Diana Banana Pancakes

June 30, 2006

Trying to keep busy

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Well, in the expectation of a 3 day weekend for me (I have to work on the 4th)….I have been trying to make plans to keep busy, and of course this is one of the hardest weekends to do that.

I had planned to hang out with one guy last night, but he was a no show, and I’m not sure why yet. He said yesterday morning he’d come over, but over the course of the day I guess he changed his mind? Kinda makes me feel stupid or something, I can’t explain why, but he understands why. I don’t think he has read this blog though….I don’t think? LOL…

Anyway, so I also tried to make plans for today to meet someone who I’d wanted to meet almost 1-1/2 years ago…and I was gonna go meet him in the afternoon last weekend before I headed to Jim’s place since I wasn’t gonna be hanging with Jim until the evening…but he was supposed to call my cell phone last weekend around 12:30 on Saturday….I never did hear from him till I got home Sunday late afternoon and he had e-mailed me, apparently he didn’t have a way to call me (long story) and so we missed each other, and I was very close to where he was, like within a 20 min. drive max….oh well. Then this week he kept saying that I’m hard to get online, which isn’t true, I’m on every evening before I go to bed, but some days I am invisible if I don’t have time to chat, or being antisocial, but usually I’m online. But, HE hasn’t been, and we exchanged e-mails several times during the day and he keeps saying he’ll look for me online and he was irked at himself that we missed each other last weekend, and that he is truly sorry and he did want to meet me. He’s a cute guy, a year younger than me, we’ve talked on the phone before and we talk for hours and wanted to meet, a loooong time ago, but I liked Jim at that point, lol, and wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with that and was afraid of rebounding, so I had said I wanted to meet this guy, too, but he ended up getting back together with his ex-girlfriend, a year and some later he called me and said they didn’t work out, then I found out he married her, and then she comes back into the picture again and I’m out, and then nothing for a month,a nd then he calls back a month later to tell me that he and her never got back together, blah blah blah… basically he has a habit of disappearing…and I told him with this history, and the fact that I still had feelings for Country Boy (this was before all the country boy drama came out) I told him that I didn’t think I could be in a relationship with him. I find honesty and trust a HUGE issue, very important qualities for me, and with him disappearing I couldn’t do it, but he wanted to be friends at least, so I said OK, since we did get along on the phone. ANYWAY, so Monday and Tuesday he kept saying so, this weekend? and I kept saying I had to see if I had a sitter (I never meet people for the first time with Ian in tow, no matter HOW many times I’ve talked to them) and he kept saying he’d get online when I’m online, but I haven’t seen him online on the messenger, and I haven’t heard from him since Tuesday late afternoon when he asked about if we can meet this weekend. So, oh well, right? Probably best not to anyway, lol…

Jim – He lives 2 hours away (so does the other guy), I’d love to hang out with him again, but don’t want to bother him either.

Hoped to hang out with poetry cowboy dude too, I really enjoy his company, he’s very laid back and we seem to talk for a long time, but from what he tells me, apparently he does that with a lot of people, lol, so I was hoping to hang out with him some, too, but he works this weekend (of course), and I was supposed to hang out with him last night, but he was a no show. I think I’m missing very subtle hints that he’s not interested, lol. Cause, every time I ask him if he’d like to hang out, he says sure, but when the time comes that I asked him to hang out, he’s suddenly no where to be found and doesn’t call me back. Oh well, right?

lol….so, I’m batting 0 for 3 right now.

I could have a booty call, haha, someone who always wants to come have a booty call, contacts me every weekend to meet up….but, not really wanting a booty call from him, lol. I’d rather be spending my time with someone else (and no, I’m not talking about Country Boy damn it).

My dad is going to the river this weekend, just for 1 day on Saturday, leaving at 6 am and heading back around 8 or 9 p.m., unless they get bored and want to come home earlier. I really don’t want to go, all my fat family just sitting around, they don’t DO anything, when I first went we’d play volleyball or fish or tube in the river or go in the canoe….but they just all sit around, veg, eat, sweat and do nothing, lol. So, not really in the mood for that, but also missing my cousins who I only see a couple of times a year….so torn on what to do. But, dad offered to take Ian with him if I don’t want to go, and Ian would love that, he misses his cousins (my cousins’ kids, lol) and so if I let dad take Ian I would have a FREE DAY, completely child free, and I don’t want to waste that time completely by myself, I will take advantage of part of it to clean my apartment some and relax and watch some TV and/or a movie, but the rest of the time I’d like to have some adult conversation and someone around to talk to in person.

Sunday we are going to the HUGE Arts and Crafts fair they have every year this time in Ripley, West Virginia, the next town over from where I live. I haven’t gone to that since I’ve lived here, and I’ve been dying to go, but never had the money to, now with these 2 jobs I actually have the money to, so Sunday that’s where I’ll be with Ian and my parents, very much looking forward to that.

Monday I’m off work and Ian has no daycare cause they are closed (which is why I took that day off), so its a me and Ian day all day….I foresee a PJs day all day, lol.

I work on July 4th. I really wish I had a cookout to go to, hahaha. Haven’t been to one of those in YEARS.

Well, that’s my weekend, so far no adult companionship that isn’t family planned….damn it. Hopefully something will come through last minute. I hope so.

Everyone have a great weekend and be safe, and don’t siphon any gas now, behave!


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