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September 25, 2006

Floating what? **edited

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The title will be explained later, sorta, haha.

This past week was decent. The usual stuff. TE came by on Thursday and hung out with me and Ian. He brought his PS2 and of course now Ian is addicted and shit. sheesh, lol. Then on to the weekend which was pretty good for the most part.

Ian and I participated in a charity walk for our small town, the money raised goes to various events/activities in our small town, including Ian’s youth sports, so of course we had to do it. It was cooler and drizzling during the walk, some people didn’t show up (its just rain, guys!). We started the walk and Ian’s grannie was walking very fast, and poor Ian was having a heck of a time keeping up! Poor guy, she was practically shoving him forward! It was a 2K walk and Grannie was relentless on him, 1/2 way through he was so tired we just kinda fell to the back while Grannie kept on ahead, then she slowed down enough to talk to one of her old-lady friends….Ian was not a happy camper. I couldn’t believe he would push him like that, lol, kid didn’t have a way to pace himself. Oh well, mental note…next year we walk ON OUR OWN so it will be more fun for Ian, haha.

After the charity walk we headed to dad’s and hung out, Grannie had to work, training a new girl, so we hung out, talked about Hawaii, about my sister who is still not truly in contact with us.


Speaking of single parents….loser-ex called this weekend. Did I mention he is back with his ex-gf….the girl who kicked him out over Thanksgiving weekend last year…the one who he was saying she was psycho and selfish because he paid for her books for school….complaining to ME about HER, yet all the while I’m thinking “so, you’ll pay for your girlfriend’s school books, but you WON’T get your son a new coat for the winter or anything he NEEDS?”…..yeah, the girlfriend who lived with him and then loser was suddenly in his life every other weekend like he was supposed to be? Well, now she’s back…and they are again LIVING TOGETHER…and he’s supposedly working as a cook at Pizza Hut…. Loser asked “when was the last time I saw him?” like its MY fault…I told him in June when I went up to that area. He said “June? That’s a long time.” again…hello, no shit dude…who’s fault is THAT? Then his girlfriend is in the background saying when can we get him again. I’m thinking, when you drag your asses over to pick him up. I shouldn’t have to drive Ian to see his own father when his own father doesn’t do SHIT for him. Yes, I’m working 2 jobs, but I’m not doing it so I can have gas money to drive to where they live….sheesh. I told him Ian has a soccer game every weekend till the end of October, the games are usually done by noon at the latest. I said, why don’t you come see one of his games, then take him home after the game. They have to have so many kids to play a game, otherwise it has to get rescheduled, so I told loser this and said he can’t miss a game cause they have the minimum amount of people. That’s not true, but loser took Ian out of a game last year, as well, and wasn’t above taking him out of the last game and having Ian miss the end-of-the-season pizza party the kids EARNED through fundraising. So, we’ll see. Here’s the problem, if I tell him he has to stick to the visitation schedule, that means he can get Ian on Friday NIGHT, which means he will also miss 3 more of the 6 games left….so I’m not sure what to do. I swear, sometimes I wish he was just not around at all. I can’t keep Ian from seeing him just because of lack of child support unless I go through the court, I know this through Country Boy and the drama he’s gone through, but that would cost ME money for filing and then court fees.

Still not sure what’s up with my sister who up and moved 2 months ago. This is just not like her to not be in communication with ME, I’ve always considered us very close and she said the same thing, but now I wonder how close we really have been. She had given one cell number, and then no one had heard from her for a month, so I tried calling her cell, and it said “this subscriber does not accept incoming calls.” And I mean NO ONE had heard from her! She has a myspace, and so do I, and some of HER friends from there were messaging ME asking if she was ok and that she hadn’t contacted them in over a month and that the number she gave was out…I told them I wish I knew, I was getting the same thing. A couple of weeks later she txt messaged me with a new number, said not to call until after 9 pm her time (midnight my time) yet we could txt as much as we want. Well, I didn’t call her the next weekend, I had to work, so I tried to call her about a week ago, and her cell got the SAME MESSAGE, no incoming calls! That was only 2 weeks ago she gave us the new cell number. At first I was relieved to get the txt from her, but in a week it was already no incoming calls. I haven’t stayed up till midnight to call because I wake up at 4:30 in the morning, but I’ll have to try it one night to see if maybe its just set that way for before 9 pm. Her birthday is Oct. 3, so of course we’re all wondering where we can mail stuff to her….barely over a week away (a week on Tuesday)…. She’s been there (for the whole story you guys will just have to read back a couple of months) for 2 months now and we still don’t have a mailing address for her. Dad said he had called her with the second number a few days after she gave us the number, and he said she told him they both were working (her and her boyfriend) but he didn’t elaborate much else…not sure why he didn’t get a mailing address from her then. Maybe he forgot, or she had to go, who knows.

