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July 10, 2006

Oooo, busteeeeeed!

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Hahaha, oops. My sister probably had a great 2 hour (or however long drive) ride with her mom yesterday from Marietta to Morgantown….

When she turned 16, they gave her one of their cars. She crashed that not too long afterwards and they gave her dad’s Jeep, I think it was a 93 or 94 jeep cherokee, so nothing fancy or new. They paid for her insurance and give her money for gas and they pay for her apartment, but in return she has to keep her grades up so she doesn’t lose her scholarship, and she has to tell them when he is driving OUTSIDE Morgantown because they are paying for her insurance and want to know where she’s at. Well, apparently she didn’t tell them, and she was in Marietta, OH and got into an accident, enough to where they consider the Jeep totalled, she wasn’t hurt, no one else was hurt, but now she has no vehicle to drive herself to classes, dad is out of vehicles to let her have, he’s mad cause she crashed 2 cars in 2-1/2 years and he keeps saying “my jeep”. I am just laughing about the whole thing. of course, after I found out no one was hurt, I have to laugh.

They crack me up.

My step-mom acts like sometimes my mom should’ve done things differently with us, that we should’ve been forced to concentrate on school more, and yea, I could’ve done better in school. I wasn’t the brainiac my sister is, she got a scholarship, she went to a university, I just went to community college….my step-mom makes sure I know these differences.

But, I’ve had responsibilities my sister NEVER had. I worked for things I wanted, they weren’t handed to me. My step-mom makes it seem like my mom wouldn’t let dad give us things, but the reality is my mom has HER work ethic, too, that if we want something, we have to earn it, work hard to get it, to appreciate it more. My sister has usually gotten what she wants, as money permits of course. My other sister and I didn’t have that, but we know how to work hard to get what we want.

I had my first REAL paying job in high school. I wanted to be on dance team, and the uniforms and dance camps were expensive, so mom said if I wanted it, I had to work and keep up my grades. I never had straight As, but I never failed a class, and the LOWEST GPA I got was a C+, that was my junior year when I discovered partying, and because of that I was taken out of certain activities by my mom, so while I didn’t get terrible grades, I was never the A+ student my sister is, but I learned if I went down in grades like the year I got a C+ GPA, I lose my priviledges.

Even though I had my first real paying job in my jr. year in high school, I had worked since 5th grade….I wanted to learn how to ride a horse, something you can’t do in the city, and they had family friends who had horses and lived outside the city, so in exchange for free lessons, I mucked corralls and cleaned horses. 5TH GRADE YO! I did that for a year, that’s how much I thought it was worth it. I got to ride the horses whenever I wanted after that. They taught me how to ride western and English styles, they took me to horse shows and I loved it all.

In 6th grade is when I started hanging out with my friends at the skating rink and a place called Fiesta Village, kinda like a mini-putt putt/water park/arcade/pizza place type of thing, haha. In order to go, we had to work, my godparents owned a restaurant, and their 3 kids and me and my sister worked the dishwasher, shhhh, child labor, haha, for under-the-table cash, baby. Did that off and on for the 3 years they were open.

Freshman year, I got a job at the church nursery during church services, $22 a weekend, haha. I did that for 6 years. That was some extra cash. Well, with high school comes more parties and fun on the weekends, so of course, I needed more money. My mom worked doing janitorial, she wasn’t proud of it, but she took pride in her work ethic, which is where I get it from. If my sister or I wanted extra money, we worked with her once or twice a week at the going minimum rate at the time of $3.25 an hour, under the table.

My sister and I were NEVER given an allowance. We had our chores we had to do, our homework had to be done before we were allowed to talk on the phone to friends or allowed to have any friends over, our room had to be cleaned if we wanted to go out for the night or weekend fun, we did our own laundry since 8th grade, mowed the little piece of grass we had, we alternated weekly chores. Never got an allowance for that.

My sister, on the other hand, got an allowance BASED on her chores, and she STILL wouldn’t do them. Her parents let her have friends over to all hours of the night, even without homework done. If/when she ever got grounded, they just told her no phone, but she could still go online and still do things. when my other sister or I got grounded, it was no phone, no TV, no friends, no going out….when dad gets mad enough to ground my sister, he literally takes her computer away and her phone away, but not my step-mom. Hell, step-mom told me she didn’t make my sister do her laundry during the school year because, and I quote “I want her to concentrate on school.” ummmm, ok? And how is doing your laundry going to interfere with that? How is havingher friends over at all hours of the night not worse than doing laundry as far as her concentrating on school? The girl got caught drinking, DRUNK OFF HER ASS PASSED OUT, and her punishment was to go to Curves to work out….yes, that was her punishment from my step-mom….at the time I was going, I was like, well hell, what do I have to do to have her pay MY membership? She was supposed to go for a year after thta stunt she pulled, after 3 months she stopped going. Nice, right?

But my sister has always told me that she thinks my mom is the cool one and that her mom is strict, that I had it easy and she has it hard. I used to envy how easy my baby sis had it, but damn, looking back, I learned so much that she is STILL not learning. So, yeah, I had the cool mom, haha. She was tough growing up, but I learned a lot of every-day life stuff that you just can’t learn in a book.

Hahaha, I wonder what an exciting conversation my sis had stuck in a car with her mom for several hours. I’m glad my sis is OK, though. She’s lucky she’s out there and not stuck in Ravenswood, haha.



  1. I have always always worked, since the day I could. When I was a wee wittle one I had a paper route. I got up at the butt crack of dawn to roll those papers, pile them in my bag and deliver them. My mom always drove me on Sundays since I couldn’t carry the big papers all at once. Life was great, me out running dogs and having money to spend at such a young age!! After I started high school I was working at Sonic Drive In. That was fun. Since then I have had many jobs, but am currently in my 7th year at this job and plan to stick with it.
    My sister in law expects things to be handed to her and expects people to always help her which is one of the major things I didn’t like about her. She is going to have to work wether she likes it or not. My brother is not the only one that had a part in making that baby.

    Okay, now I am getting stressed over it..

    Comment by Bekah — July 13, 2006 @ 5:24 pm | Reply

  2. You totally know what I mean! Some people (like my ex) have had things done for them their whole lives and so they don’t learn how to do it themselves, or don’t WANT to….it was a huge problem between me and the ex, as well.

    Comment by Diana — July 13, 2006 @ 11:27 pm | Reply

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