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September 12, 2006

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I have a pain in my ASS….literally, haha. I think I’m having a sciatic nerve problem. Seems every time I sit down, my low low back through to my right ASS cheek and right hip is HURTING, not a constant hurt, but a shooting pain. This same side, almost 3 years ago, I couldn’t walk at all on that right leg, I could feel it, had sensation in the leg, but when I put my weight on it, I would have pain in that same area in my low low back and basically my right leg would just give out and I couldn’t walk on it. That lasted a little over 2 weeks. I think all this sitting on my ASS is starting to affect it again. Thank goodness I’ve decided to start working out again…of course, I said that a couple of months ago. I have 10 months before our trip to Hawaii…so hopefully this pain in my ass won’t affect my ability to exercise, and I’ll be able to lose the weight. I’ve already started eating healthier, taking my lunch to work, eating more fruits and salads, and eating smaller portions, but this just started here in the last week, so not like I’ve been doing it a long time, lol. Now that part of my life is mostly organized (most of my apartment) I suddenly feel like I can handle this stuff, too, baby steps, man, baby steps…of course, if my ass keeps hurting, haha, all I can take is baby steps. Funny thing is, I’m FINE when I stand up, walk or lay down, its only when I sit that this pain shoots. Hmmm….

I work this weekend, but I’m off Thursday and Friday if anyone wants to hang out, come visit, call, chat online, whatevaaah

Have a great day!

Oh, to the “anonymous” person who commented about Jim avoiding me, it could be a possibility, but he does forward me e-mails a lot of the time, some to me and a couple of people, sometimes just to me, so, I doubt that’s the case. He’s just a friend, and I know life can get busy sometimes. Heck, my parents live 2 blocks from me and my life gets so busy that up until Ian started soccer, I saw them maybe 1 time a month….so, I do know how it goes being a single parent and working and life in general. 🙂 But, even if he is avoiding me, its not like I call him every day, maybe one or twice a week I will either try to e-mail or call at the most. So, not a big deal to me. Thanks though. 🙂



  1. That nerve thing is really a pain in the ass, had it once. I was told to do some crazy stretching and although I rolled my eyes and just asked for muscle relaxers, it was the stretching that cured it.
    Good luck girl!! Get stretchin’!

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — September 12, 2006 @ 3:01 pm | Reply

  2. sorry you are having a pain in the ass..literally. Also I can’t come hang out this weekend as I live down here in the sunshine state.er.Florida…..hell……the hottest place on earth…whatever you want to call it.

    Comment by art — September 12, 2006 @ 3:18 pm | Reply

  3. I have a pain in the ass too!! It’s called work!

    Love ya girlie!

    Comment by Bekah — September 13, 2006 @ 4:47 pm | Reply

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