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August 28, 2006

Observations in small town, USA….added 2 silly pics

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OK, so here’s the weekend, things I observed, things we’ve done….so far….

I had hoped to visit with Jim over the weekend, but he was “unavailable” as his son put it, and so no plans. I called Friday night, and his son said he went to bed early, I assume he had to work, but would’ve been nice to be let known, since he said we could get together if he wasn’t busy….ya know, common courtesy and all.

I got A LOT of cleaning done on Saturday….

  • Cleaned the stove/oven, counters, microwave, cleaned out the fridge.
  • Cleaned out the dining room of all stuf
  • Cleaned Ian’s picnic table that was sticky from spilled apple juice, the floor was also sticky underneath.
  • Swept and mopped the floors in the kitchen/dining area. I swept, Ian mopped, we have those swiffer wet jet thingies and he loves doing that, I just have to keep an eye on the amount of “stuff” he sprays on the floor, lol.
  • Ian dusted every room for me (sorta, but he was excited he was helping me, so who am I to criticize an enthusiastic 5 year old? lol).
  • I cleaned off my scrapbook desk of all papers and cleaned off the top, but still need to go through and organize the scrapbook “stuff” inside the drawers, its a mess.
  • Got the boxes out of the living room, they are sorta sorted, I have a box of paper to be shredded and a box of stuff to organize for my file cabinet, a box of stuff that is going to the trash on Thursday, and a box of stuff I’m not sure what to do with yet, lol.
  • Paid my bills
  • Cleaned the toilet, sink and tub, mirror
  • Did laundry and put most of it away.

Saturday night, about 9 pm, I had to take Ian to the ER, don’t worry, he’s fine. Nothing serious, he was measuring stuff and its one of those metal tape measures, and I’m not sure if he cut it going up or coming back down and he doesn’t remember, either, but he just suddenly said “ow mommy owwww” and the practically screamed, with his thumb sticking straight up, so I took him to the bathroom to check it out and he refused to let me touch it or look at it, the cut was right on the crease of the palm side of his thumb and I would dab blood off and it would come right back and it wouldn’t stop cause he wouldn’t let me put any pressure or anything on it, he wouldn’t bend it for me to see if anything was seriously injured, so I just put a pseudobandage on it and took him to the ER. By the time we got there the bleeding was done. Its not serious, no stitches required, they bandaged him up and said just give him Motrin if he has any pain, check for infection (redness, swelling, pus, fever) and don’t take off the Steri-Strips, let them fall off on their own.

I had a “date” planned on Sunday afternoon. I had a sitter and everything, but Saturday morning Ian was scared to go, he was afraid in all the playing that River (his mom Christine was going to watch Ian for me) was gonna take off the bandage on accident and he was scared to go, so I called Flatwoods (the guy for the date) and told him the situation. I told him we could still hang out with kid in tow, or just do it another time. He said “lets do it another time” and I said “Ok” and then he said “well, what do you think?” I said it was up to him, if we do hang out with kid in tow, we can’t do any touching cause if Ian meets anyone at first it will be “this is mommy’s friend” and that’s all, but I admitted I do get a bit nervous, but I was looking forward to seeing him, too, and he said that he wants to, but he is a little gunshy when kids are involved. He said his last ex-gf had a kid and he got attached to that kid, and so he said he doesn’t mean to sound like he’s not interested, he just doesn’t want to meet any kids till he knows if it could go somewhere, which is understandable, too. So, he suggested since I’m off during the week that maybe he and I could get together Tuesday night instead, so as long as I can get a sitter, its a date. I hope so, cause I work this coming weekend and off next, so really don’t want to have to wait till next weekend, but I believe he’s going out of town that weekend I’m off, lol. This is when being a single parent and working 2 jobs and trying to date is just hard. But, he was very understanding and I called him later that night and he asked how Ian was doing.

I ended up taking Ian to the city anyway to go clothes shopping and just get out of town for a little bit on Sunday. Man oh man, I wish I had my camera, there were some interesting people, lol. But, it was fun, and since Ian was good the whole time, I took him to Chuck E. Cheese….ugh, lol. I had a POUNDING headache after about 15 minutes in there with all the loud kids running around and the machines, I don’t know how people can work like that, lol. But, Ian had a blast and there were some people who were there without kids, playing some games, and they gave Ian all their tickets, so he was thrilled, that was like giving him money, haha.

Some pics to share, the first one Ian did on his own while I was waiting for the food to show up. He brought it to me and said “I made this just for you mommy.” 🙂

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And this is us, being goofy, cause, you know, we’re just so serious all the time, lol….

