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July 6, 2006

S.W.A.K…..long post just about kissing….lay one on me…

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So, I’m off work from the hospital job today, but I still had to wake up at 4:30 this morning to do my part time at home job, only a couple of hours so not too bad. I try to wake Ian up at the regular time of 6:30 am because with my only day off being today, I didn’t want him to be loopy tomorrow when he has to wake up early, easier to deal with him. Well, he informed me that he was going to daycare yesterday, apparently mommy is too boring when she has 1 day off because she tries to get all her chores done in that 1 day, haha, so he wanted to go play at daycare with his “buddies.” So, got him dressed and took him to daycare, came home and opened all the doors and windows to let in the cooler air. It has turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day! Love that I decided to open all the windows and doors. I have been in a great mood all morning. Nice cool day today.

OK, so back when I was first crying about the whole Country Boy drama, I called some friends. I happen to have some great friends, who will tell me STRAIGHT UP truths, who don’t sugar coat things, or who look at things from points of views that I just don’t think about, and when I hear that point of view, it makes me smile, it makes me remember things I happen to choose to forget, whatever. Maybe it comes from having friends that are guys, maybe it comes from these guy friends who have dated me at some point, so they have a little more insight to me than a regular friend would, haha. So, I called several friends, but the ones who put the smiles on my face were Jim and Bill with the things they came up with to help me get out of my funk, haha. I love these guys, I’m truly blessed they have stayed friends with me, although they might think otherwise, haha.

So, I talked to Jim and he says things like “either he’s lied the whole time, or he’s lost his fucking mind, either way, you’re better off.” and says things like “It has nothing to do with you, he’s just looney.” haha. Then there was Bill who said things like “Well, obviously his happy pills aren’t working right” Bill also said “hey, it could be YOU he jumped into that with, and it could be HER that he’s calling saying he thinks he just made one a big mistake and probably just ruined his life, so be glad it was the other way around.” And one of my favorites from Bill was the first thing out of his mouth after the initial shock “well, you said you didn’t like the way he kissed anyway.” Hahaha.

OK, so that was funny to me. See, back when Country Boy and I first kissed…..well, lets just say my breath wasn’t taken away, I didn’t melt, I didn’t get turned on, I didn’t feel all butterflies or anything….I felt…..like “that’s it?” His kiss was timid, it wasn’t a great kiss. It got a little better over the months of dating, but kissing him was never one of the high points of being with him. It was OK as a start to a passionate kiss, but that passionate type of kiss just never came. I wouldn’t say he was a BAD kisser or anything, cause it was nice, gentle, just not one of the best kisses I’ve had, and I’ve also definitely had worse kisses than with Country Boy.

However, while I admit I’m a big fan of kissing, depending on the way a guy kisses me, I could be putty in his hands, I could have butterflies, I could be completely grossed out and turned OFF, or I could be left wanting more, and some people don’t even realize there are different KINDS of kissing, playful, gentle, passionate, sensual, rekindling, teasing, haha. I’m a big kiss person, definitely. But, I’ve also had kisses with guys that weren’t all that, but it didn’t affect my relationship with that person, like with Country Boy, his kisses weren’t bad, they just weren’t take my breath away kind of kisses, but they were nice, sweet, gentle, almost timid, which was something I wasn’t used to, and yeah, I talked to Bill about it.

I could name the guy and the kiss that they had with me, not every single guy I ever kissed, but definitely the most memorable, sometimes its not even the kiss, its the way they approached the kiss, or the leading up to the kiss, or the eye contact before or after, the atmosphere…..it could be any combination of things that makes that kiss memorable to me. I’m one of those people who can think back on some situation with someone and remember the tiny details, like I’ve always said, I’m a simple girls, the little things count the most, the little things make it memorable.

