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August 15, 2006

Tuesday’s "August Happy" and some thoughts

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Today’s August Happines: Big, long, tight HUGS

I love the hugs….Ian woke up on his own this morning, came into my room while I was working and about scared the poo out of me, haha, I jumped, which made HIM jump and we both started cracking up…this was about 6:30 am…and then he gave me a big long tight hug. We start every morning with a hug and a kiss and a “good morning”. I love that, and I will dread the day that stops being our morning routine.

On to other things….

Yesterday was “one of those days” big time…I’ve had to deal with other people’s stress, family, friends, my 2 jobs which both had OT and I pulled in over 70 hours last week including the weekend, and trying to get stuff ready for Ian to start school and soccer….and while I feel fine most of the time, yesterday it just all came to a head where I felt frustrated and overwhelmed. Of course, times like THOSE I can’t seem to get hold of anyone online, and I wasn’t in the mood to talk on the phone cause I KNOW I would break down and cry and I didn’t want to do that.

On my drive home, though, from work, is when it hit me and I did cry. I felt like I just can’t seem to do anything right the last few days, like I’m crossing people or spending too much time in trying to talk to others, or I can’t seem to say the right thing to some, or someone asks for my opinion and they don’t like it and get mad….

Then I feel like I’ve had so much to do that I’ve truly become absent-minded. Usually I’m pretty organized as far as I know what I have to do and when I have to do it, and I get it done in time, but seems I can’t even stay on top of things the last few weeks. Heck, apparently I missed paying my cable bill because this morning my cable was shut off, I went through my bills and I paid every one except that one, so I had to call and get that taken care of today,b ut usually I’m very on top of things like that. Its the little things like that, they’ve been slipping my mind…I forgot my work ID, which is how we clock in, 2 days in a row now, I’ve forgotten to return calls, heck, I didn’t even realize the books Ian and I checked out from the library are due back on Friday THIS week, Ian’s first soccer practice starts on Monday (6 days!) and I haven’t even checked to make sure his cleets (sp?) still fit him or his practice clothes, then school starts in a little over 2 weeks and I haven’t even taken him to get school clothes or went through his current clothes to see what doesn’t fit him anymore and take an inventory of what shoes he needs…..these little things that I’m usually on top of I’ve forgotten.

I nearly forgot about my parents anniversary that is coming up.

The ex called THIS MORNING to talk to Ian. This makes 2 times in 2 weeks now that he’s called, which he usually only does this when he wants something, and I figure he’s wanting Ian soon because the ex’s birthday is coming up.

Some days are just like stinky…..
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Anyway, so hopefully now that I’ve had my “overwhelmed” moment, the feeling will pass and I’ll get back on track. Suprisingly, even given all this and feeling overwhelmed yesterday evening, I’m still in a very cheery mood, haha. Go figure. Maybe I’m losing my mind, haha…

Have a great Tuesday everyone. Hopefully I won’t forget to play Way Back Wednesday tomorrow, haha.


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  1. Diana,
    Just stumbled upon your blog! Recently got rid of my 6 years of disgusting trash. I found your 4 year affirmation INSPIRING!!! Thank you.

    Comment by Penny Doll — August 15, 2006 @ 9:00 pm | Reply

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