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October 11, 2006

Just a couple of sickos **UPDATED

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A pic that TE took of Ian and his buddy Noah (Ian’s the shorty, hehe) at the soccer game on Saturday.


So, still sick….I have moments where I feel ok, but most of the day I was miserable and slept probably 4 hours sporadically throughout the day.

Yesterday at the doctor’s office they gave me amoxicillin and told me to take Benadryl (which I’d never had before) and Tylenol. Went ahead and treated Ian for it, too, since he had a cough, swollen lymph nodes and 1 swollen tonsil. Well, we got our amoxicllin on Monday and went home to rest up, eat soup and try to get better. This morning (Tuesday) Ian said he wanted to go to school, no fever, felt fine, so I gave him his amoxicillin and sent him on his way, I stayed home as I could barely even swallow anything, and the doctor said I’d probably still be contagious and should stay home. I dropped Ian off at school and went home, did a few chores and had a huge headache so I laid down, next thing I know its noon and TE has called to check on me and see how I’m feeling, asking if I want him to stop by. I said sure, ended up taking a shower and as I was drying off, I noticed a rash on my chest and a bit on my stomach and under part of my right arm. It didn’t itch for a while, the it started itching a little. I finally called the doctor’s office at 2 pm and told them I’m not sure if its scarlet fever, or an allergic reaction to one of the medications. They said if it was scarlet fever, they would treat it with the same thing, antibiotic, so they just changed my antibiotic in case it was a penicillin reaction, even though I’ve NEVER had a problem with penicillin before. So, still have my rash, we’ll see what happens overnight I suppose.

Also, now Ian’s cough is worse, I should’ve kept him home from school, but he seemed fine this morning. Now he’s coughing more often and he had a fever tonight. I feel like a bad mommy for sending him to school this morning, but he had no fever or cough when he left this morning.

Aside from that, we’re all good, haha. Hope everyone is staying healthy!
Someone wanna scratch my back for me?

**OK, So its Wednesday morning, still sick obviously. Last night Ian coughed so hard he threw up, poor guy, not a lot, and only from the coughing where it gagged him. So, I’ll probably end up staying home a third day. My own self, my throat still hurts. Remember I mentioned the rash? Well, I was told to stop the antibiotic and they would give me a new one, this was by the physician’s assistant, who also said to stop the Benadryl since this was the first time I’d ever taken it, in case its a Benadryl allergy since I had never had problems on penicillin before. So, rash could be related to Benadryl, penicillin, or scarlet fever. The physician’s assistant called in another antibiotic for me to start my first dose that night (Tuesday night) since I had only taken 1 of the 3 pills per day that morning of Amoxicillin. So, I pick up my new antibiotic and head home. TE was with us then, I ended up falling asleep again. Then the doctor’s wife, a nurse, called me at 5:25 pm on Tuesday and said I should’ve been told to come in instead of doing things on the phone, yet then she persisted to tell me to TAKE the Benadryl “because that’s what its for, allergic reactions” and NOT to take the new antibiotic until Wednesday morning. She said it is a penicillin rash, without ever physically SEEING me she decided that its a penicillin allergic reaction and has nothing to do with the Benadryl (which I have NEVER taken before) or the strep throat related scarlet fever. So, now I’m wondering, am I supposed to listen to the NURSE or to the PHYSICIAN’S ASSISTANT? I at first thought my rash had gotten better when the nurse asked me if it was getting better, but it wasn’t, it was just a dark room compared to when I went in the living room and saw the rash was not better. Then she asked where the rash was at, and I told her, my chest and part of my stomach and under my right arm just between the elbow and the armpit. So, she said “scarlet fever doesn’t start like that” and then proceeded to tell me that since its getting better its penicillin allergy. I told her that I had never taken Benadryl before so it could be related to THAT since I took both at the same time, she said no because Benadryl is FOR allergies…sheesh! Yes, I’m only a medical transcriptionist, but I’ve typed medical reports for 10 years, I know people can be allergic to Benadryl, and I also looked up online and in my medical referrence books about scarlet fever, and ALL say that it usually STARTS on the chest and abdomen, which mine did. So, fine, she wasn’t going to listen to me. I took the Benadryl last night before bed that she told me to take, still not sure if I should be listening to a NURSE who just happens to be the doctor’s wife, or to a physician’s assistant. So, this morning, I wake up….and my rash is now on my left arm, my right arm all the way to the wrist, my whole stomach, both boobs, my neck and the upper part of both thighs, so it got WORSE. I don’t know if its on my back since I don’t have a full length mirror and the only mirror in my apartment is my bathroom one which is too high for me to see my own back (I can only see my shoulders up from the front)….but my back it itching now, too, so I assume its spread to there, too.

So, now who was right? The physician’s assistant who said to stop the first antibiotic and the Benadryl, during the rest of the day my rash DID NOT get any worse, or the nurse who said continue the Benadryl in which case my rash DID get worse, and the nurse told me NOT to take the antibiotics, which if my rash is related to scarlet fever, then the only way to treat it is with antibiotics, and since I didn’t have any since 7:00 that morning, and this morning my rash is worse…..

If Ian is well enough to go to school, I’m going to the ER at work (since I work at the hospital) and see what THEY say. If not, I’m going to march myself to that doctor’s office and show them what my rash looks like, where it started and where its spread, and ask to talk to the doctor himself, not the nurse or nurse practitioner, and ask him who I should listen to…unfortunately, that nurse happens to be the doctor’s wife, so that will be a hard call on his part, lol.


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  1. wow. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Benadryl makes me drunk. seriously. Even half of a childs dose of childrens benedryl and i cannot walk, stand, and will fall asleep.

    Comment by art — October 11, 2006 @ 1:54 pm | Reply

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