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November 20, 2006

The un-exciting play-by-play of the weekend

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UPDATED – Its snowing this morning! First snow of the year.

Yeah, the time is SURE flying by! I didn’t realize that this week is Thanksgiving!!! Yikes, time is going by too fast and I’m at work too much to enjoy it all. Thankfully, I will be off on Thanksgiving, and hopefully Friday, so far its looking like I’ll be off on Friday, but we’ll see how it goes. I still have to work my part-time at-home job on both days, so that means still starting work at 5 am, but its only for 2 hours on each day, so I’m not complaining all THAT much, and I can go back to sleep…if my son isn’t awake yet that is.

So this weekend I didn’t see TE, didn’t know until last minute that my sister wasn’t coming home, and his vehicle was acting up, so we just talked on Friday and then again last night.

Ian was sick on Friday and I took the day off work, but worked on Sunday to make up for it (my work’s work-week is Monday through Sunday, odd right?). Took him to the doctor’s office. I originally called his own physician, but they couldn’t see him till 2:30 pm on Friday, well he had been coughing nearly nonstop since 2 am and was coughing to the point of throwing up, poor kiddo, so I couldn’t wait till that late in the day since nothing I had given him so far was staying in his system to help his cough stop….I finally took him to the newer walk-in clinic in town around 9 am and they saw him right and gave him antibiotics and stronger cough medicine than the over-the-counter stuff. I ended up being followed up there myself, from my shortness of breath and heart skipping a beat issues I had, I was supposed to follow up with a physician but I had not ever had time to see one, so I figured I was off, they said they would follow me up, and so I went too. The doctor was a good looking and very nice guy. Ian was upset because he wanted to go to school, they were having some last-day-of-school celebrating Thanksgiving thing before the thanksgiving break and he really wanted to go, and the doctor said he should stay home and poor Ian started crying (hey man, he’s 5) cause they had been hyping up this last day all week, hello, party at school and stuff, haha…poor little man was upset, and the doctor was ready to walk out the door when he was telling me this, well when he saw Ian cry, he came back in the room, closed the door, grabbed some tissue and went and talked to Ian, told him “hey buddy, look at me” cause Ian was crying with his face down,a nd told him that he knows he’s bummed but that if other kids were sick his mommy wouldn’t want him to get sick from them, and he wiped Ian’s tears and cheered him up. That was nice, most doctor’s just don’t do that anymore, so I was impressed.

So, Friday was spent getting Ian to feel better and I talked to TE until about midnight or so, then I went to bed and Ian and I both slept in. Well, I had to wake up in the middle ofthe night to give Ian some medicine, but otherwise we slept in. I spent the day purging some clutter in my apartment and cleaning up the Halloween stuff to get ready for Christmas stuff to come out, got a lot done and still spent time with Ian. By mid afternoon Ian was feeling good and running around and being his usual self.

Sunday dad watched Ian so I could work, and that was my exciting weekend, aren’t you glad I took the time to do a play-by-play? hahaha

Made a new friend, talked a bit, that was nice too.

This weekend will be my last weekend off probably until right before Christmas…I work the weekend of Christmas so its gonna be busy and tight, and I still have gifts to finish making, cards to make, etc and no time to do it, so cross your fingers, haha….

After the holidays I’ll post some of my stuff I made for my crafty friends to see, hopefully they will look as nice as I planned….we’ll see.

Oh yeah, and the ex called and again is living with that girlfriend who became an ex-gf, and then she took him back almost 10 months later and now they are living together again….so again he’s showing more interest in his son. which should be a good thing because Ian wants to see him, but of course it happens now with the holidays coming….so I’m probably gonna lose having Christmas with Ian….but I’m trying not to think that far ahead as far as having Ian with me goes. I hate it, but at this point I can’t really do anything about it unless I go back to court, and this time of year, with all the other stuff I’m working on and thinking about leaving this job for another after the first of the new year….I just don’t want to go into that whole thing.

blah blah blah.

Of course, maybe he wouldn’t show up like for our divorce hearing, lol….

Have a great week everyone.



  1. you are one busy lady D. Glad your little guy is feeling better

    Comment by art — November 20, 2006 @ 1:17 pm | Reply

  2. Man, that little man is sick often, poor baby. Have you ever thought of allergies because of your dog? My nephew was the same way til they got rid of his cat.
    I have an agreement with the ex, he can have Xmas eve or Xmas day alternating, but he is always home at night on Xmas eve so he can wake up at home, where Santa knows he lives! LOL

    Comment by SpAzzGiRL — November 20, 2006 @ 4:22 pm | Reply

  3. It’s kinda nice that you can go in and make up days like that and it’s good Ian is feeling better.

    Comment by Mindless Dribbler — November 20, 2006 @ 6:50 pm | Reply

  4. art – thanks, yeah Ian’s much better.

    Spazzgirl – no doubt! Just when he gets better, something else is going around, grrrr….this time the new doctor put him on antibiotics, his other doctor didn’t. Our dog is outside 24/7, so I know its not the dog, and its not allergies cause they gave him antihistamines last year because they thought it was allergies and it didn’t do a darn thing, its just this time of year around here in BFE. Unfortunately the court did our holiday “parenting plan”, so I had no say in it…the one I proposed the judge didn’t even look at, even though the ex agreed to it. Of course, this jugde has also been in a lot of hot water lately for the things she does, it took her 1 year to file my papers, an uncontested, no lawyers divorce, everything was agreed to ahead of time, and it took her nearly a year just to sign them and hand them to the clerk….she’s been sued by people because of how much she procrastinates and such, and she’s been in the newspaper as one of the judges that has the lightest case load and has the most complaints against her for that kind of stuff….sucks, but I have to deal with her until someone takes her spot….my ex-bf actually has sued her and so has another friend of mine. Its a mess here in BFE with that judge…my only issue is that with my family, christmas eve is one of our big family events, so while I want him to be home for “santa” I also want him at the christmas eve family reunion we have every year…but with me working this year on Christmas eve weekend and Christmas, its gonna be hard either way…bleh.

    Mike – where’s your blog yo? I tried to get on there this morning and it was fine, no new blog entry, then I went this evening to see if you’d enlightened us and nothing…..anyway, yeah, its nice except I have to find a sitter for Ian…yet another thing I love about the at-home full time work, I can make it up whenever during the week and not have to worry about a sitter….but either way it is nice.

    Thanks all

    Comment by Diana — November 21, 2006 @ 1:11 am | Reply

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