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September 30, 2006

Sorry, letting off steam, but I’m relieved now, too.

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Possibly its due to “that time” coming around…possibly its due to the lack of common sense some people have had lately…possibly its due to all of the above…I did not sleep well last night, I was VERY frustrated last night….

My mom called around 8:30 last night and told me that my sister finally called her. She said my sister was crying because her Jeep Liberty she bought less than a year ago, they came and took it away that morning. Also, the cell number she had given us last time she told mom that it was work-related and that job didn’t work out, or something, mom was glad to hear from her, and her accent is very strong when she’s excited and English is her second language, so sometimes I can’t figure out what my mom is saying. Mom said my sister didn’t know her phone was out. She FINALLY after 2 months gave us the address to where she’s been staying, which her and her boyfriend are living with her boyfriend’s dad. His dad is a truck driver, so he isn’t around much. She also told mom that she has a part time job and is looking for a full time one, and says her boyfriend is working, but mom didn’t ask details about him. She never explained the no incoming calls thing, but I figure mom didn’t ask. When she gave mom the address, she told mom that she gave it to dad, but I told mom that dad never said anything about the address, so I’m not sure. I thought my sister was lying, since she had been so secretive about everything else. So, first I was frustrated at my sister. So, mom gave me my sister’s address and I called Dad to tell him. Well, dad said he last talked to my sister a couple of days after she gave us the second cell phone number, and when I talked to him about it last weekend, he said he talked to her and I asked what did she say, and he said only that he talked to her that day and she said they were both working and things were going pretty good, and then he kept saying how he has no way to get hold of her, and my step-mom had said that same day “I guess she won’t get anything for her birthday”….so I assumed that meant they can’t get hold of her AT ALL, as in no address or anything…right? Well, I called dad last night and told him about my sister’s address and he said “I have her address, I don’t have a phone number.” And I said “You told me last weekend you didn’t have a way to get hold of her.” and he said “Yeah, her cell phone is turned off and she doesn’t respond to e-mail.” and I said “You never told me she gave you her address.” and he said “You never asked me.” WHAT? Yeah, so now I have to read minds to know that when I asked him what she said, that I should have further asked him in particular if she gave him her address. I said “dad, I asked you what she said and you never mentioned getting an address.” and he said “you never asked” again. Then I said “I told you I haven’t no idea where she lives or how to get hold of her, we haven’t talked on the phone in over a month.” He said, “Oh, I figured you talked to her.” I said “OK, dad, well, now I have her address.” So, I didn’t say anything more, I didn’t want to argue with dad….see…..I know my dad….he has this bad habit of assuming if he has the news, everyone else has it, and I should’ve known better than to NOT ask a direct question. He is the same guy who gets mad at his own family when they do the same thing to him, assume someone told him. So, while I was frustrated, I’m also shaking my head and laughing cause I TOTALLY should’ve known better than to ask a vague question to dad, if you want a direct answer I should’ve asked a direct question.

LOL, sometimes I never know whether to laugh or cry from the frustration. This time, now that I know my sister is ALIVE, that she’s got a job and things are starting to look better, and I have a way to get hold of her, I chose to laugh now, cause I really don’t want to cry. I’ve been worried about my sister for 2 months and it would be easier to cry, but at least she’s OK, and dad is right to a point, I didn’t ask, and seeing as I have the address NOW, there is no sense in getting angry about it.

Of course, it took typing it out here for me to let the steam out of the frustration train. The PMS could make me be more pissed, but I think I was frustrated at my sister, my dad, and then myself for KNOWING how my dad is and knowing better…so instead of getting mad, I’ll just let it go. Besides, the most important thing is my sister is OK. I’m just extremely relieved to know that and now that I have an address for her I can relax about it, finish my sister’s birthday card and present, and send it on its way to her. That is the only thing keeping me from getting completely pissed off is that I know she’s OK, and I’ve been worrying about her for a couple of months now, and now I can relax about it.

I’m at work now, its Saturday, I’ve been here since 6:30 am which means I had to leave at 5:45 am at the latest, which is when I left. I work tomorrow, too, same time, but at least on the weekends its only 8 hrs, and I can work through my lunch and leave 1/2 hr earlier, so I’ll be out of here by 2:30 pm and still have the rest of my Saturday to enjoy. Dad said if Ian’s soccer game gets cancelled, they are taking him to see a movie and into the city, so I’m free, and I called TE and he said he’d come by if I would like, so I said sure. So, he’s coming by, we’re going to watch a DVD or two, and I’ll be able to rest a little and unwind before tomorrow.

Thanks for reading if you still are, haha….Have a great weekend!


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    Thank God she called your mom!
    You must be feeling so much better!!


    Comment by Bekah — October 1, 2006 @ 6:09 am | Reply

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