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September 18, 2006

My weekend….

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Well, had my date with TE on Saturday. He met me at my apartment after work, went to the closest city, about a 30 minute drive, went to Olive Garden. Then he took me to the craft store in that town and we went to Toys R Us cause he wanted to see if there were any new games, and then we went to the Dollar Store there haha.

He and I laugh A LOT, freaking funny. I’m still not used to someone almost my height, he’s barely taller by 2-1/2 inches, lol. He wouldn’t let me pay for anything, lol. I have this “thing” about paying 1/2 on a date….so there are no “expectations” on the guy’s end….yes, some guys actually DO say at the end of the date that they paid…so they “deserve” to get some! Freaks….lol. But, then there are guys on the other end of the spectrum who are the opposite. Jim told me he would be offended if I tried to pay, he said he didn’t ask me out to “get some”, he is asking me out to spend time with me, and that if we do more than that, it would be a nice dessert, but, that he had no expectations, lol. Another guy told me the same thing. Of course, these guys are 40-ish, maybe there’s an old-school factor to that, haha. Yes, I just called them old-school, lol, old fashioned…whatever, but then again, I’ve also not gone on a lot of REAL dates before.

So, he wouldn’t let me pay, but oh well. We went to Toys R Us and made fun of some toys, lol, went through the toys and started playing around, lol, he cracks me up, he started climbing on a kids bike and kids chair, so I swiftly ran away to another aisle, lol, so we were running around like a couple if idiots, lol, goofing off. We went to the video game part and he started playing a game and I kept making him lose, haha, I checked out the gameboy games for Ian…then off to the scrapbook store where we goofed off some more, after checking out the scrapbook stuff, of course. He was asking “what is this for, what is that for” and so he learned something new, haha. Then he did the “why would someone want to put that on a page with pictures?”….which is what I think sometimes about some of the supplies there are out there, lol….so I got a kick out of him in the craft store. All in all a fun date, just cause I can be a complete idiot in front of him and he doesn’t care, lol, we laughed so much I swear my stomach muscles were hurting on Sunday! I snorted several times from laughing so much, haha, he spit soda from laughing cause I did something right when he took a drink of soda, lol…yeah, fun for sure. Still not sure if he’s someone I’d date as far as “relationship”, but we definitely have fun and he asked if there could be a third date….we’ll see. We did kiss, it was nice, not “damn I want more of THAT” type of kisses, lol….but you all know my kissing issues, lol, I love kissing, so maybe I’m picky, who knows. So, then we went to my apartment and just hung out and watched TV, channel surfing and making fun of some reality shows and imitating some accents on BBC. lol.

Oh, I have to share this, too funny….I talked to a guy who lives here locally, he’s 41, we started talking online, then hung out in person one day. He’s a nice guy, very polite….so not my type, lol. Anyway, we talked, and turns out HE KNOWS PSYCHO PANTY BOY! He lives closer to psycho boy than I do, and he said his youngest brother (who is my age at 32) went to school with him, and he said that kid is WIERD and that he is an only child and BEYOND a mamma’s boy, and that he thought the guy might be gay, so of course when I told him about the panty boy thing, he had a good laugh about that….ugh….I’m so grossed out by psycho boy…and to think he and I….UGH! Must take a SCALDING HOT SHOWER!! Thank goodness psycho panty boy hasn’t called back since that night I accidentally answered the freaking phone! Since then I don’t care if it DOES go to voicemail, I’ve been diligently checking the caller ID. So far, so good, but its only been a few days, not even a week yet.

Ian said he had a great game, dad said he had 2 assists for goals and 1 goal this game. Last year, both fall and spring season, he didn’t get 1 single goal, he kinda just ran around on the outside ofthe group following the ball, lol…but this year he is getting into it more. Loving that. No pics. *sigh* but he has a game on Saturday and I’ll be there. I’ll only miss 2 more of his 7 games left, so not too bad this season.

TE had bought Ian some knight dress-up stuff from one of the stores, and Ian loved it, until he broke one last night, he was crying and kept saying “its a new toy” awwwwww. Ian actually takes realy good care of his toys for a kid his age….remembers to turn the power off on games….I think that comes from being GHETTO POOR when we couldnt afford to get new toys often or batteries for toys…so, in a way its good, but I’m also glad I’m not THAT bad off financially, that I actually have money to spend a little on me and Ian, money to put away, and Ian can do whatever sports he wants to try without me asking my parents to help out, I can get things for us without feeling “guilty” about spending the money on something we want versus something we need. Its a good feeling. I work hard for that good feeling, damn it, haha.

Been daydreaming of Hawaii! I started eating healthier and started a slow work out, it would be better if my freaking BACK wasn’t hurting! I could do more if it wasn’t, but some is better than none, and I have that light at the end of the tunnel…HAWAII….that motivation…

My body aches, though…ya know what would feel good? A full body massage and a jaccuzzi…..any volunteers? lol….

Oh, my SISTER! The one who moved to Washington…the one who has been there since mid July and STILL has not given us a mailing address. Her birthday is in 2 weeks from tomorrow…she’ll be 30…the big 3-0….and I am working on a gift for her, but have no where to mail it to. The sister who moved with her boyfriend, with no notice to any family that she was moving, just up and moved one day, says her stuff is still in storage in California. The sister who I had only heard from via one txt message less than 2 weeks ago, but not a word for a month before that. She sent that txt with a “new cell number” to reach her, as the other cell she gave us suddenly gave a message of “this subscriber does not allow incoming calls” when you dialed the number. In the new txt about 1-1/2 weeks ago she gave us a new cell number, but with the instructions of no calls before 9 pm her time (which is MIDNIGHT my time) but we could txt as much as we wanted, so I had plans to call her on the weekend, and even txt her to tell her so…and I tried….with the NEW NUMBER… which had the message “this subscriber does not allow incoming calls.” That makes 2 numbers she gave us now that we can’t contact her through, have to wait for HER to contact US. She sent me a txt on Thursday saying “guess who might be pregnant :/” and by that last little emoticon shit, I think that means she’s not quite excited about it….and so of course I wanted to talk to her. I got that stupid message and double checked that I called the right number. Yep, same message. Then I txt her back and told her that we can’t get through on her cell phone and to call me when she gets a chance. I sent her another txt yesterday, similar message. I’M SO FRUSTRATED WITH HER! She seems to have lost all sense, and seems to be cutting us all off. She and I USED to be very close. Then she met this guy and now its like we don’t know or understand her anymore.

I’m praying she’s not pregnant with his kid. Is that evil to say? I’m not a hateful person. But, I know how hard it is being a single parent, but at least I have family close by to lean on if I need help. She is in a new state with no friends, no family, and we don’t even freaking know what CITY SHE LIVES IN in Washington.

I hope you all have a great Monday.


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  1. Sounds like you had a great date, laughing, talking…all good!!
    Guy asks me out…that guy is paying, period. Chivalry is not dead and we are single po’ parents, girl, they should pay! LOL
    Ian is rocking that soccer field, my little guy scored on Saturday too! Too bad he was offsides and it didn’t count.
    Sisters are a strange breed, I’ve got three and some days I just shake my head. As the oldest it is hard to just let them do their own thing because they are all grown ups now, but I still think they need some sense slapped into them from time to time.
    Hope all is well with her.
    Good luck on the healthy diet! (Hawaii is a good motivator)

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — September 18, 2006 @ 4:06 pm | Reply

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