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October 23, 2006

Lots of pics to catch up….

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OK, so I promised pics, so here are the best ones….I’m in none of them as I took most of them, and dad has 1 pic of ME, but its in front of the damn port-a-potty waiting for Ian to get out of the nasty shit-booth. lol, my dad’s a goober!

Anyway, so here we go, these first pics are from the Bob Evans Farm Festival a week ago on October 15, 2006.

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Ian in the hay bale maze, looking rockin with his sunglasses on, haha…he loved this damn maze so much he did it like 6 or 7 times or something….a lot…
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Ian watching the chainsaw carving champion and his assistant or wife or something, at work….Ian said it was gonna be a bear before it was even finished, he was right. He really liked watching this and stayed for the whole thing.
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Ian riding a horse for the first time. He’s ridden ponies, but never a horse. If you read the blog about that weekend at the farm festival, I mentioned he wanted to ride the white horse (there were 4 horses rotating) and I didn’t think he’d actually get it, but he got to and he was excited.
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Ian at the Chicken Scratch game….they had sawdust on a tarp, and hidden in the sawdust were nickels, so the kids had to scratch through the sawdust like chickens, haha, and find as many nickels as possible, who ever had the most nickels won. Ian got 18, the winner got 29, but the winner kept collecting nickels even after they said to stop, and the woman counting them even told him to stop and he was still going, but she let him win anyway, haha. Whatevahhhhh….
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And the last pic from the Farm Festival….Ian saw some kids “sledding” down this hill riding on a piece of cardboard instead of a sled. Of course, dad goes into his “when I was a kid” story about that’s how they used to do, too, on the non-snowy days. So, of course he wanted Ian to try it, Ian did great and I have some shots that aren’t great, but dad caught this great one of Ian coming back up the hill, and under that is a video of Ian doing some cardboard grass-sledding,b ut he was on his feet for one time, so I said he was grass surfing, and the last time he did it he was on his belly.
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AND BOWLING…10/21/06
First of all, Ian had a soccer game on Saturday, he scored 1 goal and had 5 assists!! Later after I got home from work, I took Ian to a birthday party for a kid who was in his T-ball team…Josh. Josh, River and Ian were buddies on T-ball. It was the first time I had been in our small town bowling alley, very small, but I never went in before cause I always had Ian and they smoked inside, and Ian has sinus reactions to smoking. But now they passed the law here where no smoking inside any businesses and so I figured I’d let him go. Well, now Ian wants to have his next birthday party there, so its an idea. We’ll see if he changes his mind between now and then since its still 6 months away, haha. Anyway, Ian got a strike towards the end of the game, which I missed the pic of cause my batteries died, but here are some shots of Ian and his buddies…and I had a very short video clip of Ian bowling, but for some reason it will play in YouTube, but it won’t embed here, so here’s the link if you care to take the time to check it out, its only 9 seconds long, so not a big deal, haha.

Ian Bowling

Josh (on the bottom), River (wrestling him down) and Ian observing….
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Ian’s turn to bowl…
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Ian wanted to stay longer, but I had stuff I had to do since I had to work that weekend and didn’t have time to do a lot. So, I promised him we’d go again now that I know its not dingy or nasty, haha.

TE was supposed to meet up with us at the bowling alley. He and I were gonna bowl a few while the kids were having the party, but he called me and left a message while I was at work. It was his brother’s birthday on Saturday (10/21) and so they were going to a late lunch for his brother’s birthday, and his brother had a seizure at the restaurant. He said they were in the ER at the hospital and he’s gonna stay. He called me later that night and said the seizure lasted almost 4 minutes, and that his parents were freaking out so he had to try to be the calm one. He said luckily their waiter was in the last part of his nursing school, so he was able to assist. He said they were keeping his brother overnight for observation and testing. He said it was very scary and his brother had never had a seizure like that before. So, send prayers that things will be fine. As of last night when I talked to TE, his brother was going to be kept in another night for tests and released today (Monday) assuming there was nothing wrong in the tests.

Ian wants TE to go bowling with us, “so I can beat him!” so I ran the idea by TE who said maybe we could try this weekend since I’m off work. So, we’ll see how the week plays out, it will really depend on how TE’s brother’s doing this time next week.

Have a great Monday….I’m having the most absent-minded Monday I’ve had a LONG TIME!!!!



  1. Here the pony rides consist of the ponies walking in a small circle attached to a metal contraption. That is so cool that Ian actually rode a pony.
    Ian is a soccer rockstar!!

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — October 23, 2006 @ 2:43 pm | Reply

  2. Looks like Ian is one lucky kid! All that stuff he got to do. You’re a good one Diana!

    Comment by Mindless Dribbler — October 23, 2006 @ 3:08 pm | Reply

  3. Dream weekend girl! It rained all day Sunday in N.C. My kids were antsy to say the least. Little one didn’t want to go to church and the Big One wanted to IM all day long. One huge arguement day!!!! I took them to grandpas when I started to understand why some wild animal moms eat their young!!!!! They fed the pet ducks, road the golf cart and generally gave me a “moment of sanity”. Next weekend will be better…if it’s sunny! Had my first date since the separation this weekend. I’ll post about it later…Love to you and yours! Hugs, the Doll

    Comment by Penny Doll — October 23, 2006 @ 3:52 pm | Reply

  4. Watching someone have a seizure has got to be one of the scariest things I have ever done. I hope his brother figures out what it is. Normally for folks that have seizures it is one of two three things…
    1. Their tolerance to their meds has grown and their dose needs to be upped.
    2. They skipped/missed a dose.
    3. They are sick in other ways (fever will bring on a seizure too).
    I hope he is okay. My little bro has seizures and it sure ain’t fun. He uses his disability to get out of doing things though…
    He is an ass.
    We both knew that already though right?

    Cute pics of Ian!!

    Comment by Bekah — October 23, 2006 @ 8:31 pm | Reply

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