Diana Banana Pancakes

September 2, 2006

At I least saw the red flag this time….

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Spazzgirl and ART….lol….well, you both were right, and I knew it, I saw the red flag this time….lol, but thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt…BUT…my date with Flatwoods was cancelled, by HIM last night, late last night, in an e-mail. Wanna read the e-mail?

Sure ya do….

diana let me first start with im sorry i have been doing a
lot of thinking and your right i shouldnt be dating my head is so screwed up and
i think she is messing with my mind hey your a great girl and any guy would be
lucky to have you and your a hard worker and and a good mother but im going to
pass on tomorrow i think it would be leading you on because i will tell you the
truth and if she would take me back i would leave who ever i was with to go back
to her and i know i got that feeling and im not ready to move on so im going to
put dating on the back burner for a wile until i get her out of my mind so again
i will say im sorry but please understand it has nothing to do with you its all
me have a goodone and take care i will still talk to you and IM you everyonce
and wile

Anyway, so yeah, date cancelled….then I also had an interesting IM from my friend Bill last night, and I had an epiphany…light bulb came on…a realization…

It came in my conversation with Bill, my IM with him, I’ll get into that later, I gotta get to work. Just had to share that my date was cancelled, but at least this time I was aware of the red flag, usually I’m oblivious to it. I just wish there was more notice than what he gave, and a phone call would’ve been nicer instead of an e-mail that I may not have even gotten if I wouldn’t have checked my e-mail before I left for work this morning at 5:30 am. I was supposed to meet him right after work. Nice.

But, I hope to salvage the weekend somehow, maybe I’ll enjoy my CLEAN APARTMENT while I’m kid free this weekend, Ian’s at my dad’s for the weekend since I have to leave for work so darn early on the weekends. SEE, PERFECT WEEKEND FOR A FREAKING DATE, ugh. lol.

Have a good weekend,be safe.



  1. Diana,
    I’m sorry I was right; I really was hoping that I would be wrong. Try to just relax and let things happen but any flags and I feel,(strictly my opinon mind you), I feel any flags and you should drop them quick like. peace~art

    Comment by art — September 5, 2006 @ 2:32 pm | Reply

  2. ohhhhh…what crap!!
    An email?!?! You deserve way better than that, not even worth any effort, girl.
    Better things will come your way, I am sure of it!!

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — September 5, 2006 @ 3:29 pm | Reply

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