Ian ended up mostly with shirts cause most of the pants were too big or too small, seems I waited way too last minute for clothes shopping, lol. they were almost all jeans and he already has about 4 pair, so I wanted to get him some other pants, but he ended up with some shirts, and I bought myself something, and I talked myself out of it, then went back for it…lol, I bought myself 2 shirts, a Joss Stone CD (cause I never had it and wanted it for a year now, lol, and it was on sale, haha) and a book, lol. So, we had a great time, spent some money, got nasty greasy food, got some cheap plastic prizes, then drove home. Ian was passed out asleep before we got 1/2 way home, and he slept all night.

Got home Sunday night, tucked Ian into bed, unloaded the car of our few bags and locked up for the night. I settled in my bed and ended up calling some people. I called Flatwoods, he asked how Ian was doing but wasn’t very talkative, he said he was watching a show, so I said I’d let him go. He said it would be over in about an hour and he’d call me back. He’s proven not to be good at the calling back, kind of a big pet peeve of mine, lol. So I called my friend Bill. he had called when I was on the road to the city and I told him I’d call him that night, so I did. I really enjoy talking to Bill, sometimes we call and compare drama stories in our life or issues in ourlife. He announced that Saturday he quit his job and dumped his girlfriend….all in one day, so he said “I’m unemployed and alone”, lol. I couldn’t top THAT one for sure! But he has a job lined up, he was actually gonna give his 2 weeks notice but they were being assholes he said, so he just went and quit without the notice. After I got off the phone with Bill, I called Flatwoods, by this point it was almost 2 hours after I called the first time, then he said “I was just about to call you back.” Yeah, he’s nice and makes me laugh and all, and I had a great time with him the one time we hung out at my place….but, I just don’t see it being anything more than friends. He isn’t much for conversation on the phone, but he lives 2 hrs away, so if we don’t talk on the phone, then….how else are we gonna get to know each other? I talk, and he listens, but, he really doesn’t say much, so I even brought that up and he said “well I don’t have a kid to talk about and nothing much going on in my life right now, and I have some problems that you wouldn’t want to hear, so, I don’t know what to say.” So I said “what do you mean problems I don’t want to hear.” He said he isn’t over his ex-gf even though they broke up in March…I understand how that is. but, not sure if that’s my red flag or not. He said most of the time he’s fine, but sometimes he misses her kid, and then he misses her, and I know how he feels, I’ve done the same with Country Boy. He knows the country boy drama. Who knows.

While I was on the phone with Flatwoods…..PSYCHO boy called me the one who I said called and didn’t leave a message? Well, I was talking to Flatwoods on the cell when Pyscho stalker boy called my home number, this time he left a message saying he just wanted to talk to me, said he was thinking of Ian a lot in the last few months and that he missed us both and was thinking of me, too. UGH I so don’t need that in my life, too. I didn’t answer. He said he lost my cell number and couldn’t remember it, so he thought he would try my home number. ugh.

This morning took in a couple of bills to pay, took back library books and Ian wanted McD’s for b-fast, so we stopped in. Only in Smalltown USA, in West By-God Virginia can you be at McDonald’s eating breakfast and an old man sitting behind you in the booth playing his harmonica. lol.

I checked e-mail this morning and saw this in an online forum of the Charleston Gazette, the city newspaper (not my town, but the state capital)…..

Ban live-in lovers for moms
So many helpless children — even
babies — are being tortured, molested and killed by their mother’s live-in
I would like to see a law passed that would not let a woman take
in a lover if she has children in the home.
L. Gertrude Young

Liberty is the town she’s from, lol. Some people….lol…..just plain dumb, lol. She’s obviously never been a single mom….if that law was passed, what would I do with my man-slave I keep tied to the bed? LMAO, just kidding, but still, that was freaking so CLOSED MINDED of some people. lol. Again, only in small town USA.

Today I will attempt to tackle Ian’s bedroom….Ian’s home teacher visit is on Wednesday, so I’m praying to be done tonight or tomorrow…if you don’t hear from me by Wednesday, send out a search party! Have a great Monday!



  1. HA…Ian ought to have smacked you one for that pic….he was all serious and you’re all goofy.

    Well….Flatwoods seems to be on the right page anyway. keep us informed Diana!

    Comment by Mindless Dribbler — August 29, 2006 @ 1:13 pm | Reply

  2. red flag??!!…more like red blinking full sized banner! He isn’t over the other chick, clearly, just don’t start to like him too much, he already likes someone. Be careful, don’t want you to get hurt.

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — August 29, 2006 @ 3:11 pm | Reply

  3. A womans job is never done!!

    Tell Psycho boy to stop calling!!

    As far as Flatwoods, tell him a little effort goes a long way. Don’t tell a girl you will call and then don’t do it. Grrrr, I hate it when people do that!

    I hope your cleaning goes well today. Hey, stop by my place when you are done, I have some stuff that needs to be done too!!


    Love ya girlie, TTYL


    Comment by Bekah — August 29, 2006 @ 3:22 pm | Reply

  4. I think you really need to listen to Spazzgirl. this guy isn’t over his last yet

    Comment by art — August 31, 2006 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

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