called “Field of Dreams” I guess its to help promo the local baseball team to get the kids interested in the sport, for the WV Power Logo team, lol. I once went to a baseball game years ago for the Charleston Wheelers, still have a cheesy baseball bat souvenier from that. (see, I told some of you that I’m a packrat!). Anyway, so the day is for the kids, watch the game, they get to be out on the field I believe for the national anthem and reading of the team members names, and the kids get their names read, too, and they get souveniers and all this goody stuff. Ian’s excited to go to a real baseball game in person. My dad and step-mom and us went to dinner a few days ago, and there was a baseball game on the TV, and Ian was excited, watching it, haha. So, he’ll be happy. I’m carpooling with someone who has a van, she’s driving, guess I’ll be paying the butt-load of money for gas. Not sure how long this thing lasts, so I’m guessing an all day extravaganza! Personally I’d like to drive so that I could hit up some stores in Charleston and on Corridor G while I’m there, but looks like that isn’t gonna happen, probably best anyway. I am saving my money for taking Ian and I to Hawaii in the next year. That’s the goal, anyway.

Well, aside from that, just work as usual.Ian’s last day of preschool is coming up, May 18th, excited about that, but not exciting about having to pay for full time daycare in the summer, that will cut out my savings for a few months (daycare will go from under $200 a month right now to $400 a month during the summer!) so bye bye savings for a few months, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that it IS only for 2-1/2 to 3 months.

Mother’s day is coming up,a nd I haven’t had a free weekend in 3 weeks to make anything for mom, so I think tonight after Ian’s T-ball game I’m going to have to go through my craft supplies and see what I have and what I need, and ocme up with something to make Mom that I can mail to her in time, also have to making something for Grandma Betty and for my step-mom, plus make the cards, and I want to mail it off by Tuesday at the latest, so that gives me a couple of days to try to decide what to make and get it done.

You guys be good and have a good day. 🙂

Oh, I’ve included some links about Boy’s Day in Japan, which is tomorrow (May 5th). Mom was late sending us the koi nobori for Ian this year. I’ll have to find his old one to have out tomorrow. The koi nobori is a koi fish windsock. Read any of the links below and it will give you lots of information. I believe the last link has the most information with historical data and such…but its very hard to read as the font is very small, so you may have trouble with that one.

Girl’s aren’t left out, though! On March 3rd girls have their own special day of blessings! 🙂

Enjoy a little bit of my heritage!

Arigato gozaimasu! Diana







  1. hey diana!! i have missed you girlie!! sorry for being mia!! i finally updated my blog!! yayy!! 🙂 ((hugs to you and ian))

    Comment by Anonymous — May 4, 2006 @ 8:50 pm | Reply

  2. FishyD from 2Peas. You left a post re: my “What I miss ’bout Cali” LO – Crazy! I know – strangely, everthing out here in NC (we’re between Northeast and Southeast) is years late! We’re only now getting a Trader Joe’s Market in 2006. We were shopping there when I was a kid, oh, about 20 years ago (did I just date myself?)! While I am not Japanese in heritage, I was fully steeped in the culture living in So Cal – I’ve seen the parades for Nisei Week, shopped in New Meigi (Gardena) which I think is defunct now, Marukai, and Yaohan. I even learned some Japanese children’s songs. We also had a tendency to name our pets in Japanese terms – Kuroke for a black cat, Jubei for the cat that coincidentally lived the longest and Yutaka Shiro for the sesame akita. My dog, Bear, is a rescued shiba inu. I even slept on a real futon (with the foam mat underneath and the thick, firm mattress on top) until well in my 20s. Let’s just say I only just bought a “western” bed when I got married to a “westerner”. Needless to say I love sushi. I was taught to eat with chopsticks at age 6. In any case, thanks for taking time to post a compliment and sharing rememberances of Cali – best regards, paperbluetiger

    Comment by paperbluetiger — May 5, 2006 @ 3:59 am | Reply

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