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August 31, 2006

Busy 5 days off, but also relaxed…

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I can’t BELIEVE how much I got done these past 5 days off! Someone come pat me on the back! I got the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and Ian’s room COMPLETELY CLEAN, as in de-cluttered, cleaned, dusted, vacuum, removed carpet stains, swept, mopped….CLEAN! Ian helped me to his room, there is still more to be done, but when we cleaned we organized SOME of his toys. He has a lot of SMALL toys like action figures with their weapons and shit, so I tried to get that organized somewhat. Now that I know what he has, I am going to get some clear plastic bins for him to keep them together, I’ll learn him damn it, haha. But, he was so excited when his room was completely clean and vacuumed. HE has a rug that has streets on it. His room stayed completely clean for a total of 3 hours, haha, then he pulled out some hot wheels to play on the rug that he hasn’t touched in MONTHS cause all his toys were in the way. Ian EVEN GAVE UP SOME TOYS! A box full, the box is about 3 x 2 x 1 ft, and it is FULL TO CAPACITY of old books and toys that he said he grew out of! I’m so proud of him for getting rid of so much! He was proud, too. I’m going to let my friend go through some of the stuff since she has a toddler and most of the toys and books are toddler toys, and the rest will be donated to Ian’s daycare, so I think he likes the idea that he knows where his toys are going. He even started playing with his leap pad stuff since we found all the cartridges and books.

I got all the laundry done, folded and put away.

The only things left to clean are the utility room and my bedroom, my bedroom became the catch-all for the things that wouldn’t fit in the utility room and things that I do not have anywhere else to put. I got rid of a box and a trashbag full of trash and broken toys between the living room and Ian’s room.

Ian’s teacher came by Wednesday for the home visit. She seems fun, Ian was so excited to meet her he kept looking out the window for her, but then when she showed up he ran and hid in his room for a little bit, haha. He did meet her and she seems fun. I now have a buttload of papers to fill out before TOMORROW morning, haha. Ian and I go to classroom visit on Friday morning, the papers need to be turned in then. They asked ME what bus he’ll be riding…uh, I don’t know I was never told anything. I love how they do that, lol. I know he’ll be riding the bus to his daycare after school (they have an after-school program, buses drop the kids off right to the daycare), so that is assigned and put in the papers, but not sure about picking him up because not sure what time the bus would pick up on our street, and I have to be on the road by 7:30 am so I can make it to work in time…but the teacher said that they do drop-offs at the school for breakfast at 7:30, so I’ll probably end up doing that.

After the teacher left, took Ian to the barber to get his haircut, and did some last minute shopping of stuff on the list the teacher gave us of what he needs (he only needed 2 things on the list, we had the rest), and then it was home. We had rented movies on Friday, but I didn’t have time to watch them cause I was cleaning and all… so the rest of Wednesday was just being LAZY and enjoying our CLEAN AND CLUTTER FREE apartment.

Our apartment manager sent a letter to everyone, they want to install central air (not sure if I mentioned this before or not), BUT, if we “vote” to do it, our rent will go up $80 a month! I’m not sure how many people are stupid enough to do this, but I hope not, cause I was also informed in a separate letter that my rent will increase $25 starting Nov. 1. So, that would be a $105 a month increase, and these are old apartments, I don’t think they are worth that much. But, with the possibility of losing my part job still looming overhead, not sure what I can afford as far as moving, so, just another thing to stress about. Like I said, just when some things go good in my life, I get a curve ball. I know I’ll figure something else out, I always do, but I would just like to relax completely and not have something lurking in the back of my mind to kill my peace and calm all the time, ya know?

I have a date set up for Saturday. I work this weekend, but dad is going to keep Ian overnight to watch him for me this weekend, and this date is with Flatwoods. A real date, I haven’t been on one since 2 years ago when Jim took me out ON A REAL DATE. Flatwoods tried to get together with me last weekend but I couldn’t get a sitter, then we tried for Tuesday, but again, the sitter wasn’t enough time between driving and when we get off work, etc., so we postponed it till this Saturday. He’s off this weekend, so he’s going to drive to the town where I work and meet me after work, then we’ll have all evening to do stuff. So, I hope it goes well, we’ll see.

But, again, that red flag. Now, yes he is not over his ex…but, in all fairness, I still have feelings for Country Boy…so, I can’t exactly hold it completely against him, but I do need to be careful and so does he, and we actually tsarted talking about it last night, and we said we’d talk about it more later, we both had to get to bed. So, at least the communication seems to be open so far. I am just gonna have fun and go with he flow, and not let things get so serious, and I think we both need that.

OK, I forgot HNT, but I will have to do it next week. Have a great Thursday everyone!

Oh yeah, some comments to comments on my previous post:

Mike – hahaha, Ian was the one who WANTED to make the goofy faces, and he got tired of holding his face in his position and moved right before it did the pic, haha. Yeah, with the pounding headache I had, I’m surprised I could still make my eyes go like that, unless that’s what I looked like after 2 hrs in that damn place, haha.

Bekah – clean your own stinking house, haha. jk. not really, I’m not kidding, but I am….what? OH, and I am sending you a private e-mail about Flatwoods….lol.

Spazzgirl and ART- yeah, I know he’s not over the ex-gf, but like I mentioned before, in his defense, I still have feelings for Country Boy, I just know its over and am going to move on regardless, but I’m also making sure Flatwoods knows its just gonna be slow and go with the flow, and he wants that, too. I point things out to him about why is he dating if he’s not over his ex, and he said he knows its over and he’s going to move on, he’s not gonna sit around and cry over someone who lied and stole money from him…yep, haha. So, at least we are both aware of it, so I think it will be ok. Thanks for your concern! 🙂 It is something we’re talking about. 🙂


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  1. I am so glad we don’t have teachers come to our homes…I don’t know how I would explain the scrapbooking dining room.
    Have fun on your big date night!

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — August 31, 2006 @ 3:07 pm | Reply

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