Anyway, so that is still on my mind.

I had a wierd dream last night (Sunday night)….I dreamed I was in my apartment, and I had my sister sleeping over with me (the one who hasn’t been keeping in contact since she up and moved with no notice)…in my dream, she was sleeping over, then I had to go to the bathroom, so I got up and I saw something moving from the corner of my eye, I went and looked, and it was a DOOR floating by, going up the hall towards where I was headed, I tried to yell at my sister to come here, but nothing came out. I went back to where my sister was, and woke her up, we both went to where I saw the door go, and the door was now where it was supposed to be, so we opened the door, and behind it was a big panel like the fuse box type of panel, and we could see electricity currents and hear it every once in a while, like bad wiring or something. Then we closed the door and both went back to bed, and I then saw a door floating again, from one room into another room, I followed the door and it disappeared, then I again tried to yell at my sister and nothing would come out, so I went into my room, and the door was now in my closet and someone was going in the door and when the door closed, I woke up.

What the hell is THAT about?



  1. I think you, me, Ian, and David should just pack up and go away for a while. We could go to Hawaii…. or anywhere but here or where you are…..

    That’s how I feel today.

    Sorry to be such a bugger today..

    Comment by Bekah — September 25, 2006 @ 2:31 pm | Reply

  2. OK, so that is why I have a rule about how long I have to actually like a guy before I even introduce him to the kid, way too heartbreaking if they “like them” and then they turn out to not be what you like. Too…you can’t judge the guys “parenting” skills or lack there of, he has a parent…YOU! And you are a fabulous mom and all he needs really.
    Hope you hear from your sis soon, that would drive me nuts.
    And I totally agree…Ian cannot miss soccer, he made a commitment to the team and loser shouldn’t even ask him to skip it, you are totally absolutely right on!!

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — September 25, 2006 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

  3. I think I would not be having guys around my kids till I was SURE they were the one… that is terrible to do to a child!

    THEN to take him into the bedroom to talk to him about why you were angry… leaving a five year old child sitting out of the room by himself wondering why his mom is locked in a room with some guy he hardly knows? PLUS, you have no right to get mad at him for his lack of “parenting” because he IS NOT Ian’s parent! You shouldn’t even be discussing it with him! But worse you should never have him around Ian when you aren’t sure you like him yourself! That is childish and selfish on your part. If you worried a little less about what guy you could have over every weekend, maybe you would have more time to devote to your child! I mean I know you love him but you already work two jobs and all you do otherwise is OBSESS over guys… Ian needs to be your first priority… I just am amazed that you would have that guy around your son when you hardly know him yourself! There are just no excuses for that.

    Comment by Anonymous — September 25, 2006 @ 10:08 pm | Reply

  4. This is not directed towards SPAZZGirl….she has always been nice to me on comments. This is directed towards the anonymous person who left a comment.

    First of all, not that I should have to justify anything to anyone….

    TE meeting Ian is not a bad thing and not something “terrible to do to a child.” I have been talking to him for over a month on the
    phone, several hours every night, and I’ve spent time with him for several hours for several days. I obviously DO LIKE HIM or I would not have had him in my home and definitely never would have introduced him to Ian. He was introduced as a FRIEND. There was no touching, kissing, nothing that would’ve indicated he was anything other than mommy’s friend because right now THAT IS WHAT HE IS. He wants to date and be more, I’m not sure yet…but TE and I understand this as we talked openly and we know we are just friends first and if nothing more comes if it, so be it, but we are friends as of now. So, there was nothing wrong with that.

    My son IS my first priority, and to suggest otherwise based on a blog is ignorance. I don’t believe you should wait till you supposedly “know” someone is “the one” because you just never truly know that…period. I married the
    person I thought was “the one” only to have his true self emerge later and full of lies and cheating and stealing. So, you just never know. Also, if I’m going to get emotionally involved with someone, I’m going to make sure my son likes him BEFORE I would consider if he would be “the one” or not, period. Its not like I have men coming in and out of my life through a revolving door that Ian meets.