Who has seen the movie Hitch? The scene where Hitch was telling that guy about how whatever percent of women believe that they can judge how a relationship would be based on the first kiss….well, I don’t know if I agree with THAT per se, like I said, my first kiss with Country Boy wasn’t all that, and I thought at first it was just a shy thing where it was our first kiss, but it didn’t change too much as time went on, it got a little better as we got used to each other I guess, but I didn’t base the whole relationship on that. But, then my sister points out my situation with the ex, hahaha….Now, when I was dating my now ex-husband, I did NOT enjoy kissing him. (though my sister says that should’ve been a sign haha). He kissed like he was trying to lick my tonsils, and he held the back of my HEAD like a vice, and I couldn’t stand that, I couldn’t breathe, so I told him I just didn’t like kissing, which wasn’t true. Now, we’d give pecks and a few small tonguers, lol, but when he got ready to try to get me in the mood, his “in the mood” kisses were usually the ones that got me OUT of the mood, haha. I tried to tell him I didn’t like this or that, but he had a huge ego problem and would get pissed, so I gave up trying.

Then there were other guys who basically just melted me with their kisses, kept me wanting more, and in some of those cases I never did get more, others I did for a little while longer. Some were just passion for the heat of the moment I guess, but others left me feeling like they definitely wanted to do that again….

OK, that being said, a friend mentioned when I’m ready to kiss someone else, then I’m ready to move on, haha…what? Yep, that’s what he said….and I’m definitely ready to kiss someone else. Sure I still have some feelings there, but, in the end, I can’t do anything about it but move on. I’m not jumping back in, but I know I’m ready to kiss someone else, haha.

I’ve had a particular someone in mind, something about him just makes me wanna kiss him…he’s got nice lips, a nice smile to me, and eyes I could definitely get melted into, haha, but kissing has been on my mind for a while with this person. May never happen, but the thought definitely puts a smile on my face.

OK, so name some memorable kisses, peeps….describe the situation or the kiss or the person or how you felt….come on, I have to live vicariously through you all till I can get to kiss someone, haha.

For me, lets see, I’ll kiss and tell, lol….

Grandpa…a nickname I’ll use, won’t use real names and it won’t be considered true kissing and telling…I hope, haha….anyway great kisser. It was the first date, a fun night full of laughing, conversation, joking/smart-assing, just talking about his kids and Ian, family, where we’ve lived, whatever, (you all know I love conversation), took me to a great sushi bar in Huntington, felt comfortable and relaxed around him, a little bit shy, but he made me feel relaxed and comfortable, some nice wine and conversation before we left, then dinner, then a walk by the river where I thought it would’ve been the perfect kissing spot, it was dark and quiet, he had his hand on the small of my back….but then it got chilly and we decided to head to his place to watch some old movies, something we both enjoy doing, so we did, we got into his car and he popped a breath mint in his mouth and offered one to me, which I took….we got to his place, picked out our movie and started towards the couch and he started to go in for the kiss, hand on the small of my back and pulled me in close, nice strong but gentle arms, nice kiss, I had HUGE butterflies…so much so that I couldn’t kiss much, I broke it off very suddenly and hugged him instead….DOH!!! Yep, I got nervous, but hell, here was a hot guy who was interested in ME??? he was fun, laid back, hard working, and he was interested in ME? he was a gentleman all evening, not groping or anything….and not to mention he was the first guy I had any interest in after leaving my ex 2 years earlier, first date, first kiss since leaving my ex 2 years ago…..so yeah, I had butterflies. Then a little later before we got comfy on the couch, he said “I know I can do better than that” and went in again, and this time I didn’t break it off, and let me tell you guys, definitely I was putty in this man’s hands, a great kisser, he went in slow to the kiss, made eye contact before, arms around me like he wanted me to stay right there in his arms…it was yummy for sure. And, after the kiss, some cuddling on the couch, he didn’t try to grope me or be pushy and we enjoyed the movie together. I hadn’t kissed that man in almost 2 years and let me tell you, that kiss was a great one, haha. definitely. I found out later that he did want to kiss my at the river front park, but he was worried cause we had sushi and I don’t eat fish (yes, there is sushi that doesn’t have fish on it ya goofs)…and so he said he figured I’d be grossed out, haha. How thoughtful of him… 😉 I’d definitely kiss him again if given the chance, whew!

