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November 30, 2006

Single again, but its all good

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Well, its official, TE and I talked last night and we can’t see eye to eye on a subject that to me is very important, and he said he just can’t do that “right now.” But, we are going to stay friends. He told me he would rather end it now and just stay friends, than lose me and Ian forever because of anger. I told him I feel the same, and of course he knows Ian digs him. We both agreed he could still hang out from time to time with us. We only saw him every 2 weeks lately anyway thanks to my work schedule, so its not gonna be THAT big of a change for Ian. I told Ian that he won’t be coming around as often, but he’ll still visit and have fun with us, and Ian was happy with that. So, though I’m sad that it didn’t work out, I’m good with knowing we will stay friends and that is very important to me with TE. I want him to be happy, and who knows, maybe after a while we can try again. He said the same thing….but if not, as TE says, at the worst we are still just friends. I’ll take that worst over losing his friendship. I miss him, but I’m at peace knowing its just as important to him to stay friends with me and still keep in touch with Ian, which shows a lot more to me of the person he is.

I’m off work today (Thursday), so my mission is to get some Christmas craft projects done, clean the apartment, laundry, cook….and I may end up at the doctor’s office. My throat is sore again, and the last time I was there he said I had fluid behind my TM on my right ear, and now that ear is starting to hurt….so hopefully we can get it taken care of. I’m also dropping off some stuff at Ian’s school today, and I’ll get to pick him up from school this afternoon, which means 3 more hours today than normal to spend with my kiddo….more Ian/mommy time, yay! 🙂

Does anyone still do teacher gifts? I have no idea if anyone does, for Christmas I mean. He has an assistant teacher, too, who is male, so kinda hard for me to figure out what to make, lol. 2 more gifts for the “to do” list. At least Ian will be working on those once we can figure out what to make.

My mom is going to be Santa this year and I’m just going to go halves with her, lol…..Ian wants a PS2 from santa. He wants a PS3, but I just think that’s an awful lot of money to spend for a 5 year old on a game console, so mom found a great deal that comes with 2 controllers, 2 games and a memory card for $200 versus $129 for 1 controller, no memory card and no game….so I think that’s a pretty good deal, so she’s getting that and I’m gonna give her some money and get a couple of games for Ian from me personally.

Speaking of Santa, I have to get Ian to take pics with Santa, its that time again…time sure is flying. I kinda miss the pics of him as a baby scared to take pics with santa, lol…..now he’s eager to tell him what he wants.

I volunteered to make cookies for the Breakfast with Santa fund raiser his school is doing…yikes! When am I gonna have time to do that!?!? And no, I’m not gonna cheat and buy some, lol.

Ian’s going to his dad’s this weekend. I can tell the holidays are coming and the ex is trying to get on my good side because he has called often and has shown interest in taking Ian again….of course, the last time he was in Ian’s life more frequently was when he was living with this same girl the first time around, before she kicked him out, but now that she took him back (suckaaaah) he is acting more interested again. So, they are gonna take him Friday night, which is good timing because I work this weekend and my parents have some christmas party on Saturday, so it kinda worked out for everyone. we’re trying to figure out a Christmas schedule. I work the weekend of Christmas and I may have to work Christmas day….but I’m off work in time for a family christmas eve party, so I would rather him have Ian during the week. So, hopefully he can work his work schedule since he works weekends, to where he can take Ian maybe later Christmas day and a few days after. But he always waits till last minute, so we’ll have to see.

Ok, now I’m just rambling…I hope everyone’s doing great and I’ll try to make time to read some blogs today….


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  1. sometimes single is the best way to be, it gives you time to rediscover yourself and your family. peace~art

    Comment by art — December 1, 2006 @ 1:18 pm | Reply

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