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November 10, 2006

Honest opinions place…

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Ok, no judgements or anything….but….

I have been working these 2 jobs since end of January, my stress level is high, I feel constantly like I’m absent-minded, I forget times and dates of things, nothing seems to get done, and the cost of daycare in the summer is crazy, and I’ve hda to miss lots of Ian’s sports related/school related stuff because I don’t have time or I’m not home in time from one of the jobs.

I was much happier working full time at home.

The reason I left working full time at home was because that particular job was not steady and at the time they didn’t offer health insurance or vacation pay or 401K….

Now they ARE offering those things, and so far the work has been pretty steady.

But, I also got word of another at-home transcription job that offers health insurance, 401K, and paid vacation…so I’m going to call them as soon as I can and see what their deal is….

I would like to keep a full time and part time, but not at the cost of not being able to spend much time with my son, I only get to spend 3 hours with him at night and about 40 minutes in the morning MAX before I get him to school and I leave for work. On weekends with this hospital job we rotate weekends where my home job was a steady schedule, so on weekends, which would be my time with my son, its now gone, and the ex is now wanting to be more in Ian’s life again, so that means even more weekends gone possibly because of the parenting schedule.

Also, this job is not making me happy, its making me MORE stressed. SOme of you read my blog and have heard me talk about one woman at work…she makes everyone miserable. The days she is NOT here, everyone is more productive, yet they let her get away with the stuff she does. She holds stuff over your head, she intimidates, she threatens to get what she wants out of the employees. I’m officially NOT the only one who she irritates and bugs, EVERYONE said if she was gone, life at that office would be SO MUCH MORE pleasant, and I know of 2 girls who are waiting till the end of the year after the olidays to consider working from home full time at that company, they are the ones woh gave me the number to the other company I’m going to call about….There were 3 transcriptionists BEFORE me who left because of that woman alone, yet she stays and they leave. There is 1 transcriptionist who works from home full time for the hospital because she choses to have no insurance rather than deal with that woman and her threatening ways.

I’m definitely not the only one who feels this way.

I dont’ think any job is worth neglecting your children over.

Yes, it pays decently, but take in consideration I now have the added costs of daycare, and gas, and car maintenance…the job is 40 minutes from where I live….

If I worked at home for 1 job full time and 1 part time, like i”m doing now, I would gain 2 hours more a day becauseI wouldn’t hvae to worry about a drive to/from work,weather…on days when Ian gets sick, I won’t have to call into work, I could still work from home and still get paid…I NEVER called in sick when I worked from home. There were a few days where I had a puonding headache or vomiting, but I STILL was able to work, cause I was at home, and if I had to do something, it was easier to work on other days/times to make up my misisng hours because I didn’t have to worry about is the daycare open or if my parents were home cause I was working from home.

Basically, in a nutshell, I’m MISERABLE at this job, and she rides everyone about more OT, people here complain that they are tired of working ok for a few months, then getting pounded with mandatory OT instead of informing eveyrone we can work 1/2 hr or 1 hr extra each day or every cuople of days and get the same amount of done, but she won’t approve it that way….but what is the point where you say OK, I’ve had enough and I am looking for a new job? How much should I “endure” before I can say I’m done? I’ve been there since January, so about 9-10 months, and since then I’ve developed chest pains and heart skipping a beat, and the ER doctor said, after asking me questions about my stress, caffeine intake, smoking/drinking/drug habits, and doing all these tests including blood work, EKGs, chest x-rays, pulse monitor,, blood pressure monitor…he said all my tests came back negative, I dont smoke, drink or do drugs, yes I have some caffeine, but its been because of having to keep up with this second job…so it most likely is stress he said to reduce my stress and cut out my caffeine, and get 8 hours sleep, and if that doesn’t help he is going to need to put me on medication to slow my heart rate down.

Today I had no caffeine, and I was fine till this woman AGAIN got on about something and then my chest pain started up again.

Do you think I’m acting irresponsibly in trying to find something better? I’ve never been one to jump from job to job, the part time job, I’ve been with that company for 10 years….

Honest opinions please!




  1. You’re acting just as you should. Seems like you’re weighing options for what’s best for Ian.

    Hell, I can’t tell you waht to do but the “at home” job with the benefits sounds like it’s definitely something you should check in to.

    Comment by Mindless Dribbler — November 13, 2006 @ 4:05 pm | Reply

  2. You just have to weigh it all out and see whatever will work for you. You also don’t want to work without benefits or be struggling to make ends meet, but perhaps some things are more important than the money and so you just eat a little more ramen noodles…LOL.

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — November 13, 2006 @ 4:25 pm | Reply

  3. Mike – Yeah, I’m definitely thinking of him and my health…I’m feeling that this is gonna be a good thing, but before I make any moves I’m gonna check on some details like the cost of the health insurance, etc….

    Spazzgirl – I definitely wouldn’t leave without benefits, that’s the only reason I’m considering this other at-home job because they offer benefits, and my current at-home job now offers benefits where they didn’t at the time that I took this hospital job….and the money would be about the same, depending on the cost of the health insurance…see right now I make decent money, but take out the cost of gas to/from work (40 min.) and car maintenance and daycare (in the summer its $440 a month for daycare full time)….so if I take all those extra costs out and if I take the at-home job and the insurance is more than what I pay now, I’d still be ok.

    I haven’t had to worry about money in the last few months, but its worrying about other things, daycare, school schedules, work schedules (2 jobs), sports schedules, sitters, time spent with my kid, and even my health…but the money has been fine. We’re not rolling in dough, but all the bills get paid and we have some money to do other things and save up for going to Hawaii, but I’d even out as far as money is concerned, cause I looked at that, too.

    And damn it, there’s nothing wrong with ramen noodles once in a while, haha.

    Thanks you two!

    Comment by Diana — November 13, 2006 @ 4:40 pm | Reply

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