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June 21, 2006

Distraction via WBW

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Its been soooo long since I’ve had time to do Way Back Wednesday, but this time I have pics to fit that I don’t have to search for because they are on the puter already, well some….and I need a good distraction from the depressing week I’ve had. So, thanks Mama Duck (aka The Kept Woman) for reminding me of the embarrassing times….ahhh…

The first day of summer! IN honor, and for your listening pleasure, (or bad early 90s flashback horror)….Summertime by The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff, lol….you could NOT get away from this song back in the day….ahh the memories of cruising Magnolia Ave, dressing up to sit in a damn car and drive 10 mph or hang out at Castle Park or Fiesta Village, lol…. or going to Club Metro in Rubidoux for the under 21 clubbing, or remember Harry C’s, among many other places, lol? Back then in high school there were a lot of teenage/under 21 dance clubs, loved it… Checkin out the homies or the hotties…. damn I miss those simple days, dancin, hangin out, skipping school, makin out…. Piling in the back of the truck or in the cars or vans, heading out to the beach, staying all day, grilling on the fire pits, then driving home in LA related traffic, lol

Oh yeah, Way Back Wednesday, lol…in honor of it being the first day of Summer, The Kept Woman (aka Mama Duck on my sidebar) wants us to post pics of summer related activities from Way Back then… So, here is what I found…

Mom and I in 1980 at the Honolulu Zoo

Me (sticking my tongue out, can ya tell I Hated to get my pic taken) and my cousin Teresa, white water rafting (mild rapids) on New River in West Virginia, summer of 1990

This one time, at band camp…..OK, this was actually drill team/dance team camp. Most of my summers in high school were spent on the beach or at a band camp or dance camp or colorguard camp…or at dad’s. This was summer 1990

Hold on to your….whatevers….its me in a bikini….the ONLY pic I have of me in a bikini….except when I was like 3 or 4 yrs old….this was also summer of 1990, the last year I wore a bikini, and I was hot then, damn it, why the hell didn’t I take more pics of me in a bikini? Because I thought I was FAT….ugh. I’ll never again be in a bikini…unless I can drop 60 or so pounds and they discover a miracle cure for stretch marks.

YIKES! My family is gonna KICK MY ASS when they SEE THIS! OMG, not for the faint of heart, or eyes….hahaha…
OK, not only are we all lookin sexy in our swim-gear at the beach….(my eyes, my eyes, they BURN, they BURN….) but we are all sporting some lovely farmer’s tans, and some sexy converse, lmao….on the beach in California in colored converse and swimsuits…notice I had the right of mind to be BEHIND everyone, hahaha, suckaaaas. My mom is on the black swimsuit on the far left, me in the back standing on the fire pit next to mom, my Godmother in the beautiful bikini, and their friend Dana…..Oh yeah, those were the days, lol. This was summer 1988.

Hope you enjoyed, I know I played late, but I was having some stress this evening, and thanks to Allen I was able to talk my way through the late evening and realize I’m better off this way, not getting sucked up into the drama I mentioned in the previous post…but, it doesn’t make it hurt less.


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  1. Hey! I made it!!!!

    You hottie in the bikini! Amazing how we squander away the best years of our lives thinking we’re not skinny/pretty/smart enough until we’re older and realize how good we once were!

    Comment by The Kept Woman — June 24, 2006 @ 2:02 am | Reply

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