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June 13, 2006


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WARNING – major venting!!!!!
OK, ya ready for this one? I need to vent and let it all out because I tried to call people to talk and stuff, but no one was around, lol, except one person who said he was gonna call me back but didn’t….he’s probably glad now that he didn’t….cause I’m also PMSing on top of all this nonsense…..


Conversation with the ex last night (as in ex-husband)…

EX: So, how’s your sister?

ME: Fine.

EX: That’s all?
ME: What else do you need to know?

EX: Well, what’s she been up to?

ME: I don’t know, the usual, working, living with her boyfriend. She talks to him like she talks to Bill. (only people who know us all would understand this. My sister takes no crap from anyone who mouths her off, she fires right back. She always has been that way and she tells you what she thinks. Her ex and her used to fight often because they’d both fire back at each other,same with this guy, but this guy is a little different cause they are all lovey-dovey afterwards, the other guy held a grudge.)

EX: When is she gonna stop seeing the losers and deadbeats?

ME: Ummm, I , uhh…..

Yeah, I was completely DUMBFOUNDED, I was speechless…ME, speechless. Why? This sentence coming from a guy who is a pot-head, quits jobs as often as he changes underwear, hasn’t held onto a job for more than 1 year and 1 month, HAS NOT ONCE paid a single penny towards child support or kept his own son for more than 48 hours IN A ROW…wait, he did that 1 time…. in the 4 years since I left him! And that was only because he didn’t make arrangements to make sure Ian came home, and decided I should have to drive there to get him….after waiting till 10 pm TO TELL ME THIS!

This guy has absolutely NO CLUE. Does he not see that he’s a deadbeat? He talks to me like I don’t know the REAL him. And why the heck the sudden interest in how my family is doing? He asked about my parents here, my parents in Hawaii, my sisters….WTF? He was homeless for a while, spending what money he had on his drugs and alcohol, until his sisters finally took him to a shelter that helps people get back on their feet. Well, before that he had blamed all his problems on his ex-girlfriend who kicked him out, not on the fact that he was using all the money for his drugs and alcohol and partying ways, and wasn’t working a regular job and refuses to pay child support and thinks I should feel sorry for him and should take off the child support request….yet not only should I not want child support from him, but I should be the one to drive HIS SON to see him every other weekend, an hour drive, because I have a car. Now, mind you, this guy has had 4 cars/trucks since I first met him, and he abandons them, hey, kinda like he abandons all other responsibilities…he still has a truck on my dad and step-mom’s other property that we first lived in when we first moved to WV 4 years ago, but he blames everyone else for his problems….and he told me about his homeless thing at the shelter. See, at the shelter you have to have responsibilities, too, because they are helping you by helping you find a job and get counseling or whatever else you need, but in return there are things you have to, chores around the shelter, checking, etc….the exact shit he HATES. He told me one “oh yeah, I don’t have to do this drug rehab because they know my problems come from girl troubles, not from drugs or alcohol.” HELLO CLUELESS, YOUR LIGHT IS ON….the girl trouble came BECAUSE of his drugs and alcohol….his DIVORCE from me came on because of the drugs and alcohol and lies and disappearing for days at a time…..so yep, he got a job through the shelter’s help and promptly moved out and into a place with who knows who. He just recently moved from there in with 2 guys into a house which he now keeps BRAGGING that “oh yeah, I’m in a nice place now, a BIG house”. It gets better…

First a quick history: When he and I first lived together, we got 2 dogs, huskies, brothers from a litter….Carlito and Lou. Carlito was supposed to be my Christmas present, but then he lost his job and so I ended up paying for my own Christmas present (hindsight, this happened more often than I paid attention to….). Fast forward 6-1/2 years later and we separate, by this time one of the dogs had passed away. We had picked up a cat along the way. So, we separated and there was a cat and dog with me, plus our 1 yr old son. He went to Dunbar area where his family lives (about an hour drive from where I lived). Now, at the time I was living in my dad’s “river house” which is an old nasty house on some property dad owns off the Ohio River, but the house was infested with mice, and soon after my cat died (miss my buddy, but he was old), the mice started venturing upstairs,a nd eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and left, last straw was when I was IN MY BED and one of the buggars ran across my headboard AND OVER MY HAND, and about a week earlier another one went waltzing throught he living room while Ian and I were in there, stopped to look at us, and then went on his merry way, not running, but walking through, like he does it all the time…..ewww. Anyway, so then I moved from my dad’s old house to an apartment in town (where I’m currently at). At the same time, loser moved to a trailer in Dunbar that had a yard, so he asked if he could take Carlito. I really didn’t want him to, I miss him, and his papers list him as mine, lol, but a small 2 bedroom apartment really isn’t a good place for a Husky, and he was still and inside/outside dog at the time. So, I agreed as long as I could see my dog. For 1-1/2 yrs ex had my dog, during which time he lost his potty training because he wasleft outside all the time,a nd he started marking things because ex had a girlfriend move in with him and she had a big Rott male. Then one day, about 1-1/2 years ago, (nov. 2004), out of the blue my ex called me one day in November and said “do you want Carlito? If not, I’m taking him to the pound or giving him away.” WHAT?!? Yep, he gave me 1 week to get him, otherwise he’d take him to the pound. So, I called my landlord and she said there is a $100 pet deposit and $20 month extra rent for pets….but I didn’t want my baby put to sleep or given to someone I don’t know….I had that dog for 6 years, he was in my life at that time for 8, I love that damn dog. So, even though money was starting to get tight at that point because of my job at the time declining, I paid the deposit and went and picked up my dog from loser. OK…now fast forward 1-1/2 yrs to last night’s conversation:

EX: “Well, now that i’m in this nice house, it has a nice big yard, so I can take Carlito for a little bit, if its OK.”

OK, this coming from a man who HASN’T SEEN HIS OWN KID SINCE END OF FEBRUARY and who was willing to abandon the dog and keep his gf’s dog because she wanted to.

ME: “What?”

EX: “he was my dog, too. I miss him.”

ME: “well, no you can’t take him for a little while, he’s been living here with us for the last 1-1/2 years.”

EX: “well, he lived with me for 1-1/2 years before that.”

ME: “No. Ian likes him here. Besides, I paid $100 nonrefundable pet deposit and I’ve been paying extra on rent to have him here.”

EX: “Well, let me have him here, you don’t have to pay no more.”

ME: “No, cause you said ‘for a while’, so if you leave and I get him back, I’ll have to pay ANOTHER deposit, if they’ll let me have him back. We haev new owners and she’s not allowing any more pets.”

EX: “well, then I guessI’ll just have to come up there and walk him some time or something.”

OK, so he’ll make an hour trip to WALK THE DOG, but he won’t come to his son’s birthday party in April or any of his son’s T-ball games or soccer games ??????

Some people are fucking clueless. How the HELL did I not see this guy was this bad? Of course, I personally see he’s gotten worse over the years…maybe its all the drug use.



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  1. girl he is something else..it’s better off ian doesn’t spend time with him…truly it is

    Comment by Greta — June 13, 2006 @ 8:30 pm | Reply

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