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November 6, 2006

on my mind….

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We all got an e-mail at work this morning (at the hospital job)….NO MANDATORY OT THIS WEEKEND…. {{breathe}} thank goodness.

My sister moved again with her boyfriend…to Minnesota…did I mention that? At least this time she gave us an address and phone number…its her boyfriend’s mom’s place.

Ian went to his dad’s this weekend and I was miserable with worry…I missed him terribly and I’m glad he’s home.

TE came over Saturday night to try to cheer me up, we got into an argument instead, my fault, and I apologized to him. The stress of 2 jobs, dealing with the ex, dealing with the woman at work, holidays looming…and then having an empty apartment when I came home I think it all hit me and poor TE got it taken out on him, I cried…he said he understands that I’m very stressed and that he didn’t want to come here and make me cry, he apologized and held me till I fell asleep. What a sweetheart. I woke up, went to work, and there was a letter for me at home…2 pages…he said he’s falling for me and he hopes that doesn’t scare me off.

Since there is no mandatory OT this weekend, no sports for Ian this weekend…I think I’m FINALLY going to be able to start on Christmas craft gifts and cards….I’m praying I can!

I’m exhausted/tired and don’t feel well, praying I don’t get sick.

I’ve been thinking about Bekah this weekend and hoping her weekend is going good and not stressful. She’s been going through a lot.

My apartment is a mess again….it doesn’t take much with a 5 year old and an exhausted mom.

Ian finally stopped coughing so hard that he throws up….4 nights of that has been hard on me….he still coughs and has runny nose, but no more throwing up from coughing so hard.

Why is it that when I decide to see someone and see what happens, date someone, then suddenly guys I’ve been eye-candying over or had a thing for or were interested in start asking to see me…now that I’m seeing someone? Except Jim, lol…

Ian told my ex about TE, wonder what he thought?

Ian said he will have his own bedroom at his dad’s place….but that’s what his dad and his dad’s girlfriend told him at the last place….which that room was where they kept THE DOG.

The ex’s dad gave me a hug when they came to pick up Ian. I am still close with the ex’s family…just not the ex. I get along with the ex for outward appearances for my son, to make things more smoothly run. His dad is in his 70s, he’s gotten skinnier since his wife passed almost 3 years ago…it was good to see him.

Ok, I’m going back to work now. Sorry for the boring post, but I’m freaking tired.



  1. Think you may need to hang on to that sweet TE. Love ya! The Doll

    Comment by Penny Doll — November 6, 2006 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  2. Wow, things are moving fast there and hon, it never fails that when you meet someone, then all the guys come out of the woodwork. LOL

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — November 6, 2006 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

  3. put your head down on your desk and get some rest 🙂 it’s always nice when you can get along with the x or in your case the x inlaws. I can deal with my x and she with me I think because we don’t hate each other we simply can’t live together; we get along fine as long as we don’t live together. lol Now my x MIL what a bitch! I don’t use that word lightly either. I know lots of people consider their MIL or FIL or x to be one so here, you decide: X-MIL is college educated (masters degree) worked for a big name drug developer and used to make 80,000 pus back in the late 1980’s (when she was still working). MIL stopped working 17 years ago becasue she had a back sprain and has been on oxycotin as well as xanax, prozac, flexerile(muscle relaxer) valuim(yep with the xanax) pot and duragesic patches(can you say herion). She says she can’t work because she is in too much pain and can’t sit or stand but travels in a van driving all over with her boyfriend on trips one way over 1500 miles non-stop(hell that hurts my back). She also mows the lawn, climbs ladders, lifts heavy things,(you get the picture?). Here’s the kicker she says she can’t work so she gets ssi as well as company disability (over 80 grand a year for doing nothing but being high). She lives in a house that belongs to her dad (he pays the 2500 a month mortage)and she still hits him up for money every month. (he calls and tells me. odd but true). MIL likes to buy things for people and then either ask for them back, hold it over your head, just plain bitch or expect you to pay her for them on her whim. example you say? she bought her daughter a necklace (several grand) for a Christmas gift one year, two years later she wanted her daughter to pay for the necklace plus intrest. No I’m not kidding. PHYCHO

    Comment by art — November 6, 2006 @ 6:56 pm | Reply

  4. Slow down girl…geeezus!

    Hhhmm…I’m assuming the note TE left wasn’t too much of a shock for ya?

    Comment by Mindless Dribbler — November 7, 2006 @ 2:49 pm | Reply

  5. Penny doll – well, he’s definitely been sweet to me and to Ian, we have fun and a lot of laughs. He’s thoughtful and helpful. He communicates with me, he’s understanding and forgiving. So far so good!

    Spazzgirl – omigosh!! lol, literally, in the last couple of weeks, 4 guys I was interested before TE came along suddeny e-mailed me wanting to see me, asking if I’m seeing anyone. yeppers, I said, I am. He is moving fast in his feelings, but he also made surein the letter to tell me that he is not trying to force the way he feels onto me, he just wants to be completely honest and I told him I feel bad that I’m not feeling “like that” exactly yet, and he said its ok, that if its meant to be it will work itself out, but in the meantime we are having fun and spending time together and that’s what is important. He’s definitely sweet to me.

    Art – Hehe, I responded to you in an e-mail yesterday.

    Drib – Peeshaww! I have no time to slow down….maybe after the holidays, or after my vacation to HAWAII…maybe then…this is how my brain works, which could explain why its hard for me to fall asleep, my brain won’t shut off! As for the letter….I kinda knew he fancied me…and kinda knew he was feeling more than I am at this point, but I’m determined to take things slow, and he said we can go at my pace and all that. But, no, not really a shock, just makes me a little worried that if I don’t feel that way that he’ll get hurt, and I told him that, and he said he’d rather try and say it just didn’t work out, than not date me at all and regret never trying….so, if he’s fine with things that way, then I guess I am? I do like him a lot, I just don’t know about if I’m falling for him just yet.

    Comment by Diana — November 7, 2006 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

  6. Good Lord Woman! We both have a lot going on. I dare someone to say being a single mom is easy. I’ll open a can of whoop ass on ’em!!

    Comment by Bekah — November 8, 2006 @ 4:49 pm | Reply

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