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May 5, 2006

can they do this?

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Happy Boy’s Day! 🙂

OK, my weekend plans, including today…..

Friday – work, then shop for necessities, then grocery store, then clean my apartment like a mad woman as we have a new owner who plans to have an inspection on May 10th, and if it doesn’t meet her standards you have a few days to fix it and she will re-inspect, and if it STILL doesn’t meet her standards, then she may evict people. That’s the threat that came in the form of a letter yesterday when I got home from work. So, have to clean like my spring cleaning, on one of my busiest weekends again, of course!

Saturday – Ian has T-ball team pictures at 9:30 am, then a game at 10 am, then a soccer game at 11 am. Ian will probably be very hungry and sleepy, so hopefully after we get home and have lunch, hopefully he’ll be so sleepy he takes a nap….and then I can do more of that glorious spring cleaning (bleh) so that I won’t get evicted (ugh!). I have no other plans on Saturday except clean top to bottom, purge some things, and hopefully get it to whatever standard she has since we’ve never met her before. See, this Indian woman, (I assume she’s actually FROM India), bought our apartment complex and another one in our small town…there’s only 3 different apartment complexes. There is a power plant that is going to be built over the next 3-5 years, and she has made it known that she is renovating the apartments to be ready for those employees who are going to be building this plant. So, the rumor around town is that she is fixing all these apartments up, and then she’s going to charge bookoo bucks. But, she’s renovating apartments that are empty, and so in order to get the other’s done in a timely manner, the rumor is she’s going to hike up our rents, and so far my current lease has NOT been renewed, its now on a month-to-month basis, so I’m thinking the rumor is true, and so she can use a failed inspection as an excuse to try to evict us. Of course, I have a friend who has lawyer friends and I’m going to look into this. These apartments are OLD, early/mid 50s and have not been renovated as far as electrical wiring and such. There is no air conditioning and the carpet in my place when I moved in was in crappy shape. Well, I had gone through the apartment with detailed things wrong with the apartment, gave them a copy and had my own copy, but, now I can’t find my copy, so I’m stressing that because I think with the new owner and many leases having gone through end of lease and I’m not sure who all has signed a new one or not, thinking that this is being done on purpose to more easily get rid of people so they can charge the higher rent. So, yes, I’m worried. I just got things back to a good place in the last few months with this second job, but I have not been to where I can set money aside for savings yet, I’ve been catching up, and you all know how THAT is, when you get behind in bills, late fees, etc, it piles up, and I’m just now getting all that caught up.

Anyway, wish me luck onmy cleaning spree! Saturday is the only big day I have to get this stuff done. My apartment isn’t DIRTY, but its cluttered, and I’m not sure what exactly she’s looking for.

Sunday – Ian has a thing with his T-ball team, they are taking a trip to see the local minor league team (about an hour away) and of course this stupid inspection thing comes up during my busiest weekend, I have to go because of Ian, not sure how long this will take, but when we get home, I’m going to do more cleaning if its possible.

Then Monday and Tuesday are the last days before this inspection, and both days I work my usual 10 hour days, so I don’t get home until 6 pm….so that leaves me very little time to finish. So, Saturday is my only big day to get this stuff done. UGH!

Yes, I’m stressed.
but, I hope I’ll still be able to enjoy my weekend!

Everyone have a great weekend and wish me luck! Send me your decluttering/cleaning warm fuzzies, lol…but no dust bunnies please, I’m sure I have enough of those.


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