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November 14, 2006

Catching up and rambling as usual….

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OK, so last week I had posted the previous blog entry about honest opinions wanted, I also posted that same entry in an e-mail to various friends/family members….the opinions are still wanted, so please comment on that if you have an opinion on it.

Aside from that, so much to do and so little time, but that seems to be everyone’s problem now and then…

This past weekend was nice, I didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked, but I FINALLY had 2 whole days off with no work from either job….YES! It felt great to be able to SLEEP IN, well, sorta…I slept in as in I slept till almost 10 am, BUT, I was up in the middle of the night for a while because Ian was coughing again to the point of almost throwing up, so I was up in the middle of the night taking care of him, and then once I’m awake I have a hard time getting back to sleep, but at least I got in 8 hrs of sleep, which those of you who read this thing KNOW that’s rare!

TE came over Friday night and we rented Ian a PS2 game to play because he was good in school all week, and we all had nasty fast food, and I ordered SPRITE because I have to now avoid caffeine, ugh! I’ve decided I don’t like Sprite, so I did buy some caffeine free Coke which will work, but I found all weekend that it was just as easy to not have any caffeine at all.

Saturday was a lazy day, for a change! I did some stuff around the apartment and hung out with my kiddo and TE came over in the evening, we headed to the store to get something for my friend Christine’s son, River. It was his birthday party on Saturday, a bowling party, and it was lots of fun. The kids bowled on one lane and the adults on the next. I suck at bowling, but managed to break my last score of 102, which was WITH a handicap mind you, and got up to 104 WITHOUT a handicap, so damn it, I totally kicked TE’s ASS in bowling, haha….he must bow down. I didn’t win out of the adults, but 3rd out of 6 and the most important is that I beat TE, so there! The kids didnt have a gutter bumper since that bowling alley’s are blown up ones and it was popped, but all the kids at some point hit some pins, Ian had a score of 16 I think, but River won out of the kids with 32! Pretty darn good! He got a spare and the look on his face was priceless!

The kids had a blast, us adults had a blast, I got to see baby Jack, hehehe. He’s such a cutie!

Christine did great at that party, she was so busy trying to get everything done that i had to remind girlie to take her camera out for pics when it came time to do the cake, hehe…but she did great, everyone had fun and Ian DEFINITELY wants to have a birthday party at the bowling alley.

Sunday TE was still around, he watched the football game and I did stuff around the apartment again and worked on what I was going to do for Christmas cards and FINALLY came up with the design, darn it, so now I can start making those. I really should’ve started on the GIFTS, but I am pretty overwhelmed in that department.

Next weekend (18th) Amanda (my baby sis) is coming home from Morgantown for her b-day (which is actually on the 17th)…it should be, uh, interesting to say the least….but looking forward to seeing her again. See, she’s the one who my step-mom is working a FT and PT job JUST for her. My parents are paying for her college because she lost her scolarship, my step-mom is working because she bought my sister a new car, its in my step-mom’s name, but she is paying on the car AND the insurance, she is also paying for my sister’s apartment which includes utilities…my sister had a job but my step-mom told her that she should concentrate on school since she lost her scolarship, and that my step-mom would give her money for gas and some things, but its not much in a college town, and well, my sister just announced that she wants to drop out of school and hasn’t even been going for “like forever” in her words and wants to drop out, get a job full time (which she just got a job) and at the end of her apartment lease she wants to join the Army. Now, my parents are very much “support the troops” people, very patriotic….but my sister, well, now don’t get me wrong, I love my baby sister, but she never did any sports in high school, she cried because she was teased for being the only girl on golf the 1 semester my step-mom MADE her do some sort of sports and she chose golf, she sleeps in till noon or so, she doesn’t like to be told what to do….she just doesn’t DO much, but if she can get into shape and pass basics and actually DO this, then more power to her….anyway, so we’ll see, like I said, it will be an interesting weekend. She seems to really want to do this, so I hope my parents will just let her make her own decision. She will be 19, and she’s going to make mistakes, I do, we all have, but her mom tends to be a bit on the demanding side when it comes to my sister in college, she actually told ME that HER goal is for Amanda to graduate college….so not sure how she’ll take this and sure she’ll try to talk Amanda out of it, but if this is what she wants to do, and if she is going to stick to it, then I’ll be proud of her for sticking to her guns and doing what she wants to do.

Every time she comes in I seem to be working or she’s out visiting all her friends and so we hardly get to hang much, but we do communicate online so at least we keep in touch. During the weekend I plan to get some stuff done for Christmas this weekend, the time is creeping up when I’m going to have to MAIL THINGS and I have nothing started except 1 card completed, haha….yeah, time to get on the ball.

The weekend after that is Thanksgiving, not yet sure what the plans are. Grandpa’s in the hospital with pneumonia and having side effects of his medication, maybe if he’s out dad will want to head that way, because when I asked him about it (because I ACTUALLY have Thanksgiving off, but I work on Christmas eve and Christmas day, darn it) when I asked him what we’re doing he said “we’ll have dinner at someone’s house” so I assume he’s considering going to Beckley, we’ll see.

That’s it, my busy yet extremely boring life. I’m still thinking of what to do for the whole job thing, so on top of all the other things…yeah…my doctor said to avoid stress….well, at least I’m dropping the caffeine, yo….except my chocolates, a girl has to have SOME indulgences, however, I haven’t had any in a few days except some in a chocolate chip cookie on Saturday. So there. haha.

I’m considering moving over to wordpress myself. The Dribbler went that way and I’d never heard of it before that, and I’ve been checking into it and it seems to have a lot more features. I am considering it, but I don’t want to lose my comments or anything, so we’ll see, if we do I may just continue it on and leave this one where it is…maybe. I’m not very good with this internet crap, if I can copy and paste a code I’m good to go, so would it be worth the move?

Take care everyone!



  1. just poped in to say hi

    Comment by art — November 14, 2006 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

  2. gotta go with your gut…And thank your lucky stars because it is $200 a week for childcare here!

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — November 15, 2006 @ 4:13 pm | Reply

  3. Hey girl…I’m glad I moved but you can’t really work your template the way you want at WordPress….that’s basically the only drawback that I’ve seen. Or if there is a way to set it up the way I want it, I ain’t got a friggin’ clue how 😉

    Comment by Mindless Dribbler — November 15, 2006 @ 4:23 pm | Reply

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