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September 27, 2006

Thank you

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For those of you who supported me or were at least NICE when giving advice (Spazzgirl, I’m glad we exchanged e-mails!)….thank you.

Its amazing how a comment from someone I’ve never met could affect me so. I’d like to chalk it up to PMS hormones or whatever, but truth is, sometimes I’m just a sensitive person. I probably shouldn’t have ranted, haha, but heck, I felt the need to justify myself.

To no one?

To myself?


I do know I’m a good person, and thank you for those who know it too and were supportive of me. Warms my soul to know others out there I’ve never met can see I do what I can and am a good person at my core. I went from upset that someone could be so rude and anonymous, to happy that others see me for who I am, based only on this little piece of internet where I voice my random thoughts, share my pics of my son, and tell little tid-bits about my personal life.

I’ve decided to make my blog to no anonymous comments. If you want to bash me, you have to at least sign in to blogger. Thanks Art and Bekah for that suggestion which I didn’t realize was available, and thanks Bekah for showing me how to change it.

I feel much better now, and if I ever get upset at someone else, I definitely know who to call on, haha…..thanks Art and Bekah.

If Anon is still reading this blog…..well, I’ll just shake my head and laugh, I just don’t get you.

On to other things….I’m going to work today…I was supposed to have today and Thursday off, because I work this weekend. But, the boss-lady said if I wanted to work on my days off for some extra Hawaii money, just let her know and she’ll approve it. I asked yesterday. So 8 hours this week is strictly OT, time and a half baby…after taxes only $100 and some change after taxes…BUT? Did I just say BUT? I may not make as much as some, but I make decent money for the area, who the heck am I kidding? But? lol…I have a bonus check I am going to take to the bank tomorrow to deposit into my savings that is NOT linked to my ATM card. (I have 2 savings accounts.) So, its slowly growing.

Dad asked me what I want for my birthday, which is coming up here on Halloween…yep, I’m a Halloween baby. As a kid, I actually never had any dress-up parties….not till my 16th birthday. Actually most of the birthdays growing up were celebrated in the middle of the month as my sister’s birthday (the one who is MIA) is October 3, and mine is Oct. 31, and mom always celebrated ours together in the middle of the month. I’m not sure what I want for my birthday, but I told dad nothing because he announced he was going to pay for Ian and my part of the house rental in Hawaii…that’s like $1400!!! So, I told him I don’t want anything, but birthdays are a big deal in my family, so he’ll end up doing something, he always does. His birthday is October 19th, so I have to figure out something for him. So far I just have a gift certificate to a HUGE bookstore in the city called Books-A-Million, he LOVES books and is always on the hunt for Louis Lamour (sp?) books, westerns. Otherwise, I have no idea for him.

I was starting to make something for my sister, B, the one who is MIA…but to be honest, I’ve been torn between being mad at her, and scared/worried about her. Its just not like her to NOT be in contact with ME…and we have no mailing address for her yet, 2 months after she moved with that boyfriend of hers. Dad said he spoke to her briefly when she first sent her new number about 2 weeks ago and he said she claims they are both working and things are going good, but creditors are calling my mom and myself, and her not being in contact like she is, her savings account overdrawn….dad doesn’t believe her. I don’t know why he didn’t get her address from her while she was on the phone, maybe he forgot to ask. But, last I heard from her was Sept. 14, she text messaged and said “guess who might be pregnant” and then “I’m 8 days late.” That was almost 2 weeks ago! I don’t know where she is or what is going on, and I’ve tried sending texts to her and e-mails, but no response, so I’m assuming she isn’t getting them. Her phone says “no incoming calls”, but it doesn’t say its shut off, but her other cell number she gave before that still says the same thing, so not sure it would really tell us if its no longer in service. So, its more waiting game, but her birthday is 6 days away….mom has been e-mailing me constantly the last few days, and it made me cry at work, yesterday was an emotional day anyway, but seeing how stressed mom is (she doesn’t use her e-mail very often, unless someone tells her to check it because they sent pics or sent her an e-mail)…so to get 4 e-mails from her in 1 day, all about my sister, I know she’s stressed and worried, too, and that is the part that makes me angry about my sister. But, more of me is worried simply because this isn’t like her. But, all I can do is try not to worry too much (yeah, right!), pray and hope she’ll contact us soon.

Ian loves his school, loves his teacher and always has stories to tell me. I love hearing them. I’ve heard great things about this teacher, and she is great at sending home DAILY progress reports or saying what special thing Ian did, its nice to have a daily note from her, and she always puts in that day’s art work or whatever letter writing or number writing project they are doing. Once a week she sends a little letter with some random highlights in the class during the week about everyone, and then a little heads-up for what they will be working on the following week. I love how informed she keeps the parents!

Well, I better get to work….more to write later I suppose.

No one had any comments about the floating door dream, huh? hahaha….

Happy Hump Day!!


**Haha, I just realized I signed this like I’m writing a letter, haha….yeah, I’m tired.



  1. Well, I missed some stuff, I’ll have to catch up on your site!

    OT Baaaaby, is the way to go. 🙂

    Hopefully you’ll get some kind of word on your sister soon, that has to suck.

    Comment by Mindless Dribbler — September 27, 2006 @ 12:05 pm | Reply

  2. Hey woman….
    I just sent you an email….

    My sons teacher does that too, every Friday. They also give props in there to the parents that have volunteered throughout the week. David’s dad decided he would pay for him to take swimming lessons… and I only had to ask him once! Amazing.

    I gotta run, ttyl.

    And no worries, we got your back anytime!

    Comment by Bekah — September 27, 2006 @ 1:49 pm | Reply

  3. Glad you dumped the ‘anon’. hang in there; hopefully your sister will call you soon. I don’t know what to make of your ‘door’ dream. It sounds as if you are trying to ‘fix’ something that is broken and beyond your reach or that you feel you can fix it if someone would stop moving ‘it’ to where you can’t reach it. peace~art

    Comment by art — September 27, 2006 @ 2:32 pm | Reply

  4. So glad it wasn’t me…didn’t really think it could be but you never know, one misplaced exclamation point and I can turn into a real bitch! LOL
    Isn’t life so much easier when your kid has a good teacher? Amazing how the little things matter so much.
    I stopped worrying about my sisters a long time ago, it caused way too many headaches. I say assume everything is fine and work backwards, maybe that would make it easier.
    Hope she calls soon.

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — September 27, 2006 @ 3:31 pm | Reply

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