Diana Banana Pancakes

September 13, 2006

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I turned in my vacation request, crossing fingers, knocking on wood, doing a good luck jig…anything that will help, haha. They say they rarely accept 2 weeks vacation in a row….so hoping that the fact that its a family vacation, AND that I’ll be able to visit my mom and step-dad and his grandma in Hawaii, who Ian and myself haven’t seen for 2-1/2 years, will help sway her. Please keep your fingers crossed! She’s a mom, close with her family, so hopefully she’ll understand that my mom hasn’t seen her grandson in person for 2-1/2 years as of right now, over 3 years by that point.

Anyway, the picture above is the view from the back lanai of the house we are renting in Hawaii! So far 18 family members on my dad’s side are going, well, 16 and 2 boyfriends. Yep, everyone else has a significant other going, except me, my sister Amanda who is going to be 19 in November, and 2 kids, Ian and my cousin’s son DJ who I think is 11? LOL…Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet a great guy who would want to go and could afford his own shit, hahaha. Too bad my sis is too young to get into the clubs, I think it would be fun partying with her, but, then again, clubs aren’t her thing, she’s all goth and stuff, lol. I could go with my other 2 cousins, Angela and Debra, and their guys, but I’d be a 5th wheel, hate that, but I know we’ll have fun anyway. I’m not sure who else is going yet. My party-fun cousin isn’t going, he’s going to cancun instead, lucky dog, lol….now HE would be fun to hit the clubs with! I went clubbing with him once a LOOOOONG time ago, about 10 years ago…now that shit was fun.

Lovin that house we’re renting! Private beach….lanai….grass out to the beach….you can see Diamond Head and Koko head crater FROM THE PRIVATE BEACH, sunsets……ahhh, I’m relaxing just THINKING about it!

Talk about motivation to lose weight! 🙂


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