Guitar man…again a nickname…if you’ve been reading my blog for the last year plus, you’d know who he is ….He was also a great kisser. He was a busy man at the time he and I were seeing each other for the short month plus, haha. He worked full time plus went to school full time (he’s what we’d call a professional student). On top of all that he lived an hour away from me. But, he always contacted me, we’d call, we’d IM and e-mail, and then he’d drive here to see me or I’d drive there, it was a good time while it lasted, and he was one of the good guys who a certain situation didn’t work out for us, and now he lives in Tennessee, lol. But, we have remained good friends, calling each other still and now we just talk about other people we’re dating. He was such a good person, that after he got his heart broken after he first moved out of the state, he called me to apologize if he ever hurt me half as much as he was just hurt, that he truly is sorry. How many guys do THAT? Anyway, the first kiss with Bill was at my apartment. Sometimes Bill would come over after Ian was asleep and we’d just hang out on my uncomfy couch, watching some TV together and just cuddling and talking, never more than kissing, cuddling and talking together… He has from the first day we talked online and he wanted to see my webcam (no, not THAT kind ya pervs, just my face, I don’t do that shit, sheesh)….and he would get me to smile, and he always told me I had an incredible smile that got him every time, so every time we chatted online he wanted me to turn on the web cam. So, one day he was over, we were chit-chatting, and I always felt like a nervous schoolgirl next to her first crush when I was around Bill. So we were cuddling on the couch and he just starts staring into my eyes like he usually does, told me I’m pretty like he usually did, and would get me to smile and I always felt so shy, though I loved hearing him say those things, I dont agree with it, but he seemed to really dig on me then. To this day he still says he loves my smile, hehe. So, in one of those times of him talking about my smile, he ran his fingers over my lips and did the hand on the cheek/side of the neck thing, and he asked if he could kiss me, haha….of course I wanted him to kiss me, but him asking made me nervous/shy, but said yes and …well, I’ll just say that I could kiss this guy for HOURS and not get bored….he left me wanting more kisses, and we did kiss for hours sometimes, I really enjoyed kissing him, and I kissed HIM in a way that made HIM putty in MY hands, haha, he loved it and told me so often, lol…..definitely a great kisser.

WORST KISSES: OK, on that know, you guys KNOW I have to balance all that hotness off with some bad kissing experiences, right? haha….

Well, already mentioned my ex-husband, haha…nuff said about THAT.

UA – this guy, while nice and has become a nice friend to me over the last couple of years. I’ve kissed him before, in an effort to try to get over Country Boy the first time around back in January…and he was NOT the guy to kiss for that, hahaha. His mouth is a lot bigger than mine, and, well, lets just say there was a lot of slobber ALL around my mouth, ugh, and his tongue was like…well, like a dog panting, which really coincides well with the drool, haha. He also does this thing like trying to suck the air out of my lungs which I do NOT like….

Brian – this guy I kissed once a looooong time ago, before I met the ex-husband….I was fresh out of college and staying here in WV for the summer, and this friend I made introduced me to a guy friend of hers, he was OK looking, back then I was skinny and feeling pretty damn confident and pretty and shit, haha. So, this guy wanted to kiss me one night, OK, it was actually a good kiss for the most part….but….he had just taken nasty snuff shit out of his mouth, I didn’t know he had it in there, he took it out right before he walked into the room after me, so didn’t rinse his mouth out or anything first, it was mint kind so I guess he didn’t think I would notice….ugh, I did….if it wasn’t for that nasty taste in my mouth, I would’ve enjoyed the kiss, but because of that taste, I didn’t want to kiss him again, lol.

OK, so I kissed and told, you don’t have to use names if you don’t want, lol, but I do know that all this talk about kissing has me really wanting to kiss someone, at least once, lol….a someone in particular…too bad I’m home alone today.

Have a great day everyone.


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  1. Okay, not going into them all, but the best one by far is “Computer boy”…. he is the one I was telling you about in my email, the one that I see when I need….

    His kisses melt me from the inside out. Not too over the top, not too gentle and he puts his hand on my face or my neck or my head……….. OMG, he really just …. yeah, putty, just call me Putty when he is around.

    Another good kisser is Corvette Man… I saw him a few times and he decided we weren’t a match. I told him “Okay, but I am gonna miss those kisses.” He was more aggressive than I was used to, but not sloppy. I hate it when a guy slops all over my face… and the whole sucking the air out of your lungs…ewwwwwwww, I had a guy that used to do that too! I hated that. Thing is I didn’t notice it until he started annoying me in everyday life….

    Anyway, yeah, now I want to kiss someone.

    Comment by Bekah — July 7, 2006 @ 5:50 pm | Reply

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