    In the 2 years since I started dating again, Ian has only met 4 people, they were ALL introduced as my friend, and all but 1 are STILL MY FRIENDS, even 2 years later. Only 1 of those 4 became a boyfriend, we dated over 6 months and though we went our separate ways, we still communicate via e-mail. So, its not like I let Ian meet everyone and its not like I don’t think about my son before he meets anyone.

    I also did not lock myself and TE in my room while my child is wondering what’s going on, I went to my room with the DOOR WIDE OPEN, we talked for maybe 5
    minutes and then we were out there again, and what was Ian doing in the meantime? He was COLORING thank you very much. That thing I described in my blog maybe took a total of 10-15 minutes out of a 7 hour time span with TE hanging out with us, the rest of the time we watched movies, played, laughed a lot, had a good time.

    I mentioned TE’s lack of parenting skills BECAUSE I was stating how he interfered with MY parenting, so why the assumption that I wanted HIM to parent MY child is BEYOND ME. I expected him to respect MY parenting skills, and if I do end up in a relationship with him, don’t you think knowing if he has any parenting skills would be, I don’t know, IMPORTANT for the long term? Right now we are just friends, and I DID state that I CAN LET THAT SLIDE, because of that fact.

    Lastly, in the last 9 months since I’ve been single again after my boyfriend and I broke things off, I’ve only been on 2 dates, WITH THE SAME PERSON, and only met 1 other guy in a casual, non-date setting. The guys I talk about getting together with on the weekends are FRIENDS, my FRIEND JIM being the main one, my FRIEND ALLEN….and if you read the blog correctly, 9 out of 10 times its just Ian and myself on the weekends. Simply because I put my thoughts online does not make one obsessive. Perhaps you should look up the meaning in the dictionary. Simply because I mention guys on here, does NOT mean “all you do otherwise OBSESS over guys”. My blog, if you read my header, is just a way for me to let out thoughts, “ramblings of a single mom.” This is somewhere I just let things out. It is not an accurate picture of my life as I’m not on here 24/7. So, while you point finger and judge, maybe its a good idea to find out the whole story first. Oh yeah….and thanks for judging me while leaving yourself anonymous. That definitely shows character.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    Comment by Diana — September 26, 2006 @ 3:29 pm | Reply

  5. Diana,
    Hon, don’t listen to someone that can’t even be a big enough person to leave their name after a nasty comment. I know you are a great mom,and you know you are a great mom and Ian knows he is loved.

    To the anonymous blogger:

    How could you not leave your name? Apparently you don’t hold yourself in the highest regard if you can’t even sign your name to something your wrote.

    As far as making sure someone is the one….. I was married for 11 years, I swore he was the one, and he ended up not being…. so how long exactly do you think we should date before introducing our children to them? 10? 20 years? I have moved in with my boyfriend, but am not sure he is “the one” that will be there forever because NO ONE can know that FOR SURE…. you can feel it, you can even swear it, but things change, people change. Life changes. My son has met several of my friends just as that “mommy’s friend”. You gotta know that children are way more resilient than what you give them credit for. In my mind and by what you wrote I see you are probably a married stay at home mom that can devote 24/7 to her child and that has never had to deal with trying to be happy on an adult level while taking care of your child. You probably never had to work two jobs to support yourself, your husband probably works and takes care of you so you can sit home and criticize other people…. Whatever…. you really shouldn’t go around attacking people on their blogs when you haven’t had to do what they do, and just because you do it different doesn’t make it right, or better, or anything, it just makes it different.
    Ian is a very happy, very emotionally healthy five year old boy. He has what I consider one of the best moms on this Earth.
    If you don’t like what you read on this blog then don’t read it. IF you insist on reading it and attacking Diana the least you can do is sign in before you comment instead of hiding behind anonynimity.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    Comment by Bekah — September 26, 2006 @ 4:15 pm | Reply

  6. I was about to rant myself on this ‘Anon’ ahole commentor but Bekah beat me to it and did a damn good job too! If you don’t like what you read “anon’ then simply don’t read. O, I’m sorry ‘anon’ we forgot YOU were perfect.
    Don’t edit your blog or even listen to this idiot ‘anon’ person. I let people comment as anon on my site because frankly i don’t care if they like me or not. That’s just me. I know I’m a good person and that’s enough for me. You know you’re a good person as well so just ignore the jerk. If they really bothered you that much with thir stupidity then i suggest changing your blog settings so as not to accept ‘anon’ comments; then if they want to say something they at least aren’t hiding under a rock. **hugs**

    Hey ‘anon’—f off already!

    Comment by art — September 26, 2006 @ 6:24 pm | Reply

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